LaLiga Submits Request for Villarreal-Atletico Game in Miami

first_imgMadrid: LaLiga, alongside Villarreal CF and Atletico de Madrid, has submitted a formal request to the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to play the Matchday 16 La Liga Santander match between Villareal and Atlético on December 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.The choice of teams has been made due to the interest and willingness shown by both clubs. The US, and Miami in particular, are an essential part of LaLiga’s continued growth strategy.Villarreal CF has been working for several years in the North American market through the presence of academies and has run several training and marketing activities in the region. Atletico de Madrid has just taken part in a successful summer tour of the United States, during which the club also participated in the MLS All-Star game that was played in Orlando, Florida.The players and coaches of both teams have been informed and have shown their enthusiasm for playing in front of fans in the US. The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) has also been informed of the request.“Atletico de Madrid works every season to expand and improve our brand across all continents and this match in the United States will allow us to keep working on this,” said club CEO Miguel Angel Gil. “Furthermore, we will be able to bring Spanish football closer to fans who live outside of our country. It will be a great occasion that marks the future.”“Exporting football and Spanish sport is good for everyone, and of course this includes ourselves, added Villarreal CF President Fernando Roig. “The United States is a very important country, where Villarreal already has official academies and carries out different activities for the development of football. For this reason, it will be very special for us to be able to play there. We have thought of many different compensation plans for our season ticket holders so that this can be a positive experience for everyone.”On behalf of LaLiga, President Javier Tebas added: “This match will be another boost to the internationalization strategy of La Liga, which is providing great results for all our member clubs and SADs. We hope that this time we can carry out this positive action for everyone, as other leagues like the NFL or the NBA do when they stage matches overseas.”Villarreal CF season ticket holders will have a range of compensation options that can be agreed upon with the club. They will be able to choose between a 40 percent discount for their next season ticket, a ticket for the game in the second half of the season in the Wanda Metropolitano (a maximum of 3,000, including a return ticket on Renfe trains), or travel to Miami to experience the match live (limited to 600 fans).This initiative is part of the 15-year project that LaLiga started in 2018 with Relevant Sports to boost the growth of football in the United States and bring LaLiga closer to its fans in the region. IANS Also Read: Lionel Messi To Lift LaLiga Trophy For First Time As Barca SkipperAlso Watch:Security forces foiled alleged kidnapping attempt in Pengrilast_img read more

Portrayals of sports riots, current protests sharply differ

first_imgTurner said that since the current protests are, by nature, in opposition to the police, the authority of police departments to properly handle crowd control is under question — which may only add to the tension. But these sports riots extend from coast to coast, even in recent history. After the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2014, fans smashed the windows of police cars and buses as part of a larger scene of vandalism and bonfires. By the end of the night, two people had been shot and one had been stabbed.   As predicted, the slippery substance proved necessary. After the underdog Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33, the city of Philadelphia flared up as fans flooded the streets in joy. However, byproducts of their enjoyment were destructive acts such as flipping cars, starting fires and vandalizing buildings.  “Basically, it was portrayed as a celebration that went awry as opposed to a riot, but in actuality, in the definition of a riot, it was a riot,” Turner said of the 2018 Philadelphia celebrations. “Property was destroyed, there was vandalism, there was looting.”  A New York Times piece shared a similar sentiment, using “rowdy” as well as “unruly” to describe the celebrations. News outlet Quartz described the fans’ actions as “all-destructive joy.” “Even when it’s just a peaceful situation, the police are on guard,” Turner said of the current protests. “They’ve got their hands on their hips, their hands on their revolvers, because they’re expecting something to pop up.” “It’s partly a matter of broadening the attitudes of everybody who’s out there working, doing news,” Messner said. “But I think it’s also important to recognize that we do need to continue to move toward more diversity in the newsroom.” Daniel Durbin, a communication professor at USC, echoed that sentiment, adding that there’s not a “larger social picture” behind sports fans’ violent actions. At the time, media outlets downplayed this destruction. On ABC’s “Good Morning America,” former NFL player and GMA co-host Michael Strahan simply called the fans “rowdy,” softening the extent of the damage they caused to the city. He, alongside the other hosts, were smiling throughout the broadcast, implying that the fans’ actions were acceptable.  