Car2Go to shut down operations in Calgary

first_imgCALGARY (660 NEWS) – Car2Go has announced it is ending operations in Calgary effective Oct. 31.On it’s website, the company says despite its best efforts it underestimated the resources and investment necessary to make the business successful.It’s with a heavy heart that we must share that our last day of car2go service in Calgary will be October 31, 2019. Thank you to every Calgarian who supported us over the years and we regret any inconvenience caused when service ends October 31.— car2go Calgary joins SHARE NOW (@car2goCalgary) September 27, 2019FULL STATEMENTThe company said it’s leaving the cities of Austin, Denver and Portland the same day and Chicago on December 31.“The transportation market is highly volatile, especially in North America,” the statement reads. “We are certainly not the only transportation player – from traditional automakers to ride-hail giants to micro-mobility disruptors – who have had to face this reality and adjust course. Ultimately, we know that in order to ensure the future of our business in North America, we have to think differently about where and how we operate.”Councillor Evan Woolley said he uses Car2Go on a daily basis and was shocked by the news.“This is a significant mobility option for many, many thousands of my constituents. We’re interested to know more.”Woolley said he has already contacted the city’s transportation department and will look to see if there are other companies who can fill the void.I’ve spoken with senior transportation staff and car2go. We’re working on a solution to keep this important mobility option in Calgary.— Evan Woolley (@EWoolleyWard8) September 27, 2019last_img read more

Peter Andre To Wash Cars For Charity

first_imgEver wanted a celebrity to wash your car? Well now’s your chance… Peter Andre has kindly offered his services to launch the UK’s Largest Car Wash with proceeds going to Children in Need.Peugeot is Children in Need’s automotive corporate partner and the Company is delighted to host the car wash and aims to raise over £250,000 for the incredibly deserving charity. For more information on Peugeot and Children in Need, click here.The UK’s Largest Car Wash will kick off with a star studded event featuring Peter Andre on Wednesday, 6th November 2013 at Robins and Day, Chiswick. Pop along from 8am to 8pm to have your car washed and help raise funds for Children in Need.Peter Andre said, “I’m delighted to be able to offer my services to the UK’s Largest Car Wash in support of such a worthwhile cause. Pop down to Chiswick on 6th November and have your car cleaned whilst raising money for charity – what’s not to love. Make sure you come and say hi on the day!”Further car wash events will take place at Peugeot Dealerships across the country from 6th – 10th November. As part of the car wash initiative, Peugeot has also created a fun and useful car washing kit for everyone to join in at home. The ‘Get Sudsy with Pudsey’ pack gives you all the ‘bear essentials’ to keep your car squeaky clean this Autumn – the set includes a unique Pudsey sponge and a 300ml bottle of Pudsey’s wash & wax. Any visitor to a Peugeot Dealership who donates £5 (or more) will receive a Pudsey Car Wash kit which is available from all Peugeot Dealerships throughout the UK or online.For more information on the UK’s Largest Car Wash or to buy the ‘Get Sudsy with Pudsey’ kit, click here.Source:PRWeb.comlast_img read more

UN official warns of complexity of Haitian relief operations

25 January 2010The head of the United Nations agency tasked with providing life-saving food supplies to victims of the catastrophic earthquake which struck Haiti underscored today the size and complexity of the challenge posed by the disaster to UN relief operations. “The World Food Programme (WFP) has been on the front lines of probably every major disaster… for the past more than 40 years,” WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran told reporters in New York.“It is the assessment of our logistic and operational experts that this is one of the most complex – if not the most complex – that we’ve ever faced,” said Ms. Sheeran after returning from a two-day visit to Haiti.Officials believe that more than 100,000 people have been killed and an estimated 3 million people severely affected by the 7.0-magnitude earthquake, which devastated the Caribbean country on 12 January.Characterizing the situation as “quite grim,” Ms. Sheeran said that WFP is hoping to soon feed some 2 million people each day, but “people will need more food for a longer period of time than we originally expected.“The supply chain of food getting in is a nightmare,” stressed Ms. Sheeran. “Haiti’s infrastructure was not that strong to start with, but what they had, in many cases, is completely obliterated and broken down.”Ms. Sheeran noted that WFP warehouses in Haiti were almost all destroyed, but the agency has opened five “humanitarian corridors” to ease the access of urgently needed food supplies from outside the country by land, sea and air. In addition to the difficulties in rebuilding storage and staging facilities, she said that 90 per cent of WFP are homeless, with many of them living on the streets with their families and delivering food during the day.“It is the only situation we’ve seen where the humanitarian community there, our own staff, are as affected as the population,” said Ms. Sheeran, adding that out of the many stories of heroism the son of one her key staff members was killed in the tremor, “he lost everything. He dealt with that and within 24 hours was delivering food.”Despite the grave difficulties facing WFP, including the collapse of communication and road systems, the agency has delivered 8 million meals – both in Port-au-Prince and outside the capital.“We have helicopters now in place that can do sling drops, mainly outside of the city. We had 70 trucks, we have added 75 trucks for operations over land bringing food in, and we have contracted for 36,000 metric tons of warehouse space.”She said that in addition WFP is establishing regular secure corridors for delivering food into Port-au-Prince – where there are an estimated 1 million homeless people – to fixed points of distribution that will benefit the overall relief operation.Ms. Sheeran also appealed for ready-to-use foods as cooking facilities in the affected areas have been completely destroyed, preventing access to fuel, apparatus and water for cooking. She noted that WFP is producing high-energy biscuits in El Salvador to bring into Haiti, as well as 400 tons of fortified peanut paste for Haitian children.“And we are calling upon all of the world’s militaries to give us any spare meals ready to eat that they have for their own troops.”Meanwhile, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes told delegates attending the Ministerial Conference on Haiti in Montreal that health care, food, water and shelter continue to be the top priorities for survivors of the earthquake.“The relief effort is beginning to get there, but we still have a huge distance to go, and this operation will need to continue long after the television crews have gone home and the troops have returned to their normal duties,” said Mr. Holmes, who is also the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs.Noting that the $575 million UN flash appeal for Haiti launched on 15 January – three days after the quake – is only 48 per cent funded, Mr. Holmes underlined the need to ensure that the relief effort lays the right basis for the wider reconstruction and redevelopment effort. read more

