Numancia puts its focus on Marc Gual

first_imgThe forward assigned by Sevilla to Girona, Marc Gual, It is the great goal of CD Numancia as Diario As has been able to know. Sources consulted by this newspaper assure that the battering ram is the great claim of the Soriano team; an interesting footballer and who from the offices redheads know him from his stage in Espanyol B. In case of fruiting the negotiations he would arrive at Soria as a loan but the inconvenience is in the monetary. The operation is a high economic amount that the Numancia CD cannot assume. The Girona intends to incorporate a new player with offensive mood, only in that case he would let Gual out. The nine, native of Badalona, It is a very complicated operation to date for Numancia, although as it has already been demonstrated in this winter market everything can happen. Gual was a dressing room companion for two players who are currently active in Numancia, such as Curro Sánchez and Bernardo Cruz. Another player who has been aware of Diario As and for which the Soria club is interested is Gorka Guruzeta. The Athletic squad has reached the first team and from the closest environment recognizes Soria’s interest in his services. An injury temporarily slowed his projection. Now he is in the process of recovery, defining him as a player: “With potential.” The Donostiarra scored 26 goals in his four years at the rojiblanco branch until he made the leap to the first team from Biscay. Although in order for certain players to come, Numancia needs to check out several of those in the first team. One of the men who has received offers to change airs is Nestor Albiach. The player who has only played a total of 119 minutes spread over six games. The Castellón of the Second Division B is interested in the player of Xirivella to defend his colors as a loan.Aguado about to reach SoriaAs Diario As has been telling throughout the month, Real Valladolid player Álvaro Aguado would be about to close his assignment to CD Numancia. The midfielder does not enter Sergio’s plans and from the Soriano club the soccer player has always been seen with good eyes, who will join Luis Carrión’s discipline until next June. There are small fringes to close between the parties so that their official status could take place in the next few hours. As As has learned, Aguado’s arrival could close the doors of the mediocentro José Rodríguez of Málaga. With Aguado there would be three incorporations made by the Soria club in this winter market, with more than a week to close the signing period.last_img read more

A league in 15 days

first_img28Mar 15EibarMajorca In addition, recent cooperative eliminations have cleared the calendar of both. TO both teams have left eight meetings at home Y seven out, but the calendar is more favorable to Madrid. Of the top nine, the Zidane team has a priori visits more complicated those of Anoeta (Real Sociedad, his executioner in Copa) and San Mamés Assuming that Madrid and Barça reached the Champions League final in Istanbul (May 30), and counting on the game last Sunday, as much will face 23 games in 111 days (one every 4.8 days). A respite in a campaign in which they have faced intense phases with a meeting every three and a half days.Real Madrid and Barcelona League calendar 31Apr 12MajorcaAthletic Jor.DateREAL MADRIDBARCELONA 24Feb 16CelticGetafe 261-MarMADRID-BARÇA 30Apr 5Real S.Seville 27March 8BetisReal Soc. Bold, matches at the Bernabéu and at the Camp Nou, respectively. The seasons pass and again, in the race for LaLiga, Real Madrid and Barça appear as only favorites to raise the league title. Although still 15 days left to conclude the competition, the two teams have underlined in red the date of the next March 1st (Sunday, 9:00 p.m., Movistar LaLiga). The whites they will receive the azulgrana at the Bernabéu without keeping an eye on his two previous matches: Celtic (House) and lift (outside). The Barca de Setién will have before the Classic at Getafe (which comes third!) And Eibar, both at Camp Nou. Apart from the great appointment of 1-M, Barça will have to deal with the visit to Pizjuán Seville (fifth gear) and at Villarreal (eighth). In addition, they will receive Athletic at the Camp Nou (33rd day, April 25 or 26). Roles changedBut, on the eve of Carnival, the two contestants to the title they arrive with the masks changed. The Madrid squeeze your goalscorer with his second worst mark on the 23rd day of the last 13 years: barely 44. His secret is in make them profitable to the maximum assuring his goal: the whites had never conceded so few goals (14) after 23 league games played.For its part, Barça is, once again the most effective team of the competition (55 goals), but too suffers a relative lack of goal (In the last twelve campaigns he always had 60 or more points at this point, except in 2015-16: he was 56).It is Messi Who follows his own. He has participated in 25 goals (has generated 48 danger occasions): it is pichichi with 14 goals and has given 11 assists. I replied Benzema, with 13 goals and six assists. Nevertheless, to the Argentine they wrap you good Secondary: Suárez (11 goals), Griezmann (seven) and Vidal (six). By cons, in Madrid, the complement to the many of Karim is coral. Bouquets is the second highest white scorer in the league with four goals (the same as Ansu Fati on the Barca side). The responsibility of the goal in Zidane’s locker room is diluted between a total of 17 players; in Barça they have scored 14. For Madrid, Marcelo, Militao, Mendy, Brahim and Mariano just need to score.The pulse is served. LaLiga will be decided in the next 15 rounds. After 1-M we will see everything clearer … 29Mar 22ValenciaLeganés 33Apr 26GetafeAthletic 32Apr 22SpanishCeltic 37May 17VilllarrealOsasuna 36May 13PomegranateValladolid 25Feb 22I raisedEibar 3. 4May 3AthleticVillarreal 38May 24LeganésAlaves 35May 10AlavesSpanish Barcelona have 28 goals conceded, just twice that of MadridOne of the keys of the good Madrid season go through the good performances what is showing Thibaut Courtois (27 years) defending the white goal. The Belgian goalkeeper has barely conceded 11 of the 14 goals that have received from Zidane in the 23 days that take the championship (an average of 0.55 goals per game). Your partner Areola has fit the other three remaining in three other meetings.Leader has managed to scratch four draws in all five games what has been left unchecked. Barça has stayed dry in four games and only managed to save the point of the Classic. That is what has made the difference between the two sets.Therein lies one of the differences of this season: Ter Stegen and Net (The Brazilian played the derby against Espanyol because of a German injury) 28 goals have been conceded, just twice that of their Madrid counterparts (an average of 1.21 goals conceded per game). It is also the worst number of goals conceded by the Barca goals since the 2002-03 season …last_img read more