In the past 20 years, Boston has seen riots whenever the Red Sox won the World Series, resulting in fires, flipped cars and fights with police. In 1984 after the Tigers brought home the World Series championship, Detroit faced similar riots as fans looted and burned police vehicles. After the Lakers won the NBA Finals in 2000, fans started fires and damaged police cars.  “Basically, they did a wide shot of the crowd just so you could see how many people were there and then close-ups on people who were just celebrating,” Turner said of the 2018 Philadelphia riots. “[Destruction was] not something that they focused on, and what you saw in Philadelphia is that you saw more context.” During the 2020 protests against police brutality after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, much media coverage has focused on the destruction that ensues. For instance, an NBC News broadcast stated that the “nation erupted into scenes of chaos, violence and widespread destruction,” focusing on the dangers these protests pose to cities across the nation.  But the violence and chaos that ensued in Philadelphia that night is similar to what is predominantly portrayed of current Black Lives Matter protests in mainstream media. According to USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism assistant professor of professional practice Miki Turner, media outlets have a habit of downplaying the result of chaotic championship celebrations.center_img Ali Pearl, a postdoctoral fellow at USC whose research deals with race and culture, discussed the importance of acknowledging the different reasons for violence with sports fans and Black Lives Matter protesters. This context, she said, is key in understanding why sports rioting and protesting against police brutality are two completely different stories despite occasional similar acts of violence. Looting, arson and property destruction all unfolded in the Bay Area shortly after the San Francisco Giants won the 2014 World Series. (Photo via Eazydee | Twitter) Turner, an award-winning photojournalist, also illustrated how the images depicted by the media in these riots differ.  The article suggested newsroom diversity could help facilitate unbiased language when covering protests. Sociology and gender studies professor Michael Messner said it comes down to not only increasing newsroom diversity but being receptive as reporters to learning about and covering different communities. The country has witnessed other similar violent and destructive acts occur in some of its major sports cities. But these riots don’t occur in support of diversity in sports, equal pay among male and female athletes or other social issues — instead, fans tear up their town to celebrate a win or mourn a loss. “I actually understand the impulse toward property destruction when you are protesting police brutality, when you’re protesting injustice, because you’re targeting the material products of a system that maintained inequality,” Pearl said. “When you are just celebrating or lamenting a sports win or loss, I don’t actually understand the impulse toward property destruction in that moment. There’s not a target to that impulse, it’s more of a release of energy.” Turner also noted how the circumstances of these riots could cause law enforcement to react differently to different crowds. The San Francisco Police Department reported only a “handful” of arrests after the city’s 2014 celebration. After the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series and chaos ensued, 14 arrests were made in Wrigleyville. “Even if you don’t choose to take it up, there’s a moral call to protest or to support [Black Lives Matter] protesters that goes across social and political lines,” Durbin said. “There’s no social or moral imperative to your team winning the Super Bowl or the NBA championship.” In an academic journal titled Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, researchers analyzed the rhetoric used by mainstream news outlets when covering the 2014 Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, Mo. The journal predominantly found language referring to the lawless nature of the protests, as well as inflammatory quotes from police and an emphasis on the violence that ensued. On the morning of Super Bowl LII, the city of Philadelphia took to the streets in anticipation of celebrating who would become the 2018 NFL champion Eagles. It wasn’t the typical procedure of putting up barricades or cleaning the streets for fans — city employees coated light poles with hydraulic fluid to prevent celebrators from climbing them.  For comparison, 20 people were arrested in San Francisco last Tuesday for violating curfew, and in the last nine days, Chicago has seen more than 2,500 arrests related to civil unrest. last_img read more