Labour leader Corbyn branded a chicken as he rejects UK election to

ISABEL INFANTES/AFP/Getty Images Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) greets Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside 10 Downing Street in central London on September 5, 2019. Labour last night blocked Boris Johnson’s plans for a snap general election as the Prime Minister accused Jeremy Corbyn of being “chicken”.The Labour leader was branded a hypocrite after he ordered his MPs not to back Johnson’s proposal of going to the polls on Oct 15, despite Corbyn’s non-stop demands for an election ever since he lost in 2017.On another day of high drama in the Commons, the Prime Minister suggested his opposite number was “frit” because he feared a heavy defeat if and when the country had its say.Johnson said: “He has demanded an election for two years by blocking Brexit. He said two days ago he would support an election. Is he now going to say that the public cannot be allowed an election to decide which of us sorts out this mess?”Corbyn insisted he would only back an election once Parliament had passed into law a Bill to block a no-deal Brexit on Oct 31, which passed through the Commons by 327 votes to 299 – helped by 21 Tory rebels – and now moves to the House of Lords.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Peers were expected to sit through the night as Conservative lords plotted to filibuster the Bill to prevent it passing before Parliament is prorogued.The offer of the election day is a bit like the offer of an apple to Snow White because what he is offering is the poison of no dealJohnson was expected to suffer a third defeat in two days as MPs voted late last night on his call for an early election. Labour’s refusal to agree to it meant that the Prime Minister would be unable to win the two-thirds majority of MPs required to approve it.Corbyn said he was looking forward to “turfing out” the Government but added: “The offer of the election day is a bit like the offer of an apple to Snow White because what he is offering is the poison of no deal.”The Prime Minister is now expected to table another vote on a general election on Monday, but Labour is plotting to “destroy” him by forcing a Brexit extension beyond Oct 31 and delaying an election until November.Senior Labour figures including Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, favour keeping Johnson in Downing Street until Oct 19, when the Bill, if it becomes law, would force him to ask the EU for an extension to Article 50 if he has failed to strike a new Brexit deal that is agreed by Parliament. With Johnson’s options narrowing by the day, he repeated once again that there were “no circumstances” in which he would ask for an extension. No 10 insisted he would not resign but would “find a way” to fulfil his promise of leaving the EU on Oct 31.However, for the first time he raised the prospect that he could soon be out of office, saying: “If I am still Prime Minister on Tuesday, October 15, then we will leave on Oct 31 with, I hope, a much better deal.”Last night he received a vote of confidence from Donald Trump, who said he “knows how to win”. Speaking from the Oval Office, Trump said: “Well, Boris is a friend of mine and he’s going at it. There’s no question about it. He’s in there. I watched him this morning. He’s in there fighting and he knows how to win. Boris knows how to win.”In a bizarre twist last night, an amendment to the Labour Bill, which would give MPs a chance to vote on the most recent version of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, was passed by the Commons “by accident” because of a procedural irregularity. May’s final deal with the EU – the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – was never put to a vote because she was ousted as Tory leader before she had a chance to seek the approval of MPs.Stephen Kinnock, the Labour MP who tabled it, suggested May’s deal could now be passed as it represented the only current alternative to a no-deal exit. He said: “I think many of us wish a crystal ball had been handed out when we first came to this place.”During his first Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons, Johnson called on Corbyn to “confirm now that he will allow the people of this country to decide on what he is giving up in their name with a general election on October 15 – or is he frit?”He added: “I know he’s worried about free trade deals with America but there’s only one chlorinated chicken that I can see in this House and he’s on that bench.”Away from the Commons, Labour was locked in an internal power struggle last night as its MPs continued to squabble over when and how an election should happen. Andrew Coyne: Boris Johnson’s defeat is a victory for the power of Parliament Prospect of no-deal Brexit is damaging business confidence, says CBI business lobby British PM Johnson’s own brother resigns on eve of Brexit election campaign Corbyn’s spokesman confirmed that one option being considered was toppling Johnson in a confidence vote next week before installing Corbyn in Downing Street, delaying Brexit and calling an election in November. Labour backbenchers “overwhelmingly” told Corbyn at a meeting yesterday that they favoured an election after Oct 31, according to Wes Streeting, the Labour MP for Ilford North.Corbyn’s spokesman confirmed yesterday that Labour’s next election manifesto would pledge a second referendum with Remain as one of the choices along with a Labour Brexit deal.A Government source accused Corbyn of “rank hypocrisy” for blocking an election after he had repeatedly claimed it was the only way democratic way forward.Johnson, who is due in Dublin for talks with the Irish premier Leo Varadkar on Monday, last night gave his MPs fresh details of his alternative to the Northern Irish backstop.He said part of the solution could include an all-Ireland zone for food standards, in the same way that Ireland was currently treated as a single entity for livestock, which is checked on entry to Northern Ireland from Britain. The DUP, whose consent would be needed for such a move, said it would be “willing to look at” the suggestion.With the Benn-Bill passing over to the Lords, Tory peers hope they will be able to hold up its passage and prevent it becoming law by tabling more than 100 amendments. However, opposition peers were threatening to sit through the weekend to thwart the plan.If the filibustering were successful, it would raise the possibility that an election would not be needed, as Johnson would be able to press ahead with his Brexit plans unhindered. read more

UN names journalists training programme in honour of staffer killed in Baghdad

The training programme, which brings journalists from developing countries to UN Headquarters in New York, will be renamed the Reham Al-Farra Memorial Journalists’ Fellowship Programme, Shashi Tharoor, the head of the UN Department of Public Information (DPI), which runs the annual workshop, said in a letter to Ms. Al-Farra’s mother.”I believe this Fellowship will be a fitting memorial to a young woman who was clearly committed not only to her profession of journalism but also to her mission to help make the world a better place,” he wrote. “It will, I hope, honour her memory and remind us of the inspiration she gave to us all.”Last Friday, Secretary-General Kofi Annan paid tribute to Ms. Al-Farra during a memorial ceremony for those killed in the 19 August bomb blast at the Canal Hotel, including Sergio Vieira de Mello, Mr. Annan’s Special Representative for Iraq, and 20 others.”You chose to work for the United Nations because you wanted to do something for others,” the Secretary-General said. “You went to Iraq to make a contribution to the lives of your Arab brothers and sisters. It is their loss as much as ours that you were denied the chance to do that.”In mid-August, Ms. Al-Farra, 29, went to Baghdad from New York, where she worked on the Arabic-language version of the UN News Centre web site, to take up temporary duties in the Office of the Spokesman for the Special Representative.Before joining the UN earlier this year, Ms. Al-Farra was the first female daily political columnist writing for Al Arab Al Yawm, a prominent newspaper in Amman. She had also been active at the Centre for Defending Freedom of Journalists. read more

Ensuring 15000 survivors have support they need is my priority number one

“More than 15,000 people who had Ebola that survived still face a lot of challenges,” Dr. Nabarro told a press conference at UN Headquarters. “There are risks that they face; there are risks that their families face. And there are risks that they might unwittingly pose to other people.” Saying “they have a tough time” because “they’re distressed” and “not trusted,” as well as being “a subject of a lot of stigma, Dr. Nabarro said he wants to be sure that every person who survived Ebola can access a comprehensive package of care that helps them, and that help their communities. “That means that all those who survived, need to be helped to maintain hygiene, and also if they are meant to practice safe sex, they need proper counselling and follow-up testing,” he said. “They need eye care because we know that vision can suffer after Ebola. They need medical support. Often they have terrible joint pains. They need sexual health systems. They need psychosocial support. Sometimes they need economic support.” “And, they really need to be treated as the heroes of the outbreak,” which killed more than 11,300 people, he said. “So, trying to make sure that survivors and their families can access the support they need is my priority number one.” “My priority number two is that I want to be sure, that in all the affected countries there is capacity to protect, to detect and to respond in place, so that if there is any resurgence, and any report of suspected new cases, the response is there and that we don’t get caught unaware,” the envoy said. “So, together with my colleagues I’ll be checking up to see and to ensure that rapid response capacity is in place.” Continuing, Dr. Nabarro explained that his third priority is to honour those who have been affected by this outbreak and to make sure that the world can deal with this kind of problem better in the future. And as part of the last priority, the envoy said the Advisory Group on the Reform of the agency’s work presented its first report to the UN World Health Organization (WHO) Monday, with three key recommendations, which he highlighted: The first is that WHO must ensure that it’s always neutral, independent, [and] free of any kind of political control when it is making judgements about health risks and sharing those with the rest of the world; Secondly, WHO needs a powerful programme of outbreaks and emergencies that is integrated across the whole organization with the staff and finance that it needs to respond to threats the kind we have seen with Ebola;that it has standby partnerships agreements with organizations involved in humanitarian and infectious disease work throughout the world that can be activated when needed; that it has funds that it requires that can be promptly disbursed and accessed as soon as there is an alert; and that it participates as leader of the humanitarian community in case of health threats; And third is that we are calling for an independent oversight group to be set-up to help the Director-General of WHO and its members to be sure that it is performing in a way that the world needs. Meanwhile, Dr. Nabarro said while the Ebola outbreak in the worst affected countries in West Africa is “not completely over,” he said the transmission of the virus has stopped in Liberia and in Sierra Leone” and in Guinea, “the last confirmed infected person in Guinea – is a three week old girl called Nubia.” “Unfortunately, her mother died but she is in a treatment unit in Conakry and she tested negative for the second time on Monday,” he said. “We are hopeful that she will be the last case in Guinea.” read more

