Customers asked to call CVPS if power still out

first_imgOver 500 workers continued to work to restore power to the last 300 CVPS customers in Windham County Thursday morning.”We made good progress Wednesday, and with the light so visible at the end of the tunnel, we’re giving it all we’ve got yet again today,” said spokeswoman Christine Rivers. “Each repair is still coming slow, as crews continue to spend hours to restore power one or two customers at a time, but we expect every customer outage we are aware of to be restored by late tonight. Thus we encourage customers still without power to call 1-800-451-2877.”At daybreak Thursday, more than 75 contract lines crews were working with 40 CVPS line crews, 50 tree crews and hundreds of support staff to wrap up the $3 million restoration effort that began Friday.”This has been a long but amazing restoration effort. The ice and tree damage we’ve seen in Windsor and especially Windham County rivals anything we’ve seen in our service territory. And we could not have done this without the invaluable coordination and support of dozens of utilities and local businesses, and federal, state and local officials,” said CVPS President Bob Young. “We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support we’ve seen from the customers, communities and businesses we serve. I cannot put into words how much we appreciate everyone’s efforts, patience and selflessness to restore normalcy to our customers. I also want to thank our employees, who have devoted themselves to customers while putting their own lives on hold.”CVPS estimates that it has resolved more than 1,200 separate problems on its system this week, in some cases rebuilding sections that were destroyed within Orange, Windsor and Windham counties. Over 80 poles were broken – more than 50 of those in Windham County alone, and thousands of trees brought down hundreds of lines.PLEASE CALLCVPS asked customers who are still without power as of 8 a.m. today to contact the company at 1-800-451-2877. Due to the extent of the damage in some areas that are affecting only single and small groups of customers, some without power may not be listed in the outage management system. As restoration efforts draw toward an end, the company wants to assure that no one is left without power.If customers see that others in their neighborhood have power, but they do not, CVPS asks that those customers switch their breakers off and on to assure the problem is not localized inside their home.The company also reminded customers that while service lines or overhead wires that run from a pole to a house or business are the utility’s responsibility, the service cable that runs along the side of the house is the customer’s responsibility.If those service cables are damaged, customers should contact an electrician. The service bracket that attaches the service line to the house is generally maintained by CVPS. However, the weather head, attached to the service cable, which prevents water damage to the wiring, is maintained by the customer’s electrician.last_img read more

Three ways to improve your members’ overdraft experience

first_imgIn both good times and bad times, consumers expect their financial institution to safeguard their best interests. This is especially true when they are faced with expenses that exceed their balance or when they inadvertently make an error in balancing their accounts, which may lead to an overdraft. When it comes to providing your members with the tools and support they need to maintain their finances when emergencies or errors occur, are you directing your time and resources toward strategies that provide successful results—for them and your credit union?In a recent Gallup study, respondents indicated that having the relief they need to get through the current crisis, as well as on-going guidance and financial solutions, and easy access to those resources whenever and however needed are what they want most from their financial institution.Successfully providing reliable, convenient and safe financial services to your members is more challenging now as you juggle disruptions to in-person connections, coordinate socially distanced work environments and adjust business continuity plans amid growing uncertainty. But how you manage your service delivery strategy in order to respond to your members’ financial needs now can be pivotal to building ongoing, loyal relationships. Following are three ways you can restore your members’ financial security and provide improved services experiences as we work through the current situation and for the long-term.Transparency creates trust and long-term securityRegulators have made significant changes to overdraft rules to increase transparency and protect consumers from unclear disclosures and discriminatory practices. However, overdraft programs with variable limits, based on data points that are unknown by members, often lead to confusion.A fully transparent service—with established limits explained upfront and reviewed periodically—provides members with a consistent and reliable financial service to better deal with an occasional shortfall. There is no guesswork involved as to whether they have overdraft coverage and, more importantly, there aren’t any surprise fees.Higher levels of service lead to stronger relationshipsProviding a level of service which builds trust and leads to long-term relationships involves much more than determining where a member plots on a data matrix. Overdraft programs based solely on analytics and data lack personalized service and value. Parameters that limit access to a safety net for some—based on undisclosed account information—don’t consider other essential aspects of a person’s overall ability to repay. Overlooking this can result in a breach of trust and threaten member satisfaction and retention.Offering in-depth employee education provides your staff with on-going opportunities to gain a full understanding of how the program works and how to explain it easily. By helping them to gain confidence regarding the value of your program and giving them the tools they need to more effectively identify individual member needs and present information on the options you offer, you will empower your employees to build much stronger member relationships and experience more job satisfaction.A written compliance guarantee protects members and your credit unionIf an overdraft provider doesn’t offer a written compliance guarantee, along with access to ongoing regulatory expertise and advice on compliance issues, they likely won’t be standing by your side if there are ever questions about your practices.When compliance is a top priority, it means the provider has the expertise and resources to keep track of the latest regulatory expectations and identify potential areas of concern before they hit your radar. What’s more, they will put those resources to work to help you incorporate the necessary process and procedural changes to address any issues that might be problematic.Commitment to best practices and personalized service is key to program successNo amount of automation or AI-driven technology will bring back members if they lose trust in your credit union. Make sure you offer an overdraft service that truly provides the reliability of a safety net your members can depend on when they have occasional short-term needs. This strategy will also offer protection from regulatory and legal risks, and provide sustainable service and revenue. 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mark Roe Prior to joining JMFA, Mark was a sales manager in the Texas market for a major bank with headquarters on the West coast. His experience also includes managing the accounting, … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Extra capacity to Richards Bay at lower cost

