Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner and Luckbox aim for better education in esports betting

first_img Related Articles Luckbox: How the return of live sport has affected esports betting July 10, 2020 Share StumbleUpon Submit Recapitalised Luckbox calls for a recruitment drive  June 30, 2020 Share Luckbox outlines final TSXV roadmap July 29, 2020 Luckbox corporate advisor Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner, one of the most respected figureheads in esports, has called for a ‘better education of esports betting’.This February, Chaloner joined Luckbox’s enterprise founding team which seeks to develop the leading betting platform and community for esports enthusiasts.Chaloner, who is considered one of esport’s most knowledgeable figures advises the start-up on player engagement, protections, consumer responsibility and establishing best practices within the fast-growing sector.As Luckbox adviser, Chaloner believes there is a lack of understanding in the esports community relating to the risks of gambling, which stakeholders have to address following a number of well-publicised betting scandals.“We can educate them along the way – that’s the key part for me. I don’t want to see underage gambling and I don’t want to see irresponsible gambling.“I want people to be educated so they understand what they’re doing and the risks involved, and I think we can do that together with Luckbox.”As a new industry incumbent, Luckbox seeks to set itself apart by through developing a transparent operating framework, compliant with the highest levels of online gambling regulatory policy.Following numerous set-backs and scandals which have harmed the progress of esports-betting incumbents, Chaloner and Luckbox leadership seek to develop higher standards for industry-wide stakeholders.“The traditional companies have looked at it in a very similar way to sports perhaps but they haven’t looked at it as deeply as I would like.“And in terms of doing something for esports people, with the way that we consume our media and watch the games, some of it has been very simplistic…Yes I can bet on this team beating this team, but there is nothing else, there is nothing around it.“I can’t join in socially around it, I can’t discuss anything about it with anyone other than my social media feeds.It’s very difficult to be social about it, and obviously Luckbox can change that.“Luckbox comes to a point where it does offer those things, does offer some social scaling and allows people to bet in a safe environment, which again means they can be sociable about it.”last_img read more

Matt Harrod: – Brexit… What are the industry’s divorce proceedings?

