first_imgThe ATA would like to announce that from Monday, November 8, Rachel Moyle will be commencing full time employment with the association. Rachel has been working with the ATA since September 2003 when she was awarded the media scholarship position. She has attended several ATA events and worked on maintaining the website. From Monday onwards she will be continuing work with the ATA in the Media field. This work will encompass both current tournament and website duties, as well as further media relations for Touch throughout Australia. She will be working to gain the sport more public attention, raise awareness and knowledge and help with gaining assistance and sponsorship through the media. Rachel will be available for all local, regional and state associations to work with. She is able to write stories, media releases and assist with general media work for all levels and groups involved with Touch. Please feel free to contact Rachel at any stage if you have a story or press release that needs to be written or would like assistance for either your website or local newspapers and media outlets. Please also feel free to contact her if you would like assistance in gaining publicity for your event or tournament. Rachel’s employment will also encompass two other areas for Australian Touch. She will be taking over the national travel and accommodation for ATA, part of the job Mellissa Craft held until recently finishing at ATA. She will also be undertaking the management of the Hot Spots program. The Hot Spots program has been introduced to assist CB’s and their Business Development Managers to attract new affiliates and to win back unaffiliated groups. The ATA envisages this program to produce a 3% growth in affiliated teams for the 2004/05 period. The ATA will help meet the requirements for a new affiliate by offering the following Hot Spots package. * Advertising campaign * Starter Kit made up of Administration Polo Shirts, 5 Touch Balls, 5 Referee Shirts * 5 targeted referee training sessions * Targeted Sporting Pulse education * Affiliate CD (marketing CD) * Sportsware Competition and Database program All enquiries on media work or assistance, the Hot Spots program and national travel and accommodation can be directed to Rachel Moyle at

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