first_imgDonegal Ice Road Trekkers are go! Pic Paul DohertyPIX PAUL DOHERTY IN ALASKA: Just setting off now on our journey Southbound. We will be out of coverage for 2 days again.This is an amazing place and we feel very privileged to be here..We spoke to a few Truckers this morning and they are expecting the journey back to be a lot tougher than the way up because of the weather and extra traffic. We are delighted to say that we have successfully travelled from the most northerly point of Ireland to the most northerly point of America!!On Saturday morning we got up at 6am to prepare the jeep for the long journey, we had planned to have it prepared from the day before however with the bags arriving so late we were unable to. After a few hours getting prepared we set off to meet Jon Norton, of Carlile Transport which is the Ice Road Truckers is based on, where he gave us a run down on the Dalton Highway and on CB radio etiquette and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him.After leaving Carlile transport we headed off on the long journey ahead… We initially had a 83 mile drive on the Elliot Highway to the beginning of the Dalton which we could only describe as ‘a real handy road’ in comparison to what we were about to face! As we began driving the Dalton Highway we noticed it clear from snow at the beginning but still very rough gravel which is caused by the wheel chains of the trucks digging into the road, this soon changed and we had a mixture of snow and ice to contend with.The road itself has some very dangerous hills/corners/cliffs along the way but the real danger lays in meeting oncoming Trucks; Before reaching any corner of hill you MUST radio ahead and let the other drivers know we are on the road and visa versa… this took us a while to get used to but the Truckers here are like a big family and all look out for each other and people like us who are known as ‘4 Wheelers’. Driving on up the road we came on the Yukon River which was covered in a 4ft Ice sheet which allowed us to drive over without any major problems, there was a bridge there too but we thought it would be better craic to take the old road! On doing this Paul walked up onto the bridge to Photograph and Video the jeep and while he was up there he was immediately surrounded by Dalton Highway Security and was almost arrested for walking on the bridge but Paul said straight after “I would do it again, that was some picture!”. Overall driving across the Yukon River was an unbelievable experience!Further up the road after a few ‘hairy’ moments we arrived at Coldfoot where we would be staying the night. This was far from the quality hotels we have in Donegal but it did the job for a nights rest and a bite to eat.Up early on Sunday morning we refuel, leave Coldfoot and drive to a small town called ‘Wiseman’, which Denis thinks was named after him! After this we drove on, meeting some very interesting characters along the way, driving by some wonderful scenery. The next big challenge is known as Chandalars Shelf along Mt Snowden which is 5700ft above sea level, this extremely dangerous part of the journey was drove by Leslie who kept his nerve and keep cool throughout. After this we had another big challenge, possibly the biggest challenge of the entire road, was the Atigun Pass… the highest point the road crosses 4800ft and it was basically like driving up and over a mountain. This task took Denis who was driving and Leslie, on the CB, full attention as the constant danger of driving on snow and ice with massive cliffs along the road. Needless to say we stopped at the highest point and had lunch which not only kept us fed but also nearly froze us!!From there on we drove along the Tundra… this we can only describe as being like a snow desert, there was literally nothing but flat land covered in +10ft of snow.. this became very windy and blew the snow off the road and left it with a sheet of pure Ice, stopping on this road was next impossible but the skillful driving of both Denis and Leslie ensured we stayed on the road…. most of the time!Arriving at Prudoe bay for sunset in -30 temperatures and finally getting phone coverage back is great and thanks to everyone who messaged and gave us well wishes on Facebook. Tonight we will be watching the Northern Lights for and getting a good nights sleep before the long and challenging drive back down the road. Wish us luck for the journey Southbound…And don’t forget what this is all about. See below: DONEGAL ICE ROAD TREKKERS UPDATE – WE’RE ON OUR WAY WITH THE NORTHERN LIGHTS ABOVE US was last modified: April 1st, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:DONEGAL ICE ROAD TREKKERS UPDATE – WE’RE ON OUR WAY WITH THE NORTHERN LIGHTS ABOVE USlast_img read more