SELECTMEN RACE Fasulo Responds To LifeLong Residency Question Criticizes The Patch

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below is a statement from Selectman candidate Rob Fasulo in response to a recent Wilmington Patch’s article questioning Fasulo’s “life-long residency” status. The Patch reported that Fasulo and his wife purchased a home in Tewksbury in February 2005 and bought their current Wilmington home in December 2012.Rob Fasulo’s StatementIt’s really unfortunate that I have to respond to an allegation from Dave Copeland of Wilmington Patch regarding his article on Thursday.I realize Patch is not a real news organization per se as they would have contacted me for comment before writing the article, not wait for a rebuttal after. Patch has not reached out for comment as they reported.Mr. Copeland, the definition of “resident” is “somebody that dwells permanently or a considerable amount of time somewhere”The facts of the time period are that I did own property in Tewksbury, however, it was never intentional that I would make it a permanent place of residence. Not that it’s anybody’s business, but after my wedding my wife and I had to live in separate houses because we could not find a home in Wilmington. During the time that my wife and I owned the property in Tewksbury, I maintained my legal residency in Wilmington as I continued to pay excise tax on my vehicle here, as well as received my mail here, paid my bills from here, and had my driver’s license and professional certifications maintained here. I continued to vote in Wilmington and a majority of my belongings were here the whole time. Even my dogs license was here. Tewksbury was never intended to be a long-term situation for me and it wasn’t.My quote Mr. Copeland questions is my “40 plus year residency”. While I will argue that my residency has not changed, if you would like to remove the six years of property ownership in another town, that still equates to 37 years in Wilmington. Is this how petty we will become during this election?As far as Mr. Copeland’s claim that I “worked with Tewksbury Selectmen” to start the Tewksbury Farmers Market is a blatant lie. We were simply one of the first vendors to commit to the Tewksbury Farmers Market. The quoted article also claimed I was a Tewksbury resident, I did not say that the author of the article did, yet Copeland quotes me.You’re going to write an article smearing my good name over at most 3 years if we used whatever definition of “resident” that you used when justifying this article? When a soldier goes away to war do they give up his or her residency when they lay their head down in a foreign land? How about when a child who goes away for school? I can document my residency in Wilmington, you cannot document your claim of my residency in Tewksbury. That is the only fact in this story.I know the politics in Wilmington can get dirty, but I did not see this one coming and for the record the Patch did not contact me for comment on this story. My wife contacted me at work and told me that it was out there. The lack of accomplishments by the establishment are not there so false stories will now be resorted to. This story is nothing more than an attempt by Mr. Copeland to influence an election.To end, Mr. Copeland you crossed the line that should not be crossed by bringing my wife, mother and father into this story, I believe you owe them a very public apology.Wilmington Apple Was Waiting For Comment…Wilmington Apple received an email from a reader on Wednesday night, suggesting Fasulo’s “life-long residency” claim be scrutinized. The reader provided the deeds of Fasulo’s current Wilmington property and former Tewksbury property, plus information from the Wilmington voters list.Wilmington Apple was able to confirm the veracity of the documents on Thursday morning.Before Wilmington Apple reached out to the Fasulo campaign for comment, the Wilmington Patch, which appears to have received the same email, published its story on Thursday morning, without comment from the Fasulo campaign. The Wilmington Patch later published a second article with Fasulo’s response.Wilmington Apple reached to out to the Fasulo campaign for comment on Thursday afternoon, and was later directed to the candidate’s statement on his Facebook page, which is published above.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSELECTMEN DEBATE RECAP: Bendel, Caira, Fasulo, Maselli & Sullivan Debate The Issues (with VIDEO)In “Government”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Mike McCoy Endorses Rob Fasulo For SelectmanIn “Letter To The Editor”SELECTMEN RACE PREVIEW: Everything You Need To Know Before You VoteIn “Government”last_img

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