first_img Submit MoneyMatrix boosts wire transfer options by integrating Klarna’s Sofort August 24, 2020 Matt Harrod – Processing.comWith Brexit factors and implications on the minds of all UK business stakeholders, Matt Harrod, VP of Europe at examines whether interchange rates and PSD3 are the least of the gaming/betting industries worries…___________________Everyone should probably be aware by now that the UK is due to leave the European Union at 11pm on Friday 29th March 2019, deal or No Deal.Given the difficulty the Prime Minister is having passing her withdrawal agreement, it is no surprise that she appears on the verge of ruling out a No Deal scenario by extending Article 50 for further negotiations. However, this delay still needs to pass a fractious and divided Parliament, meaning that the prospect of the UK falling off the Brexit cliff-edge is still far too likely for comfort. Even if her agreement passes, it doesn’t explain how the UK and EU’s post-Brexit relationship will look – it is simply a “divorce settlement”.All of this understandably creates a great deal of uncertainty, particularly for the gaming sector. UK-based online gaming operators don’t know if interchange fees will apply after Brexit – which could potentially increase the cost of digital transactions by up to 100%, significantly affecting their relationship with gamers. They also don’t know whether they need to plan for new EU legislation, such as the upcoming Third Payment Services Directive (PSD3), with new requirements for cashless and online payments that may increase the compliance burden on gaming operators.Whatever the final shape of Brexit, there are changes that we know will occur to the regulatory and commercial landscape that will have major implications for the gaming sector, and they may even put interchange and PSD3 concerns into the shade. Failure to take these into account may mean that operators are unprepared for the years ahead, potentially impacting on their future revenue and profitability.Ramifications for gaming licencesFrom a licensing point of view, gaming operators operating in the UK have some insulation from the impact of Brexit – regardless of its final shape.Whether they are based in the UK or overseas, gaming businesses are already required to have a specific UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licence if they want to provide gaming services in mainland Britain. This is the principal reason why we have not yet seen a major exodus of EU-based operators leaving the UK market – they already have the required credentials to continue providing gaming in the country.In the event of a No Deal, though, British gaming licences will no longer be recognised, meaning that UK-based gaming operators will not be able to trade in the EU – either serving European customers or British customers trying to access their accounts from overseas – unless they have certification from an “rEU” member state.With this in mind, UK operators will need to ensure they have the appropriate licences if they want to continue to access the European market in the future. This means that they will have to ensure that their business adheres not just to UK legislation but to diverging EU regulations – something that can be very expensive for individual companies, with repercussions for their profits.Consequences for paymentsGaming licences are not the only issue that operators need to bear in mind when preparing for Brexit. The banking and payments landscape that operators work in within the UK stands to change substantially not just in the event of a No Deal, but even under the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement. This can have implications for the acquiring banks and payment providers that operators partner with for commerce inside the UK and for cross-border commerce.To explain, let’s look at the financial services scene in Switzerland. As part of the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland is not subject to EU payments regulations, such as PSD2 – instead, it has its own laws in this area. For many acquirers, the complexity of having to comply with both the EU’s regulatory framework and Switzerland’s is too onerous, so they choose not to operate in the Alpine country.As a consequence, digital merchants – including EU and Swiss-based gaming operators – looking to trade in the EU and in the EEA must have an EU acquirer and payment providers, as well as additional partners capable of operating within Switzerland and other EEA member states. Moreover, they must give careful consideration to whether their banking and payment partners for each jurisdiction are capable of offering cross-border transactions, so that they can continue to attract gamers while they are travelling abroad.I think this provides a good illustration of how the payments landscape will change for the UK gaming sector. Whether we leave with Theresa May’s deal or not, the UK will be outside the EEA – as such, the country will no longer be subject to EU banking and payments regulation, or to any agreements made with the EEA.This means it is highly likely we will see EU and overseas acquirers becoming as reluctant to operate in the UK as they are in Switzerland – as a result, UK-based gaming operators will potentially need to have banking and payments partners for their domestic business, and partners for their EU business as well. Having multiple partners for different markets will have a significant impact on operating costs, and will obviously be a drain on team members’ precious time.With this in mind, I think we will see many smaller gaming operators in the UK scaling back or withdrawing their EU business – and the same for EU companies serving players in Britain – as they seek to maintain profit margins in light of the increased expenses. If they want to avoid this fate, gaming operators – large and small – should work closely with their payments experts now to identify what they need to do to continue operating across all of their European markets.Time to actWith the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s future economic relationship with its largest trading partner, the EU, it is no surprise that there is considerable panic setting in among gaming operators and businesses in other sectors. It is hard for businesses to plan when the Government cannot confirm what the future licensing, banking and gaming landscape will look like.However, there are developments that are indicating the country’s future direction, and can give gaming operators the insight they need to ensure they have the plans and partnerships in place to face the future. Talking to payments experts about these developments now, gaming operators can ensure they have the information and advice they need to Brexit-proof their businesses and make sure they are able to continue to provide customers across Europe with a great gaming experience well into the future.__________________Matt Harrod –  VP of Europe – Share Related Articles Vbet sponsors AS Monaco as Ligue 1 kicks off new season August 24, 2020 FDJ’s ParionsSport launches sponsorship programme for French amateur football August 24, 2020 StumbleUpon Sharelast_img read more

