Customers asked to call CVPS if power still out

first_imgOver 500 workers continued to work to restore power to the last 300 CVPS customers in Windham County Thursday morning.”We made good progress Wednesday, and with the light so visible at the end of the tunnel, we’re giving it all we’ve got yet again today,” said spokeswoman Christine Rivers. “Each repair is still coming slow, as crews continue to spend hours to restore power one or two customers at a time, but we expect every customer outage we are aware of to be restored by late tonight. Thus we encourage customers still without power to call 1-800-451-2877.”At daybreak Thursday, more than 75 contract lines crews were working with 40 CVPS line crews, 50 tree crews and hundreds of support staff to wrap up the $3 million restoration effort that began Friday.”This has been a long but amazing restoration effort. The ice and tree damage we’ve seen in Windsor and especially Windham County rivals anything we’ve seen in our service territory. And we could not have done this without the invaluable coordination and support of dozens of utilities and local businesses, and federal, state and local officials,” said CVPS President Bob Young. “We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support we’ve seen from the customers, communities and businesses we serve. I cannot put into words how much we appreciate everyone’s efforts, patience and selflessness to restore normalcy to our customers. I also want to thank our employees, who have devoted themselves to customers while putting their own lives on hold.”CVPS estimates that it has resolved more than 1,200 separate problems on its system this week, in some cases rebuilding sections that were destroyed within Orange, Windsor and Windham counties. Over 80 poles were broken – more than 50 of those in Windham County alone, and thousands of trees brought down hundreds of lines.PLEASE CALLCVPS asked customers who are still without power as of 8 a.m. today to contact the company at 1-800-451-2877. Due to the extent of the damage in some areas that are affecting only single and small groups of customers, some without power may not be listed in the outage management system. As restoration efforts draw toward an end, the company wants to assure that no one is left without power.If customers see that others in their neighborhood have power, but they do not, CVPS asks that those customers switch their breakers off and on to assure the problem is not localized inside their home.The company also reminded customers that while service lines or overhead wires that run from a pole to a house or business are the utility’s responsibility, the service cable that runs along the side of the house is the customer’s responsibility.If those service cables are damaged, customers should contact an electrician. The service bracket that attaches the service line to the house is generally maintained by CVPS. However, the weather head, attached to the service cable, which prevents water damage to the wiring, is maintained by the customer’s electrician.last_img read more

Cooperation of Virovitica College with the Municipality of Suhopolje resulted in a comprehensive strategic plan for tourism development

first_imgAnalysis of direct (such as tourist and catering facilities, tourist agencies and information and promotional materials) and indirect tourist resources (such as environment, geo-traffic position and transport connections), tourist attraction basis and SWOT analysis, proposed key tourist products such as cultural tourism – heritage tourism , health tourism – health culture tourism, eno and gastro tourism and sports and recreational tourism. “The collected data determined the current state of tourism in the Municipality of Suhopolje, on the basis of which a portfolio of key tourist products that need to be put into operation was defined.”, Concluded Randelj. Department of Tourism of Virovitica College The strategic goals defined by the Plan are focused on the development and continuous improvement of tourist products, construction and equipping of tourist infrastructure, as well as on the improvement of sales and marketing communication. By fulfilling the set goals, it will directly contribute to the development of tourism in the area of ​​the Municipality of Suhopolje and Virovitica-Podravina County. Virovitica College is increasingly profiling itself as an important stakeholder for tourism development at the local, regional and national level, and by drafting the Strategic Plan for Tourism Development of Suhopolje Municipality, the Tourism Department of Virovitica College has supplemented its portfolio of development documents which already include numerous projects. development strategies and action plans. The purpose of the document is to improve the state of tourism in the Municipality of Suhopolje and to shape the systematic development of tourism in this underdeveloped tourist area. The objectives of the document are to provide favorable conditions for tourism development, designing the tourist development of the Municipality of Suhopolje with emphasis on products / experiences that will be put in the function of strengthening the tourist offer and raising the quality of life of the local population, determining the tourist resource base. from investing in tourism development. Photo: Virovitica-Podravina County; Municipality of Suhopolje However, Tubić agrees that the tourist product “3S” is the most sought after, but believes that we must not rely on it if we want to be an established tourist power, but we must enrich it with a complementary product, be it urban or rural. “As I have illustrated on several occasions, Croatian tourism is not, nor should it be, only Dubrovnik, Split, Opatija, Rovinj or Zadar, but also the memorial Vukovar, Osijek the city of heroes, Zvonimir’s city Knin, Vinkovci the city of tradition and folklore, Ilok the easternmost city , castles and manors of Virovitica-Podravina County, rural areas of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem, national parks and nature parks, as well as other tourist unjustifiably neglected areas that throughout Croatian history have certainly indebted the Croatian people to invest in them today, in every view”, Said Tubic. center_img “As the head of the Department of Tourism of the Virovitica College, I am pleased with the fact that a young team of scientists, according to the rules of the profession and based on research methodology, developed a Strategic Plan for Tourism Development in the Municipality of Suhopolje. This scientific-professional approach and the involvement of all relevant stakeholders created, in simple terms, a viable and long-term sustainable strategic plan.”, Concluded Dejan Tubić. When asked whether the goal is to develop the Municipality of Suhopolje as a unique tourist destination or as part of a larger plan at the county or regional level, the editor of the Strategic Plan, Juraj Randelj, mag.oec. says that the goal of the Strategic Plan is the development of tourism in the Municipality of Suhopolje as a unique destination with the possibility of inclusion in a wider destination product. “The document wanted to determine the direction of tourism development by designing primary tourism products and shaping the goals to be achieved, ie by defining tourism programs that have the perspective of development into economically viable programs.”, He said and added that he also wanted to set a conceptual framework for tourism development in the Municipality of Suhopolje in order for the Municipality to join the trend of tourism development in Virovitica-Podravina County. “The Strategic Tourism Plan of the Municipality of Suhopolje offers innovative solutions for the development of the tourist offer in the area of ​​the Municipality of Suhopolje, which currently has a small number of tourist facilities”, Explains Randelj. On this occasion, we talked to Dejan Tubić, Head of the Department of Tourism of the College of Management in Tourism and Informatics in Virovitica. Tubić believes that Croatian tourism is developing spontaneously, on its own initiative, below the real possibilities and without a long-term plan and program, identity and direction. “Since the establishment of the independent Republic of Croatia until today, it should be acknowledged that there are significant changes in accommodation and transport infrastructure, investments, promotion of Croatia in leading emitting countries and prestigious tourism fairs, etc. However, all this is aimed at building, in my opinion, unjustifiably, the tourist product of the Adriatic region, ie the sun, sea and sand, which ultimately resulted in tourism of only a few months. Seasonality is a normal phenomenon and is present in the tourism of every country, however, it is worrying that it prevails in our country. The alarm for the awakening of the creators and co-creators of the national tourism policy has been ringing for a long time”, She is of the opinion. Members of the Department of Tourism have successfully drafted another development document, the Strategic Plan for Tourism Development in the Municipality of Suhopolje. The project manager and editor of the strategic plan, Juraj Randelj, M.Sc.Econ., Head of the Department of Tourism, Ph.D. Dejan Tubić, vice dean for teaching, Ph.D. Irena Bosnić, and members of the Department of Tourism, Rikard Bakan mag.oec. and Božidar Jaković mag.oec. The value of the Plan is HRK 40.000,00.last_img read more