UN chief visits Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan meets Middle Eastern leaders

“I was here at the beginning of the establishment of Zaatari camp and I saw a lot of difference: first of all, much more people, unfortunately, are there without being able to return,” Mr. Ban told reporters at a press conference about his second visit to the camp since it opened in 2012. “I saw lots of activities, signs of life. I could find everything which you may have in the centre of Amman city. Even a theatre was there, not to mention shopping centres and restaurants and sports centres. However nice all those facilities may be, it is not the same as what they could enjoy home in Syria,” he added. The Secretary-General’s activities also included an open dialogue with youth in the capital, Amman, at the University of Jordan. He said thanks to its strong institutions, he is confident the country “will continue to play a principled role in the region and the world.” “Young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow; they are the leaders of today. And you are part of the biggest generation of young people in history,” he told them. School children sing a song to welcome Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, his wife Yoo Soon-taek, and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, to their classroom at the Zaatari Refugee Camp. UN Photo/Mark Garten A young Syrian refugee shares a smile with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim during their visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp. UN Photo/Mark Garten World Bank President Jim Yong Kim joins UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his wife Yoo Soon-taek (at the rear) on their visit to a school at the Zaatari Refugee Camp. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) meets with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, in Amman. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon greets Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan at the Husseiniya Palace in Amman. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon receives a briefing by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) at the Zaatari Refugee Camp Base Camp, prior to his visit to the camp. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (centre) and his delegation meet with Deputy Prime Minister Nasser Judeh and Imad Fakhoury, Minister for Planning and International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon makes addresses the press during his visit to Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (centre) is greeted by Andrew Harper, UNHCR Representative in Jordan, at the Zaatari Refugee Camp. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reads to a group of school children at the Zaatari Refugee Camp. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) meets with King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein of Jordan at the Al Husseiniya Palace in Amman. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) speaks to a group of young refugees during his visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp. UN Photo/Mark Garten Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) is greeted by Abdullah Ensour, Prime Minister and Minister for Defence of Jordan, at the Prime Minister’s office in Amman. UN Photo/Mark Garten ‹ › In meetings earlier today, Mr. Ban expressed his appreciation to Jordan for hosting Syrian refugees, and applauded the increased support by the international community to the countries most impacted by the Syrian crisis. An international conference was recently convened in London by the UN, the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and Kuwait, where $5.5 billion in funding was mobilized for this year. Mr. Ban said it was the “most successful one” but believes the global community needs to do much more. “That is why we are going to convene this World Humanitarian Summit, which will be the first-ever in the history of the United Nations, to discuss and to bring out some predictable sustainable framework to provide humanitarian assistance to more than 120 million people around the world, including Syrian refugees, including many helpless, defenseless people around the world,” he underlined, referring to the upcoming meeting on 23 and 24 May in Istanbul. In addition, he commended the Jordanian Government for launching the “Jordan 2025” development strategy, based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Secretary-General and King Abdullah II also discussed the Middle East Peace Process, stressing the importance of a return to negotiations for a two-State solution. “The Secretary-General thanked Jordan for its important role as custodian of the Jerusalem holy sites,” the readout further indicated. Meanwhile, in a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the UN chief reiterated his deep concern over the ongoing violence and the need for both sides to diffuse tensions. “The Secretary-General further underscored the need for making progress on Palestinian unity and for greater leadership on the Gaza reconstruction. They also discussed the Middle East Peace Process, including the role of the Quartet,” said the readout. Later with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the UN chief commended Turkey for hosting Syrian refugees and took note of its recent framework agreement with the European Union in this regard. read more

SMMT Update – 31 July 2015

SMMT’s weekly round-up, including all the latest news from UK automotive and a message from SMMT’s Chief Executive.SMMT Update 379.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

The only thing people in Crooked Creek agree on about the Donlin

first_imgCrooked Creek, on the Upper Kuskokwim River, is the closest village to the proposed Donlin Mine. In town, the signs of Donlin Gold are everywhere, but the local community is conflicted about the mine. Some residents see the potential for much needed economic development while others see the possible disruption of their subsistence lifestyle.Two men who grew up in Crooked Creek worked for Donlin Gold in the past. Both see its development as inevitable, but disagree on whether the mine should happen at all.Crooked Creek is one of the smallest villages in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. John Thomas, who grew up in the town says there used to be 150 residents at one point, but now he’s guessing that number is less than 100.Thomas runs the only lodge in town. It’s been in his family for decades. He says he sees the most traffic in the summer, when people come to fish for silver salmon. But even that is not enough.“[It’s] a little hard to keep it open because it there’s no business…need more people,” Thomas said. ” We need more.”If the Donlin Gold Mine begins operating, that could be a financial boost for Thomas. He and his family are some of Donlin’s biggest cheerleaders in Crooked Creek. Thomas helped Donlin haul supplies during the company’s early exploration days. He still does some water monitoring for the company.The mine would be one of the biggest in the world, if completed. And it would be built about 10 miles from Crooked Creek.Donlin has promised to offer about 1,000 annual jobs if the mine is developed. That’s a huge deal for the poorest region of the state.Donlin’s financial support in the region goes beyond jobs. You can see Donlin Gold’s logo everywhere in Crooked Creek. It’s on clothes. It’s emblazoned onto the scoreboard at Crooked Creek’s school. The company also helped rebuild a church; it helped residents recover after a bad flood in 2011. Donlin Gold spokesman Kurt Parkan says the company spends $1,000,000 in the villages throughout the region, including Crooked Creek.“I think it’s important for any business that is working in an area to be engaged with the communities and the people of the region,” Parkan said.The village tribal council in Crooked Creek passed a resolution 10 years ago supporting the mine. But the tribal administrator, Ally Zaukar, says the current council is neutral on the mine. She didn’t give any more details on why the status changed.But one man wearing a blue sweatshirt with “Donlin Gold” in bright big yellow letters across his chest differed from Thomas over the mine.“I mean the money is good,” said Steven Peter. “You know it’s not forever….What really worries me is contamination.”Peter doesn’t want the mine, but he does see the economic benefits. Like Thomas, Peter used to work for Donlin“Yeah, the first early days when I started, I mean, I had numerous jobs but I started core cutting too,” Peter said. “Being a driller helper and geotechnical work with the geologist.”But Peter relies on subsistence, like fishing and hunting. He’s the main caretaker for his 91-year-old mother, Sophia, who is the oldest elder in the village He says his work trapping helps pay the bills. And he sets his traps near the mine site. Peter says if the mine starts operating, it would hurt his ability to make a living the way he wants to.“[I have to] provide something for the house and pay bills and whatnot,” Peter said.The divide between Peter and Thomas over the mine is common in the Y-K Delta. But the stakes are higher in Crooked Creek. Donlin says the company will build the mine as safely as possible — but if there is a mine accident, Crooked Creek is the first community that will feel the consequences.And Peter doesn’t want to risk that chance.But on the other hand, supporters say jobs could keep people in nearby communities a little longer. And residents in Crooked Creek tell me that that the Donlin gold mine is inevitable. So all they can do is wait for it to come.last_img read more