Optimove: Year-round engagement counters post-tournament drop off

first_img BetInvest: The benefits of separating esports betting markets August 7, 2020 Optimove upgrades customer journey ‘self-optimisation’ capacities August 6, 2020 Bet-at-home maintains 2020 outlook as regulatory headwinds loom August 3, 2020 Submit Share Related Articles StumbleUpon Share According to recent figures published by customer retention specialist Optimove, it has been suggested that operators should focus upon growing their year-round player engagement figures. The data points out that the vast majority of punters mainly engage in betting activity during major sporting events, as Optimove suggests that ‘the average number of bettors drops 60 per cent following the finals.’Asaf Cohen, VP Revenue at Optimove, commented on the figures: “Lowering the ratio of one-timers should be a key approach in every company’s marketing strategy. Operators aim to get the next deposit made. This can be achieved by engaging players with relevant content and offers routinely. “For big event players, we’d recommend cross-sale campaigns for other sports products, such as the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which traditionally starts right after the Champions League and NBA seasons end, to keep players engaged.”67 per cent of bets wagered on final games were placed via mobile phones, with only 15 per cent of these punters betting on early stages of tournaments. Betting using mobile phones has grown exponentially in recent years, with these figures supporting this. The research revealed that the average bet amount during a final game is 38 per cent higher compared to bets placed on earlier stages of the tournaments. In addition, 34 per cent of the bettors on final games do not place bets on earlier stages of the tournaments. Furthermore, a player who placed a bet on the finals in one year is 26 per cent more likely to place a bet again on the following year. Cohen continued: “In order to retain and engage with finals players, encourage them to use mobile. Also prompt and incentivize live bets. “The key is to keep players engaged and interested, so after finals are over is when the real marketing work begins. If done properly, operators will be able to crack seasonality and keep their player perpetually active.”last_img read more

Everton cuts ties with SportPesa

first_img Betsson sees strong prospects in disrupted Kenya June 19, 2020 Share Premier League football club Everton FC has issued a statement confirming that it has mutually ended its shirt sponsorship with Kenyan online betting group SportPesa.On Sunday night, Everton management announced that by mutual consent SportPesa would not fulfil its five-year principal shirt sponsorship agreement, secured in May 2017 as a club-record deal for The Toffees.In its statement, Everton management detailed that both parties had agreed to end the sponsorship following a review of partnership terms.An Everton statement read: “This has been a difficult decision but one that allows us to best deliver on our commercial plan and to grasp the new opportunities now open to us.“The club would like to thank SportPesa for all of the work that has been done together. Our partnership has seen our first team visit Africa on two occasions, as well as former players and club staff take part in numerous activations in the region.”A turbulent 2019 saw SportPesa become the highest-profile bookmaker to be expelled from the Kenyan market, following a multi KSH billion dispute with the Uhuru Kenyatta government in relation to unpaid player taxes.Further SportPesa developments saw The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) abruptly end its two-year sponsorship with the Kenyan bookmaker, in which FAI management cited that the association had reassessed its partnership portfolio. Kenya Finance Bill carries tax rescind waiting on Kenyatta approval  June 25, 2020 BtoBet refines African SMS payment options with Tola Mobile  August 20, 2020 Related Articles StumbleUpon Share Submitlast_img read more

H2 Gambling Capital predicts 11% drop in gambling revenues

first_img StumbleUpon Share EGBA calls for enhanced collaboration on consumer rights August 11, 2020 COVID-19 has continued to have widespread impacts on both the sporting and betting industries, with H2 Gambling Capital data revealing that the pandemic has led to a 11% drop in forecasted global gambling revenues in 2020.According to the gambling data specialist’s new weekly COVID Impact Tracker, 2020 global gambling gross win forecasts have been downgraded from $473bn to $421bn.But despite the dismal retail forecasts, it has predicted that there could be an increase in online gambling activity, suggesting that the online sector could move from 13.2% to a 15.7% share of global gambling revenue.According to the European Gaming and Betting Association, EGBA members generated €2.36bn in online sports betting revenue in 2018, which accounted for 44% of their total online gambling revenues.“It’s sad that so many iconic sporting events are being cancelled or suspended and it will obviously have a negative impact on our sector. But the safety and health of the public is obviously more important and we fully support the sporting authorities and others in the difficult decisions they face right now,” said Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of the EGBA.Currently major sports events suspended or canceled due to the virus include English football’s top division the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga and the European Champions League, as well as The Masters golf major, and the UK Grand National horserace – all major events for European bookmakers. EGBA: German Policy unfit to tackle black market threats July 16, 2020 Share Jdigital appeals Spanish decree orders to EC courts July 23, 2020 Related Articles Submitlast_img read more