first_imgINTRO: Spoornet’s coal exports are set to grow – if costs are cut to beat competition. While extra substations are going in, the target of 65 million tonnes a year will mainly be achieved through more efficient operationsBYLINE: Philip van HeerdenSenior Manager (Planning)SpoornetBYLINE: Dave BudlerSenior Manager (Strategic Planning)Excoal, SpoornetSOUTH AFRICA’S premier coal export line serving the purpose built deep water port at Richards Bay was inaugurated on April 1 1976. At the time construction of the line was authorised in 1971, it formed part of a plan to ship 109 million tonnes of coal from the Witbank mines over a 12 year period.Design capacity at opening was 21million tonnes a year. Diesel operation had been envisaged for the first few years, but electrification was brought forward as a result of the 1973 oil crisis and completed soon after the line opened. Over the intervening period, successive stages of upgrading have taken place to increase capacity, and 58·3 million tonnes was hauled in 1995. In 1996 the tonnage of coal moved fell slightly to 58·1million. The current target for 1997 is 62 million tonnes.Heavy haul on narrow gaugeThe Richards Bay line forms part of Spoornet’s 1065mm gauge national network, but qualifies as a heavy haul line in its own right. It is the increased worldwide demand for steam coal that has driven up throughput, requiring continual increases in capacity.The challenge facing Spoornet’s planners is to anticipate how the demand for capacity is going to change in future, so that management can implement timely adjustments while taking into account the long life of capital assets.In a highly competitive market for coal, high tonnages will only be sustained if transport costs are reduced, so any further increase in capacity has to minimise investment in new infrastructure and rolling stock. The answer lies in tightening up operations.Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) is the company which owns and operates the coal terminal at the port; its shareholders are the coal mining groups. RBCT co-ordinates the tonnage exported through the terminal from the various mines in the group in accordance with the particular RBCT shareholder’s entitlement.The mines load the trains, generally by means of rapid loaders, although low volume mines use front-end loaders and similar equipment. RBCT is responsible for unloading the trains at the port using rotary dumpers, with the wagons still coupled.The present understanding is that Spoornet should be capable of handling a maximum of 65million tonnes a year, but the actual annual capacity which RBCT requires is negotiated a year in advance. This arrangement, though necessary for practical reasons, causes some difficulties for both parties.The RBCT shareholders need to conclude their contracts in advance and to anticipate market opportunities. Ideally, they want to ship coal to the port at short notice according to demand. On the other hand, Spoornet requires a regular flow of traffic for maximum utilisation of its capital-intensive assets. To acquire additional rolling stock or change the railway infrastructure requires long lead times. RBCT shareholders suffer financially if they do not fulfil their contractual supply obligations, or lose opportunities because they cannot respond quickly to new market demands. Spoornet faces additional costs if it over-capitalises, and cannot generate adequate returns over the long investment life of its assets, typically 30 years.Because of the long lead time to increase railway capacity (both in terms of infrastructure and rolling stock), Spoornet’s planners must look beyond the current understanding with the mine owners, and need a long-term perspective. This means understanding the long-term world demand for coal, and its price; the extent of economically mineable South African reserves; and the role of rail transport in the supply chain.Present capacityThe coal line runs from Blackhill (the furthest mine) to the coal terminal in Richards Bay, a distance of 580 km. The sections from Vryheid to Richards Bay (212 km) and Ermelo to Broodsnyersplaas (93 km) were newly constructed in 1971-76, with heavy upgrading to ease gradients and curvature between Ermelo and Vryheid. Because there was already 3 kV DC electrification in the area, the Blackhill – Ermelo section is at this voltage. From Ermelo to Richards Bay 25 kV 50Hz AC is used. This was the first application of 25 kV AC electrification in South Africa, although the new Sishen to Saldahna Bay iron ore line was being electrified at 50 kV at about the same time.Initially, coal was transported in wagons with a payload of 58 tonnes and an axleload of 20 tonnes. As the line was upgraded, wagons with an axleload of 26 tonnes and a payload of 84 tonnes were introduced to reduce unit costs.Over the DC section between Blackhill and Ermelo, trains are run in lengths of 100 wagons, but over the AC section from Ermelo to Richards Bay they are combined into 200 wagon lengths.Between Ermelo and Richards Bay, the minimum headway is 30min which equates to a theoretical maximum of 48 trains per day in each direction. Presently, some 11 to 12 loaded coal trains of 200 wagons are run daily, together with a further 12 trains of general traffic – half the theoretical maximum. Allowing for paths lost due to track maintenance, malfunctions and operating delays, sufficient reserve capacity remains to meet anticipated increases in coal export tonnage.Between Blackhill and Ermelo a similar situation exists in that there is no immediate requirement for an increase in line capacity.Extra powerFour new AC substations are being installed which will increase overhead line capacity on the Ermelo – Richards Bay section to about 72million tonnes a year during the course of 1997. The sites for the substations, with a combined rating of 80 MW, were selected after careful analysis in order to limit investment to essential requirements only.Because of the large incremental increases which new substations provide, the target of 65million tonnes a year required in terms of Spoornet’s obligation was unavoidably exceeded. Additional DC substations were installed on the Blackhill – Ermelo section during 1996, giving a capacity slightly in excess of 65million tonnes a year.Locos and wagonsThe locomotive fleet comprises AC units from Class 11E (3900 kW), Class 7E-1 (3000 kW) and Class 7E-3 (3000 kW). Class 10E-1 locos of 3090 kW are used on the DC section. The capacity of the combined fleet meets the 65million tonnes a year requirement.CCL and CCR wagons are used for coal exports; CCR denotes a braking system upgrade. The earlier CCL-1 and CCL-3 types were designed for 20 tonne axleloads and are known collectively as ’smalls’; they are now used at mines with axleload limitations, and can be redeployed for domestic coal traffic as the Richards Bay fleet is augmented with newer rolling stock. Later designs (CCL/CCR-5 to CCL/CCR-9) with an increased payload and a 26 tonne axleload are known collectively as ’jumbos’. New coal wagons are exclusively of this type to reduce unit transportation costs. The capacity of the current export fleet is 61 to 62million tonnes a year, which can accommodate peaks in the presently-agreed export tempo. Further capacity increases can be provided either by building more wagons, or decreasing the current average turnaround time of the fleet.Predicting future capacityInvestments in railway infrastructure and rolling stock need to be governed by two primary considerations:last_img read more