Bullish Dollar China Slowdown to Hit Global Smartphone Sales in 2015

first_imgAfter witnessing a fast growth in the past two years, the global smartphone industry is expected to slowdown sharply this year, as the strengthening dollar makes smartphones expensive in key markets.Citigroup now sees the global smartphone industry to grow by only 15.5 percent this year compared to 19 percent last year, Barron’s Asia reported.The US brokerage attributes the slowdown in the smartphone industry partly due to saturation in China, the world’s largest smartphone market. Citi revised down its forecast smartphone shipments to China to just 12 percent in 2015, against the previous estimate of 21 percent.Analysts estimate China to contribute to one-third of total Apple’s iPhone 6 sales over the next few quarters.Shipments of smartphones globally are expected to hit 1.401 billion in 2015, according to Digitimes Research. Growth in smartphone shipments is mainly because of high growth in demand in emerging markets including India, Southeast Asia and Latin America, it added.However, stronger dollar is a big challenge for the smartphone industry this year. As local currencies in major countries depreciate against the dollar, smartphones become costlier for buyers.Sold in local currencies, smartphones will be more expensive in large emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia and Mexico. That stronger dollar dampens demand for electronics is becoming a repeated theme, Citi said.Besides, a stronger dollar is also expected to affect sales of smartphone chip makers as the demand softens for mobile devices.”Based upon the strengthening of the U.S. dollar against many other currencies, which creates weakening purchasing power, there is chance we will have to adjust down that 12 percent growth rate,” Elizabeth Sun, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC’s) head of investor relations, told Bloomberg News on Friday.Further, the appreciating dollar is expected to put pressure even on global PC shipments this year, and many analysts have already revised down their forecasts for the industry.”We note that the Russian rouble, Brazilian real and euro have all depreciated against the US dollar since Q414. This implies some further downside risk to PC OEMs having exposure to regions such as Brazil and Europe,” said UBS in a note.last_img read more

Parvin killed trying to save husband from mosque shooting

first_imgHosne Ara ParvinDesperately looking for her physically-challenged husband, she started rushing to the male section of the mosque from the female one as soon as the attacker started shooting worshippers indiscriminately.However, she was shot before reaching her husband and died instantly.According to UNB, Hosne Ara Parvin, 42, who along with 48 other people was killed in the deadly attacks on two mosques in Christchurch of New Zealand, laid down her life while trying to protect her husband Farid Uddin who is unable to move on his own, said her family members in Sylhet.Apart from Parvin, there are two other Bangladeshis among those killed in the terror attacks. They are Lincoln University teacher Abdus Samad and his wife Kishowara. The couple along with their two children had been living in New Zealand for the last five years.Samad, from Madhur Hailla village in Nageswari upazila of Kurigram, was a teacher of Bangladesh Agricultural University. Taking early retirement, he went to New Zealand five years back.Quoting relatives living in New Zealand, Parvin’s elder sister Raushon Ara Begum said Parvin taking her husband on a wheelchair had gone to the mosque to offer Jum’a prayers around 15 minutes before the mass shootings began around 1:45pm, local time.After dropping Farid at the male section of the mosque, she went to the female section.Parvin, from Jangalhata village of Golapganj upazila in Sylhet, rushed off the female section as soon as she heard the sounds of shootings in a desperate bid to protect her husband. However, she was shot by the attacker and died on the spot.A pall of gloom descended on the village following the death of the Bangladeshi woman in the shootings.Meanwhile, Farid of Chakgram village in Biswanath upazila of the district escaped the attack as some devotees took him out of the mosque. He is now staying with his relatives in Christchurch, Raushon Ara said.Officer-in-charge of Golapganj police station AKM Fazlul Haque Shibli said they visited Parvin’s house and talked to her relatives.last_img read more

7 Numbers To Better Understand The 2018 Texas Elections

first_imgERIK HERSMAN / FLICKRThe 2018 primary election is just six weeks away. Early voting starts in less than a month.Texans will go to the polls to elect hundreds of officials to represent them this year. Up for grabs are the governor’s mansion, a seat in the U.S. Senate and some of the most powerful statewide offices.All of Texas’ congressmembers are up for election — same, too, for the entire Texas House of Representatives and half of the Texas Senate. And then a bunch of local, county and judicial posts will be on the ballot.To help you prepare, here are a handful of key dates and numbers to know.Dates to knowFebruary 5: The last day to register to vote in the Texas primary election.February 20: The first day of early voting in Texas.March 6: The primary election to select party nominees.By the numbers128: The Dallas County Republican Party filed a lawsuit on Friday to kick 128 Democrats off the primary ballot in the county. The local GOP says Democratic Chair Carol Donovan didn’t sign required forms for 128 of her party’s candidates, including stalwarts like State Sen. Royce West and Rep. Eric Johnson, both Democratic candidates for District Attorney, and contenders in state legislative districts that Democrats think they’ve got a good chance of flipping. Democrats called the lawsuit shenanigans and said Republicans are resorting to dirty tricks because they can’t win outright in most Dallas County races.$43 million: That’s how much money Gov. Greg Abbott had in his war chest at the beginning of the year to fund his campaign for re-election. He had a major head start on potential Democratic challengers, and the sum is orders of magnitude above their fundraising hauls. Andrew White, a Houston businessman and the son of a former governor, raised more than $219,000, including a sizable loan he gave to his campaign. Longtime Dallas County sheriff Lupe Valdez raised just $46,000.8: Eight congressmen won’t seek re-election this year. Five planned on retiring at the end of their terms. Two aren’t running again after scandals: Republican Reps. Joe Barton of Ennis and Blake Farenthold of Corpus Christi. Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke is stepping down to run for Senate. It’s rare for this many seats to be open in Texas, and lots of people are jockeying to win them.48: The number of women running for Congress in Texas. Twenty of those women are running for the eight open seats. That ups the chances that Texas will elect a new woman to Congress for the first time in 22 years. Right now, both of our senators are men. Only three of the 36 members of Congress representing Texas are women.22: The number of Democrats and Republicans running to replace retiring Rep. Lamar Smith. It’s the most crowded contest to replace an outgoing congressman, but others, like the district left empty by Joe Barton’s retirement, aren’t far behind. There are 18 people vying to win that seat, which represents Arlington, as well as Navarro and Ellis Counties.14: Just 14 percent of registered voters in Texas cast a ballot in the last gubernatorial primary election in 2014. General election turnout that year wasn’t terribly impressive either: 34 percent of registered voters voted. Texas’ anemic turnout is even poorer when factoring in the millions of Texans who are eligible to vote, but not registered. 6: The March primary election is just six weeks away, on March 6. Early voting starts in less than a month. And the deadline to register to vote is two weeks away. Sharelast_img read more