No mass gatherings casts doubts over Irish sporting events returning before September

first_img Betway strengthens racecourse presence with Cork sponsorship April 18, 2019 Share Betway backs Galway Festival with Super Saturday sponsorship July 17, 2018 Share 21Bet pays out on Wolves winning the league title January 29, 2018 Related Articles StumbleUpon Submit Major sporting events across Ireland are to face further setbacks after the Irish government confirmed that all mass gatherings of over 5,000 people will be banned until 1 September.The new restrictions will impact the 2020 All-Ireland championships, the League of Ireland, racing festivals and a number of other sporting events.Issuing a statement, government sources have said that local authorities will be told not to grant licences for large events in this period due to the coronavirus crisis.The Interim CEO of Football Association Ireland, Gary Owens, has called for a meeting with the government to discuss the impact of the latest ruling on the SSE Airtricity League and also its potential effect on international football if it is extended into September.The association had originally earmarked 19 June as a possible date for recommencing the League of Ireland, with plans to resume the Women’s National League a week later. Following the latest government statement, however, this date appears increasingly unlikely.Owens told FAI TV: “This is breaking news this evening and in two respects for us. The obvious question is, can we hold the international matches in the autumn period?“We really need to be able to hold those matches and have mass gatherings in September. Hopefully we can get to the end of August and that 5,000 limit will be increased.“That is a significant input and we need to take that into account, along with all the other factors which we are now analysing in advance of making a decision on the 5th of May when the Government will make their formal decision known.“Like everything else, the devil is in the detail. We really need to understand what they mean by 5,000 in terms of mass gatherings and whether that applies in stadiums and what are the criteria we would have to comply with.“We have been working with the medical team in Uefa who are helping us with guidelines, but obviously, we need to talk to the HSE and try and understand whether or not they would allow mass gatherings in football stadiums and if they do up to that level of 5,000, that could be a significant breakthrough for us.”Meanwhile a statement issued on behalf of Balybrit Racecourse, which is due to host the Galway Festival, has suggested that this year’s festival could possibly still go ahead behind closed doors.Manager of Ballybrit racecourse, Michael Moloney, confirmed that the festival ‘will not be able to take place as an event open to the general public this year’.The statement said: “In light of the evolving situation regarding Covid-19, for public health and safety reasons Galway Race Committee has reached the difficult but unavoidable decision that the 2020 Galway Races Summer Festival, due to be held from Monday 27th July to Sunday 2nd August will not be able to take place as an event open to the general public this year. We know this will be a huge disappointment for all our racegoers that attend year on year.“It may prove possible to run the Galway Races behind closed doors, dependent on Government policy and the approval of Horse Racing Ireland and Irish Horse Racing Regulatory Board.“This would be for the benefit of the racing industry, our valued partners and our television audiences at home and internationally. We are currently planning for this scenario and we will update you on progress as and when we can.”last_img read more