Coronavirus builds a wall in Mbappé renovation

first_imgReal Madrid had on its road map to launch everything for Mbappé in the summer of 2021, when the current contract of the striker entered his last year (ends in 2022). That he does not renew with a very notable salary increase, which PSG offers him, is essential to complete the mission of landing at the Bernabéu. Al-Khelaifi has been trying since May 2019, without success. Mbappé himself was very cold about it the last time he was asked, last January. “This is not the time to talk about it,” he said. A negotiation that now, in an unexpected and unpredictable scenario, and with those wage cuts, seems icy cold.Denies favor treatment in coronavirus testsIn parallel to this situation, Mbappé has stepped out, through his lawyer, and denied having received favorable treatment when you were tested to determine if you were infected with the coronavirus. In France, a rigorous policy was established in early March to determine who could have access to a test, reserved for possible patients in a vulnerable state, and it has been questioned whether some public figures have skipped that process. In a letter sent to Mediapart, The forward’s representative assures that there were no irregularities in the test that was carried out on March 10 to Mbappé, on the eve of the return match against Borussia Dortmund of the Champions League. The footballer was ill and showed symptoms of being affected “For anginas”, so the test was carried out by indication “of the club’s medical services and in compliance with the orders of the Ministry of Health.” A relevant matter because it is a panorama that has caught PSG offside. The entity has been trying in recent months to pressure Mbappé and his environment to accept a lucrative renovation. Twice, the French star said no. Now, the entity not only cannot commit to a new contract in the face of this uncertainty in the football market and, on the contrary, has in mind to pay its most valuable footballer less than what you are currently receiving (€ 20.8m gross). The economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic open unexpected fronts. One, what will happen the relationship between PSG and Mbappé, the great objective of Real Madrid in the medium term. Despite having the Qatari financial backing, the president of the PSG, Al-Khelaifi, is in favor of reducing the emoluments of the Parisian workforce to face the economic crisis that is coming on top of French football. Among them, Mbappé’s salary. According to various French media, it has been transmitted to the leaders of the French League. Apparently, the example of Barcelona, ​​which is considering this measure to adjust the losses caused by the football breakdown, was mentioned in the talks.last_img read more

Etxeita: “Coming to Getafe is one of the best decisions I have made”

first_imgThe course began as a central room and ended as an indisputable starter next to Djené after Cabrera’s departure. Xavi Etxeita responds from home and tells how he is carrying this month of confinement and his desire to return: “The return to training will be progressive and there will be a protocol with guarantees.” And of course play again soon: “We want this season to end. There is a lot of work behind, a lot of games have been played and it would be fair to finish and continue enjoying this beautiful campaign. The experts will decide and we will abide by their decision. ”The days are shorter with the tasks Bordalás sends: “It is not the same as training on the field of play, but we have weekly plans for hard work and we must take advantage of it. We try to plan as if there were competition. There is no need to think beyond the day to day and train as well as possible. CHow this will affect performance is a mystery to all teams. The objective is to return to the good dynamics that we had ”. His adaptation has been very fast and has a simple explanation: “This is a family club where you have daily contact with the workers. The atmosphere in the dressing room is very good and the results accompany it, so I am very happy. The coach knew me and for me coming to Getafe has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’m very hopeful. I feel like an eighteen-year-old boy who was debuting. We are achieving very important things and we are all very excited. “It’s time to talk about his career. Who has been the most difficult striker to stop ?: “I have played against the best. I could say Messi, but I stay with Neymar. I faced him in one of his best moments and he was unstoppable. He had an incredible facility to haggle and go one-on-one. I suffered a lot ”. And his best teammate behind ?: “Maybe Laporte who is now in a top team and is a great player.”last_img read more

The mess at Bayern increases: now the substitute goalkeeper explodes

first_imgIt is rumored that the signing of Nübel is causing great discomfort in the locker room of the Bundesliga champion due to a clause that, according to numerous Teutonic media, Bayern included the young goalkeeper in his contract and would ensure him a minimum of matches as a starter in the Bayern by season. “Bayern is a competitive society,” said Jürgen Schwab, representative of second goalkeeper Ulreich. “We will see who will end up occupying the position behind Manuel Neuer,” he challenged Nübel.At the Allianz Arena they do not seem to receive Nübel, international with the German U21 and considered one of the goalkeepers with the greatest projection on the market, with open arms. Neuer himself, who is also upset with the supposed clause that would guarantee Nübel a series of entitlements from next season, only said the following: “With Sven Ulreich we already have a terrific number two. He would be a starter in many other clubs. However, Nübel is a great signing. “ The Bayern goal scandal continues to grow with each passing hour. Just two days after Manuel Neuer blamed Bayern for leaking details of the deal about his renewal to the press, his underhand substitute, Sven Ulreich, added fuel to the Munich fire. In some statements collected by the German newspaper Kicker, the substitute goalkeeper’s agent made it clear that his client will remain Neuer’s first relief, even as Alexander Nübel joins the Bavarian ranks in the summer from Schalke 04.last_img read more