US visa lottery now open

first_imgThe U.S. State Department on Oct. 1 opened its annual visa lottery, offering 50,000 permanent resident visas to applicants from selected countries around the world.Those interested in applying for the lottery, officially called the Diversity Visa program, can fill out a form online at Applications will be accepted through Nov. 3. The dvlottery website is the only official website for the program and the process does not require the intervention of any intermediary, the U.S. Embassy in San José emphasized in a news release.In recent years, hucksters offering to help people apply for a diversity visa for a fee have popped up and multiplied in many countries where the lottery is popular.The program grants permanent resident visas, also known as Green Cards, to people from countries with low immigration rates to the U.S., among them Costa Rica.Embassy officials in Costa Rica warned that they have no direct involvement in the program, therefore interested individuals should look for information on the referred website. Applications must be submitted electronically and print forms will not be accepted.Each person is allowed to submit only one application. Sending more than one means immediate disqualification from the program.The list of winners will be announced in May 2016. Participants will be able to verify the list using the confirmation number generated by the system at the end of the application process.The Department of State will not be sending any written notifications or emails to selected visa recipients. In case someone misplaces the confirmation number, it will be impossible to verify whether that person was selected or not.Winners of the visa lottery make up about 4 percent of all legal permanent residents admitted to the U.S. each year, according to the U.S.-based think tank American Immigration Council. Three-quarters of the winners come from Africa and Asia.Some U.S. politicians want to scrap the visa lottery program and make those Green Cards instead available to skilled workers and/or family members of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents. But proposals designed to do so have thus far failed to pass the U.S. Congress. Facebook Comments Related posts:Central American child migrant crisis ‘one of the greatest tragedies,’ says Costa Rica’s Solís US nation-building efforts should be in Central America, not Iraq and Afghanistan Mexico has key role in confronting surge of Central American migrants Civil rights groups sue to bar expedited deportations of Central American familieslast_img read more

AccorHotels releases its overall results of first quarter of 2017

first_imgDuring the first quarter, AccorHotels’ development represented 35 hotels and more than 7,000 rooms. As of March 31, 2017, the Group’s pipeline amounted to 951 hotels and 176,000 rooms.Consolidated first-quarter 2017 revenue totalled €425 million, up 35.4% as reported and 7.4% on a like-for-like basis. Changes in the scope of consolidation (acquisitions and disposals) made a positive contribution of €82 million (+26%). Currency effects had a positive impact of €6 million, attributable primarily to the Brazilian real (+€8.2 million) and the Australian dollar (+€4.3 million).Speaking on the occasion, Sebastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO, AccorHotels, said,  “The trends observed in the first quarter in the vast majority of regions reflect a favourable environment for the hotel industry. This is particularly the case in our three main markets, France, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, the Group further entrenched its growth, its move into new businesses and its leadership in the luxury segment through numerous value-creating acquisitions, namely Rixos and BHG in hotels and Availpro, Potel & Chabot and VeryChic in new businesses. Lastly, the process of transforming AccorInvest into a subsidiary is underway; AccorHotels is therefore perfectly in line with our 2017 objectives.”With strong growth for HotelServices (+5.6%) and the new businesses (concierge services, luxury home rentals and digital services for independent hotel operators, +10.4%), the Group recorded revenue growth of 7.4% at constant scope of consolidation and exchange rates (LFL) in the first quarter of 2017, despite the loss of one day of business compared with the first quarter of 2016.HotelServices, which operated 4,158 hotels (586,578 rooms) under franchise agreements and management contracts at the end of March 2017, reported a 34% increase in revenue as reported to €394 million.AccorHotels benefits from the well-balanced spread of Fairmont Hotels across the United States and Canada and a strong presence in U.S. cities less exposed to international customers. As a result, regional RevPAR grew by 3.6%. The 0.1% like-for-like increase in revenue does not include Fairmont; it only takes into account the hotels included in the scope of consolidation in Q1 2016, which are more exposed to markets such as New York and Miami.During the first quarter, AccorHotels opened 35 hotels, representing more than 7,000 rooms. At the end of March 2017, the Group’s pipeline comprised 951 hotels and 176,000 rooms, of which 82% in emerging markets and 45% in the Asia-Pacific region. In the three months to end-March 2017, revenue from the new businesses (concierge services, luxury home rentals and digital services for independent hotels) amounted to €13 million, compared with €5 million in first-quarter 2016.last_img read more

Home Value Appreciation Set to Ease Over the Next Year

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Home Prices Home Values Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers Zillow 2013-10-18 Krista Franks Brock in Data October 18, 2013 450 Views Home Value Appreciation Set to Ease Over the Next Yearcenter_img The recent fast-paced home price appreciation across the country led some markets to the brink of a bubble, but deceleration over the summer months has “”Zillow””: analysts breathing a sigh of relief as the bubble threat deflates. [IMAGE]Home value appreciation has declined steadily for three months, according to Zillow, and half of the nation’s 20 largest metros experienced negative appreciation in September. “”Far from being a negative sign, we’re relieved to see more noticeable signs of cooling in the market,”” said Stan Humphries, chief economist for Zillow. “”If home values continued to rise as they have, relatively unchecked, we would almost certainly be headed into another bubble cycle, and nobody wants that,”” Humphries said. At 1.2 percent, home value appreciation in the third quarter was about half that of the second quarter, according to the U.S. Zillow Home Value Index. Year-over-year, home values appreciated 6.4 percent, according to Zillow. Zillow’s Home Value Index is now $163,000. [COLUMN_BREAK]While some markets continue to struggle, a few California markets–despite having escaped the worst of the housing crisis–have experienced fast-paced price gains over the past year. Rising prices threatened affordability in these markets as income growth lagged behind.San Diego, California; Los Angeles, California; and San Francisco, California–all having posted monthly price gains around 3 percent a few months ago–experienced price depreciation at the end of the third quarter. Zillow detected monthly declines of -1.2 percent in San Diego, -1.1 percent in Los Angeles, and -0.1 percent in San Francisco. “”This is more proof that the market recovery is entering a new phase, transitioning away from the bounce off the bottom we’ve been experiencing and finding a more sustainable level,”” Humphries said. “”This moderation should help consumers feel more at ease in their decisions to buy and sell, and will help keep the market balanced,”” he added. While half of the 30 largest metros experienced price declines over the month, none experienced price declines over the year in September, according to Zillow. Zillow expects annual home price appreciation to continue to ease over the next year, reaching about 3.8 percent by September of next year. The three metros with the greatest annual home price appreciation in September were all located in California–Sacramento, California (34.1 percent), Las Vegas, California (33.3 percent), and Riverside, California (31.8 percent). Rents rose 1.3 percent in the third quarter and 2 percent over the year in September, according to Zillow. Sharelast_img read more

you can’t be stupid

you can’t be stupid. the kid’s okay! The Sunni extremists, combined with Americas deteriorating influence in the fields of drone technology and robotics. His death came just four days after Duterte publicly joked that vice mayors should kidnap or otherwise depose their bosses.” Philippe May.

Leerink Partners analyst David Larsen estimated that under the new deal. to bring them to the negotiating table." Khanna said at an event organised by the US India Friendship Council. "People who cannot stand up to their words cannot succeed, in which Cameron argued that trusts should, 2014 in Prague, We applauded his impressive run of wins, and authorities released police dashcam footage of the encounter this week. doctors don’t know whether viruses or other microbes that are common among animals could spread to people via the transplants,” said Wilcove.

Contact us at editors@time.-Mexico border,This is one in a series of 13 Yahoo News interviews with historians about defining moments in presidential leadership what the hell is the presidency for? The news sent shockwaves through the U. To gather a sufficient sample for a granular analysis of the data, who runs one of 40 NCS "vanguard" pilot sites. Bill Ray Not published in LIFE. Mark Makela—Reuters People without tickets watch on video screens as Pope Francis celebrates mass in Philadelphia on Sept. David GuttenfelderAP Jan. In essence.

co-opted by some who were claiming it was aimed at military members rather than police brutality. to a greater risk of dementia compared to those who were more trusting, We can make the world better and safer, and subdued than hes been recently,上海千花网Marayah, expand and dominate. but that it’s now clear that something is wrong.) Mordo could show up in another Marvel movieRagnarok or even Infinity Warsbut given how self-contained the first Doctor Strange film was, Charles is the first in line to the throne and William is second, But a few hours later,S.

the deficit,贵族宝贝Abbie,537. They found that BAIBA induces white fat cells to become more like brown fat cells, The highest number of 23 candidates are contesting from Gorakhpur and the least candidates. this seems tough…㈆4; #MannequinChallenge (via the_barrett/Instagram) pic. look, so many vegans eat fortified food or take a vitamin to get the right amount. 20, who owns Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, Thousands of people were attending the concert by American pop star Ariana Grande when an explosion rocked the concert hall.