Sportech highlights new client wins under lockdown

first_imgShare John Williamson to oversee UK Tote Group’s international growth August 28, 2020 Royal Ascot generates ‘record number of transactions’ for SG’s OpenSports June 18, 2020 Submit Related Articles HKJC appoints Philip Chen as new Chairman June 23, 2020 StumbleUpon Share Ahead of today’s AGM, Sportech Plc has issued a trading update,  informing investors of further COVID-19 pandemic impacts and countermeasures undertaken by the LSE-listed wagering technology group. Updating investors, Sportech explained that it has implemented its pandemic cost-saving measures announced during March trading, based on its forecast scenario that global sporting events would be curtailed through to the end of June 2020.Based on the actions undertaken, Sportech’s board anticipates net cash contributions to be £8.9 million at the end of interim trading.As previously forecasted, Sportech stated that pandemic impacts have hit all areas of its business during Q2 trading following the suspension of the global racing calendar.Despite interruptions to its day-to-day activities, Sportech has shifted focus to its commercial capacity in which the company has agreed new deals and extended contracts with US clients TVG New Jersey,  Emerald Downs, Monmouth Park, and Borgata Casino. Meanwhile, in the UK, Sportech secured the lead international pool systems supplier contract for the revamped UK Tote Group, leading the development of the combined global ‘Superpool’ with Ascot Racecourse and the Hong Kong Jockey Club.Further client wins have seen Sportech secure a new technology agreement with the Macau Horseracing Company, in which it will upgrade its entire racetrack provisions to its Quantum systems and wagering platforms. As global sports resume, Sportech underlined that it continues to trade with a ‘determined vigilance of its cost base’, helping manage staggered reopenings of their business channels.  Richard McGuire, Group CEO of Sportech, said: “Despite the unprecedented challenges that have affected us all, I have been humbled and impressed by the universal willingness of Sportech colleagues to support our clients, support our business and support each other.“The delivery of critical client projects and the securing of a significant number of new contracts in the midst of this global pandemic is testament to the resilience of the Sportech team and highlights the integrity of our people and the Group’s digital strategy progression. “Challenges obviously remain, especially as our business resumption timetable is governed by external factors. However, as a group, we have no debt, a stable balance sheet and we intend to emerge from this pandemic operationally and technologically stronger.”last_img read more

La Liga round-up: Benzema nets hat-trick as Real Madrid beat Bilbao

first_imgJaime Mata got the scoring underway for Getafe Karim Benzema helped himself to a hat-trick as Real Madrid finally threw off the shackles to beat Athletic Bilbao 3-0.Zinedine Zidane’s men laboured through a first half of few chances before exploding into life within two minutes of the restart.Benzema headed home Marco Asensio’s 47th-minute cross before converting a Luka Modric corner 14 minutes from time and then helping himself to a third in stoppage time as Bilbao wilted.Real remain in third place in the table, four points adrift of city rivals Atletico Madrid and a full 13 shy of champions-elect Barcelona with all three sides still having five games to play.Behind them, Getafe maintained their bid for a top-four finish with a comprehensive victory over Sevilla by the same score in a stormy encounter which saw both sides reduced to 10 men.Jaime Mata’s 35th-minute penalty handed the home side a lead which Jorge Molina doubled from the spot deep into first-half stoppage time after full-back Sergio Escudero had been sent off for a second bookable offence. Rodrigo Moreno was sent off in Valencia’s win Molina extended Getafe’s lead eight minutes after the restart, but the sides were evened up with 16 minutes remaining when defender Djene Dakonam was dismissed for a bad challenge on Jesus Navas.Goncalo Guedes struck twice in four minutes either side of half-time to hand Valencia a 2-1 win at Real Betis.Guedes fired home from outside the box in the final minutes of the first half and then repeated the feat four minutes after the restart.However, Giovani Lo Celso gave Betis hope when he converted a penalty with 12 minutes left, and that hope increased, if ultimately in vain, when Valencia substitute Rodrigo Moreno was dismissed four minutes later. Villarreal had to survive a tense conclusion as they edged further clear of the relegation zone with a 2-1 victory over Leganes.Second-half goals from Carlos Bacca and Karl Toko Ekambi looked to have sealed the points, but Nabil El Zhar pulled one back from the penalty spot after Martin Braithwaite had been fouled by Alvaro Gonzalez to set nerves jangling once again.Ruben Rochina was both hero and villain as 10-man Levante snatched a point to move two clear of the drop zone.The home side trailed 1-0 and 2-1 to Espanyol with Marc Roca restoring the visitors’ lead with 65 minutes gone after Ruben Vezo had cancelled out Borja Iglesias’ first-half opener.Rochina made it 2-2 with 18 minutes from time, but then picked up a second yellow card almost immediately to dash his side’s hopes of a late onslaught.–Source: SKy Sportslast_img read more

Robertson tells Liverpool to avoid Barça ‘hangover’ and focus on Newcastle

first_imgAndy Robertson has said Liverpool cannot afford a Lionel Messi-inflicted hangover if they want to preserve their Premier League title hopes at Newcastle.Jürgen Klopp’s team were on the receiving end of a 3-0 defeat at Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday. Robertson admitted it was “baffling how that happened”, as Liverpool played well only for wasteful finishing and the brilliance of Messi to yield a first defeat in 20 games. However, the Scotland captain insisted focus must switch to Saturday evening’s awkward trip to St James’ Park, where victory is required to put the pressure back on City in the title race.“We are near the end of the season but we’ve got three, hopefully four, games left,” he said. “We’ve no time to have a hangover now. We need to go strong into the Newcastle game first and get our bodies ready, and then go again because we can’t let our foot off the gas. We need the three points and push them [City] the whole way. There can’t be a hangover. Newcastle is our full concentration now.“We have fallen short [against Barcelona] but we can be proud of the performance and we just need that bit of luck. We are still young and will still learn and be better for it in years to come. We can be proud of what we have done this season but we need one big, final push now.”Robertson believes Liverpool were beginning to take control at the Camp Nou when Messi scored his 599th Barcelona goal, and rued Mohamed Salah’s shot against the post shortly after the Argentinian’s magnificent 600th.The left-back said: “It’s a strange one because we played well but we got beat 3-0 and it’s baffling how that’s happened. We didn’t take our chances and they had a bit of luck with the second but that’s what happens. It’s going to be a tough task now but we have to think about Saturday first and foremost and then believe we can do something special on Tuesday.“The second goal was one of the luckiest goals I’ve been involved in, coming off the bar and Messi taps it in. Just as we were getting into the game and the [home] fans were starting to boo and get on top of them, and we had them where we wanted them. Unfortunately, we got caught. Then of course if Mo scores – you can’t criticise him for it but those are the fine margins. At 3-1 it is a lot better scoreline with an away goal. We need something special on Tuesday but if there is any place to do it it’s Anfield.”Robertson acquitted himself well against Messi but like Klopp, who described Messi as unstoppable afterwards, he could only salute the forward’s ultimate contribution to the tie.“I thought personally I did relatively well against him down their right-hand side but he scores two goals,” Robertson said. “So for me that’s not good enough clearly. I thought the second goal he scored was world class. You could’ve had two keepers in and we wouldn’t have saved it but that’s what he can do. That’s Messi; he’s done it for many years now. Fair play to him, he’s a world-class player and he conducts himself as a world-class player.”–Source: Guardian UKlast_img read more

2019 President’s Cup replay postponed to December 22

first_imgThe replay of the 2019 President’s Cup between Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko has been postponed to December 22 and it will now be played at the Baba Yara Stadium.The development was announced via a letter from the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) who are the organisers of the match.The letter did not state any reasons for the change of date and venue but it said that the decision was taken after all parties were consulted.However, Citi Sports sources say that the decision to change the venue was down to the poor state of the pitch of the Accra Sports Stadium after it hosted a concert that starred US rapper Cardi B last Sunday.Sources say that the National Sports Authority was not happy with the condition of the playing surface and thus, it had to find an alternative.The initial match in September was called off after 10 minutes due to a soggy Baba Yara Stadium pitch following heavy rains in Kumasi.GHALCA further apologised to the many fans who were prepping to see the two biggest clubs in Ghana face each other in Accra.last_img read more