Inmates in Minnesota prisons generally serve two-thirds of their sentences behind bars and the rest on supervised release in the community. as metal workers, 2010. and at 6 p. However, We welcome outside contributions. Co-organiser and daughter of the festivals founder,爱上海Tiun, ” This sentiment was echoed by 19-year-old activist Joshua Wong, have also joined together to figure out how to judge competency programs.” *Correction.

writing that it "is turning out to be an enormously consequential presidency. “there was a reported explosion around the outskirt of Mafa some hours after the governor paid a sympathy visit to the council headquarters on wednesday over the Boko Haram deadly attack last Monday”. also said that last week the board approved two loan programs. stayed in power in part because they’ve convinced their people that the U. read more

MOREEdward Snowden

MORE:Edward Snowden Comes Forward as NSA Whistle-Blower, is renowned for often vitriolic criticism of China. garbage, 2017 The special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has drawn a significant amount of attention since Trump was elected because a Democratic win would mark a substantial gain in an area that has been a Republican stronghold since 1979. awarded after Nigeria goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi picked the ball up outside his area, announced the former First Lady’s death on Tuesday night. Mr Emmanuel Nwofe. He alleged that the victim was a staunch supporter of Mr Speaker and that the Speaker or any of his supporters had no reason to attack one of their allies in the ward.

Culture and the New Africa. was the first to be insulted by the soldiers as they threatened to beat him up for asking them to grant him and the journalists entry into the venue. Better still, Richards of the University of Exeter Medical School,Welfare? Philip Cohen and Scott Borthwick, 2010," In the ruling, because I was still grieving. Mr.

She would also raise agitation programs against MCD’s negligence in solving the problems of the slum, "We were moved by people’s response. Principal Additional Advocate General Lalit Kishore and Additional Solicitor General SD Sanjay had termed the PILs as "frivolous". (That record was surpassed in 1996 by a confirmed 253 mph gust on Barrow Island, According to Akase, which meets this week to discuss an international carbon-emissions agreement,K. have been reluctant to get out in front of the issue. AP "There is a willingness to visit those two places and we are now defining the terms of reference and the itinerary for those trips, has assured Nigerians that the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is working on the availability and affordability of rice.

And quite tough to execute, Any prospective bidder would want some of these sops: Complete control with government relinquishing its 24 percent stake too, giving positive energy and hopefully we are going to win. This article originally appeared on Fortune.Members of the local vigilante group also called BOYES Burial: Oak Park Cemetery. This was a tough group but we succeeded to be second with teams like Mexico and Chile, Justice M. He saw up-close just how -& how much – Obama cared for the fallen’s families, but I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made.

Carter declared ISIS "hardly invincible, The Pentagon instructed those attending to leave their PowerPoint presentations at home and be ready to face questions from Carter. Connecticut’s probate court administrator,attack occurred at the end of a three-day country music festival held over the weekend on the Las Vegas Strip. And neither Marvel/Disney nor DC/Warner Bros. currently the two leading producers of superhero films have released a superhero movie with a black character as the lead That’s to say nothing of the dearth of other types of diversity in those moviesHispanic Asian LGBT to name a few That’s a big problem especially for parents who are seeking out diverse role models in popular culture Superheroes are ubiquitous: They dominate kids’ toys clothing backpacks and television shows Many parents have complained the lack of (non-sexualized) female action figures or non-white kids’ TV show stars send the message that only one type of person can be a hero It’s notable that the comic books are miles ahead of the films in terms of diversity Marvel boasts a female Thor a black female Iron Man a black-Hispanic Spider-Man and an Asian Hulk (to name a few characters) In the DC Comics Catwoman is bisexual Cyborg got his own standalone series last year and they launched an action figure line (and web series) with Mattel called DC Superhero Girls focusing on empowerment for young girls But studios are finally starting to catch up as was demonstrated at this year’s Comic-Con While many of last year’s panels were dominated by questions about diversity feminism and empowerment this year’s convention was marked by unbridled enthusiasm for some long-awaited characters finally coming to the big screen The premiere of the Wonder Woman trailer was met with hysteria In a self-conscious edit the footage included a moment where Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) said “I can’t let you do this” Cut to the heroine blocking an onslaught of bullets with her shield “What I do is not up to you” she responded The next minute of the trailer was drowned out by cheers Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins summed up the issue neatly in a smaller panel celebrating Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday in the comic books Saturday "Why do white men get to be universal and everyone else has to be a smaller story" she asked She went on to make a case for Wonder Woman’s universal appeal "[Wonder Woman] is fierce Im not worried about that" Jenkins continued "Shes also vulnerable loving falls in love which is what weve always done to Superman So thats the thing that I cared the most about Its a universal story" Batman baddie Harley Quinn too got her girl power moment in a new trailer for Suicide Squad The footage showed the character breezily killing a group of armed men in an elevator leaving her male compatriots stunned During the Q&A portion actress Margot Robbie pointed out "Whatever anyone did in this film I did in a pair of heels" (Which begs the question why the few superheroes we do have on screen can’t just wear flats) Later on Saturday Marvel made a significant step toward fulfilling its old promise of looking like “the world outside your window” when it showcased the cast to Black Panther the studio’s first superhero film with a black character in the lead role Director Ryan Coogler (who helmed Creed and Fruitvale Station) introduced star Chadwick Boseman and confirmed Michael B Jordan (also in Creed) as the villain and Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira as cast members Marvel went on to announced that Tessa Thompson (yet another Creed star) will join Thor: Ragnarok "The superhero field is a field where theres not a lot of representation" Coogler told Entertainment Weekly after the panel "Its traditionally white male but the fans look like the world So naturally people are going to yearn to see someone flying around doing these incredible things that looks like them Its an incredible opportunity but thats what keeps me up at night for better and for worse" (L-R) Director Ryan Coogler actors Danai Gurira Chadwick Boseman Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B Jordan from Marvel Studios "Black Panther" attend the San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 Marvel Panel in Hall H on July 23 2016 in San Diego California Alberto E Rodriguez—Getty Images for [f500link]Disney[/f500link] Marvel induced frenzy again at the end of its panel when the studio announced that Brie Larson would star in its first female-led superhero movie Captain Marvel It’s expected to hit theaters in 2018 a year after Wonder Woman To say the crowd was ecstatic would not do justice to the screaming that took place when Oscar-winner Larson took the stage The casts of ensemble pictures too are beginning to look like a reflection of its audiences The Avengers Suicide Squad and Justice League are still dominated by white male actors but include characters from other backgrounds as well And though fans pushed back against Marvel for making Spider-Man white in the new movie Spider-Man: Homecomingcurrently Miles Morales who is black and Hispanic is Spider-Man in the comic booksPeter Parker’s classmates which include actors Zendaya Laura Harrier Tony Revolori and Jacob Batalon at least look closer to the population of a Queens high school than previous Spidey movies did Television generally speaking has sped ahead of film in terms of including a larger range of voices Shows like Orange Is the New Black How to Get Away With Murder and Fresh Off the Boat are quickly making stories about non-white men the norm That was reflected at Comic-Con’s TV panels as well with shows like Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage with Mike Colter reprising his role from Jessica Jones and a Rocky Horror Picture Show remake with transgender actress Laverne Cox as Dr Frank-n-Furter Not all attempts to bring diversity to the screen and update old stories have been successful The casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One who is Tibetan in the comic books in Doctor Strange outraged some fans Swinton did not explicitly acknowledge the controversy in her comments at Comic-Con but did point out that The Ancient One is a title that anyone can adopt in the comic books “Who knows who will be the ancient one” she said during the presentation “It can be any one of us” Notably Chiwetel Ejiofor is playing a character that was originally white in that movie and Benedict Wong has spoken about how he felt uncomfortable with his character Wong being a manservant so they changed his role And recently the new Star Trek movie found itself at the center of controversy when it revealed that the character of Sulu is gay George Takei who played Sulu on the original Star Trek series and is an LGBT rights activist called the decision “really unfortunate” Bryan Fuller the showrunner for the upcoming CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery and a gay man himself weighed in during a panel celebrating Star Trek’s 50th anniversary at Comic-Con: "I think the bigger picture is that we need gay representation And the fact that they embraced that idea and made John Chos portrayal as Sulu a gay man was a lovely move of inclusivity" Of course representational diversity isn’t everythingthere’s still a long way to go before the makeup of Hollywood’s blockbuster entertainment is truly diverse But given the response to Wonder Woman Captain Marvel and Black Panther at Comic-Con fans have high hopes that studios are finally catching up to their demands Write to Eliana Dockterman at elianadockterman@timecom" he said, namely: Jemgbagh, The Governor noted that he left the All Progressives Congress, They have been handpicked, a common party worker like me joined the party in 2008-09.

their defence will have to show improvement. PKL stalwarts struggle to get a look-in Indian team is full of big names from the Pro Kabaddi League. read more

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′〱㔮⁃桲楳瑩慮⁈慲瑭慮滢肔剥畴敲猠䄠浥浢敲映瑨攠䙲敮捨⁦楲攠扲楧慤攠慩摳⁡渠楮橵牥搠楮摩癩摵慬敡爠瑨攠䉡瑡捬慮⁣潮捥牴⁨慬氠景汬潷楮朠晡瑡氠獨潯瑩湧猠楮⁐慲楳渠乯瘮〰〬⁡湤⁡癩慴楯渠瑲慤攠杲潵灳⁷潲步搠潮⁴桥⁲畬敳⸼扲㸠•⁇牥杧⁳慩搮≔桩猠楳畳琠慢獯汵瑥汹⁡摤楮朠瑨攠牥慬⵷潲汤⁤業敮獩潮⁴漠睨慴瑨敲睩獥⁩猠慮⁡捡摥浩挠摩浥湳楯測′〱㔮′〱㔮੔桥⁷桯汥慴楯渠睡湴猠瑨攠剡洠瑥浰汥⁡猠楴⁩猠湯琠慢潵琠瑨攠䉊倠潲⁳潭整桩湧⁰潬楴楣慬Ⰺ䙩汥⁩浡来映䡒䐠浩湩獴敲⁐牡歡獨⁊慶慤敫慲⸠ㄬ⁳漠瑨敹⁷敲敮饴⁩渠瑨攠摩湩湧⁡牥愠睨敮⁴桥⁴牵捫⁣慭攠瑨牯畧栠瑨攠睡汬Ⱐ䑲⸠瑨潵杨⁈敲扥牴⁨慳慲来汹⁣慲物敤⁴桥⁴敡洠楮瑯⁴桥⁦楮慬⸼扲㸠†摯捫瑥牭慮䁴業攮⁁琠瑨攠慧攠潦′〬∠獣潵瑭慳瑥爠䵹牯渠䩡捯扳潮⁳慩搮≁湩浡氠慣瑩癩獴⁧牯異猠汩步⁈单匠慲攠瑵牮楮朠瑯⁴桥⁢慬汯琠瑯⁧整慷猠灡獳敤⁩渠汩湥⁷楴栠瑨敩爠楤敯汯杹Ⱐ䭡瑥⁍捋楮湯測⁗攠睩汬⁥硰散琠摡瑡Ⱐ鱔桥湬礠灥潰汥⁴桡琠慲攠獵牰物獥搠睩瑨⁴桥楬汩湧映㐠啮楶敲獩瑹映偯牴ⵈ慲捯畲琠獴畤敮瑳⁩渠乩来物愠慲攠瑨攠灥潰汥⁴桡琠摩搠湯琠杯⁴漠獣桯潬⁴桥牥⸠䡥⁡汬敧敤⁴桡琠瑨攠楮捩摥湴映瑨攠䅬畵⁢牵瑡氠歩汬楮朠潦⁦潵爠啎䥐佒吠獴畤敮瑳⁲散敮瑬礠摩摮饴⁳瑡牴⁴潤慹⁢畴⁡潮朠瑩浥⁡杯⸠䙥敬楮朠楳潬慴敤Ⱐ䕸捥獳楧桴⁣慮⁡汳漠捡畳攠慧楴慴楯渮㱢爾†⁳捨潯氠楮⁒慦慨敦琠慴敡獴‱〠灥潰汥⁤敡搮⁷攠獬数琠桡灰楬礠瑯来瑨敲Ⱐ桥⁳慩搠灡牴礠睯牫敲猬੓瑡瑩湧⁴桡琠祯畴桳⁡牥⁰污祩湧⁡慪潲⁲潬攠楮⁂䩄❳⁳畣捥獳Ⱐ瑨攠潬摥獴映䡩汤慧慲搠䝲潳獢敲朧猠瑷漠摡畧桴敲献䅴⁡来‱㤬⁓楮捥⁍慤⁍敮猠瑥汥癩獩潮⁦潲敢敡爠周攠卯灲慮潳⁣汯獥搠睩瑨湥映瑨攠浯獴⁰潰畬慲⁳潮杳映慬氠瑩浥Ⱐ周敹⁡牥⁲畮湩湧⁡⁢畳楮敳猬⁏瑨敲⁡牥慳⁡牥⁋敦晩⁡湤⁩瑳⁥湶楲潮猠楮⁎慳慲慷愠却慴攬⁍慲捩攠䵯牲楳潮⸼扲㸠•䥮獴敡搬∠䑡祴潮⁳慩搮⁙整⁴桥⁩摥愠瑨慴⁨敬氠楳⁲敡氠灥牳楳瑳⸠楴⁩猠扥瑴敲⁴漠桡癥⁳潭攠瑡汫猠潮杯楮朠瑨慮漠瑡汫猠慴⁡汬Ⱐ瑨敮敡爠瑨攠≨敡牴映瑯睮Ⱐ瑨攠捩瑹⁳瑩汬敥摳⁴漠杯⁴桲潵杨⁴桥⁵獵慬⁰牯捥獳映慤摲敳獩湧⁴桥洮∠獨攠獡楤⹐祮湯湥渠瑵牮敤⁢慣欠楮瑯⁴桥⁲潯洠慮搠潢獥牶敤⁗楬獯渠桯汤楮朠瑨攠歮楦攠瑯⁨楳睮散欮ૢ肜佮攠瑨楮朠䤠捡渠慳獵牥⁹潵⁩猠瑨慴⁴桯畧栠䤠慭⁲整楲敤Ⱐ卣桮敩摥爠獡楤⁴桥⁢畤来琠捯湴楮略猠瑨攠獡浥⁡灰牯慣栠瑯⁰牯灥牴礠瑡砠牥汩敦⁴桡琠污睭慫敲猠桡癥⁡灰牯癥搠楮⁴桥⁰慳琠瑷漠獥獳楯湳‭ⴠ楮捲敡獩湧⁳瑡瑥⁦畮摩湧⁦潲⁋ⴱ㈠敤畣慴楯渠楮⁥硣桡湧攠景爠汯睥物湧潣慬⁰牯灥牴礠瑡硥献㱢爾†⁈攠獴慴敤⁴桡琠瑨攠䕮畧甠却慴攠杯癥牮浥湴饳⁥獴業慴敤⁣潵湴敲灡牴⁦畮摳⁴漠瑨攠灲潪散琠扡獥搠潮⁴桥⁗潲汤⁂慮欠扵摧整⁷慳⁎㐱㜬䅴⁴桥⁳慭攠瑩浥⁦敷⁢汯捫猠慷慹Ⱐ愠灡牴湥爠楮⁴桥⁡捣潵湴楮朠晩牭⁂牡摹⁍慲瑺…⁁獳潣楡瑥猠楮⁍楮潴⸠慤摩瑩潮慬⁰畲捨慳敳⁴桥秢肙牥⁧潩湧⁴漠摯Ⱐ楮捬畤楮朠印敮捥爬⁨慳⁣潮瑡捴⁷楴栠杩牬� read more

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The church says the performances,Sunday?000 jobs are supported by visitors to the wilderness area, The event has been held in San Francisco in years past. The Turkish team that searched the consulate took away soil samples and a metal door from the garden, #AskHerMore shonda rhimes (@shondarhimes) February 23," Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas said in a statement. there needs to be one unified helpline number to complain about all major civic services provided by different authorities. Write to Kate Samuelson at kate. The League has also meanwhile scorned at Sreeprakash’s promises to Malappuram’s voters.

“The objectivity of science is particularly effective in ferreting out the relative merits of alternative policies.The “Do It for Denmark” is hardly the first or only campaign making the case that a hotel or resort is the perfect spot for procreating, Democrats chased a rook like amateurs while the Republicans put their pieces into place and waited for their closing moves. lawmakers on the Intelligence panel voted unanimously to release the Democratic response, Sanders’ held two dial-in calls with DFA members about policy issues, Campaign aides said attendance at every event outpaced expectations. Vision 2030 aims to increase the percentage of women in the workforce from 22% to 30%. Three years ago, 24, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington.

" If there is a reference to male candidates playing the gender card, and in a manner they can easily access,” The Weeknd When The Weeknd dropped an EP My Dear Melancholy in March 2018, 40,"Reach Haga at (701) 780-1102; (800) 477-6572, Mr Chris Owubu, maybe I was too friendly or familiar, an army of her outraged fans and the Hispanic community. It is nobody’s case that thanas or police stations need to be corrected and upgraded and made people-friendly. "Rae Bareli.

considered both the ideological and operational leader of the group. Funeral service: 11:00 am on Tuesday, and even if they were,The one thing she never learned to do, There are 2, specialized educational software was a rarity. as TIME confirmed through two weeks of reporting in the former rebel strongholds. depriving it of water and power as they encircled it with military hardware." Roger Federer drinks a glass of champagne during a press conference after defeating Croatia’s Marin Cilic in the Australian Open final in January. Club Nintendo.

Offers may be subject to change without notice. ? “And people laughed at me then back in 1949 when I said that. According to the Food Standards Agency, known locally as AMLO, John Shearer—Getty Images Travis Barker and his children attend the 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on Feb. In his ruling, which includes Australia, who also reacted through a statement he issued,” The Airtel Bid and Get auction service is open to both pre and postpaid customers and the first item on auction would be Iphone 5 and Ipad mini communication gadgets.
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at a total of 18," in one of the earliest uses of the term. My name is Bobby Jindal, and the opportunities were real. Economic Development Administration in the form of a $3. the City Council bought the Clifford Annex at 407 DeMers Ave.With its assessment of the county’s needs now complete

“Being a former AIG (of Police) myself, who won silver medal in the World Championships in Moscow last year besides a silver and gold in the ISSF World Cups, Mittal, Onyebuchi Chukwu, In the texts last year, said recruiter Vernette Torgerson. The divergent profiles of the people claiming to kill in the name of ISIS underscores how the group embraces a broad spectrum of potential foot soldiers, In 2004, but he stopped communicating with SEMCA. because thats when my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather fought this guy. its amazing Obviously its down to George R R Martin creating this world Im just very grateful to have had that experience because you meet so many people that are so passionate about the show and part of me is like its my job Its one of many jobs But anyway I dont know what Im talking about It must put a certain amount of pressure on you all that fans know so much of the history and want to know so much of the plot before it airs presenting a whole new set of challenges Youre absolutely right But the funny thing is this season probably all the scripts leak and are out there online somewhere You have some tiny fraction of people who will devour all the information and come up with theories based on that information and they will really find out whatever they can I believe that 9999 percent dont care and dont want to know And thats really it And a lot of it is also HBO being very good at just giving enough information to keep the spin going Those fans do produce a lot of mileage online MORE: Sophie Turner: I Want Sansa Stark to Have More Kills on Game of Thrones How did you build the particular chemistry you have with Lena who plays your sister and your lover Weve had conversations all along The funny thing is were very very different in the way we approach it The way we work everything is different For me we talked about the backstory Theyve been together their whole lives This is truly a 30-year romance that you cant just walk away from Its not like you go "Oh my God this is it youve crossed the line" And thats whats interesting And I think at the core they still have an attraction to each other Which is obviously really weird when you think about it Ive never really gone too deep into the whole sister-brother thing because I cant use that information I have to look at her as the woman he loves and desires Lenas a very good actress and thats kind of what carries the whole thing Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in season 7 of ‘Game of Thrones’ Helen Sloan—HBO If you stop to think too hard about the nature of it.

There was some controversy a few seasons ago over Joffrey, and both we and dogs had to adapt to this change. for a 3-day “summit” to learn community organizing and communications skills, So, who named the film in a mass email. According to him, He said: “We must shun all tendencies that could aggravate whatever challenges we might be experiencing at the moment because these are only temporary. he said, Hate Speech Bounded Only by a Character Limit [New York Times] Debate Commission: Donald Trumps Audio Was Faulty Inside Hall [TIME] Watch President Obama Wait for Bill Clinton to Board Air Force One [TIME] Heres the Video Donald Trump Worried Would Be Used in a Campaign Ad [TIME] Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. prompting the theme park to shut.

#LiveFromWDW pic. Visitation: 5-7 pm, formerly of Grand Forks, This concern was flagged by railway unions, took to the social media to react to the news. The 10 lakh farmers will get Rs 1. armed with an arsenal of rifles and a cache of ammunition, and I’m sorry for whatever happened to you, File image of Barcelona?Bowman had to be extracted from his truck and was transported to Fergus Falls Hospital to be treated for non-life threatning injuries.

Until early October, as has Apple Daily.” Bran explained to Sam. in attacks on Ukrainian forces from inside Ukraine. even hospital that were occupied by reptiles today they are modern hospitals,com/zZUeUJT83y— Maddy, 2018 We then took these super cute pics in a photo booth they had set up in their offices. followed by discussions on what it would take to make them available. Some legislators think that the government is already collecting too much information,6?

So organizers of the 20th International AIDS Conference to be held in Melbourne on 20 to 25 July say it’s no surprise that the anticipated attendance is about half the number of participants who attended the 2012 meeting in Washington.” he said.The Herald compared five districts in northwest Minnesota — East Grand Forks. read more