10″14″16″18″20″22″ 110g-160g Hair Extensions Blonde – Thin and ratty at the ends :( but not bad quality aside from that

first_imgSlender and ratty at the finishes 🙁 but not negative top quality aside from that. These are fantastic nonetheless if you have thick hair i would opt for distinctive extensions, these are not double drawn and regardless of the description indicating they do not slender out at the ends, they absolutely do. The finishes of all the wefts put alongside one another likely are not even as thick as the major of a 2 clip weft, this is a shame as other than that these are rather excellent extensions, i acquired mine in #60 platinum blonde which when it arrived i was a minimal let down by how golden they were being instead than silvery platinum, even so just a person clean with some touch of silver shampoo got them to a a wonderful ashy silvery blonde. I then proceeded to dye them turquoise with la riche instructions to match them to my personal hair, they have absorbed the dye perfectly and evenly so the hair is of excellent good quality even though the finishes are nevertheless skinny and ratty, these would be better for all those who want extra thickness in their hair than length, but for the rate i’m pretty joyful with them as ordinarily this total of human hair would charge a great deal extra. I will update this assessment in a month once i have worn them a lot more and used my straighteners and curlers on them and see how they maintain up, but personally i would not invest in these once again just due to the fact of how a lot they slender out at the close.Awesome hair im so impressed ideal match much too 1 delighted. Incredible hair im so impressed fantastic match as well a single pleased lady thank you. Will definitely be buying yet again in the long run.Features of 10″14″16″18″20″22″ 110g-160g Hair Extensions Blonde – Grade 7A – Clip In Remy Human Hair Full Head Double Wefts 8pcs 18Clips (16″-130g, #60 Platinum Blonde)Extension Hair Type: 100% Remy Human Hair, Top AAAAAAA, soft and silky, tangle free8 Piece 18 Clips: – These extensions can be clipped-in or out in minutes and are practically invisible, hygienic, reusable, and do not give any kind of allergy o harm to your natural hair, easy to put on and take off when you want.Usage: Can be curled, straightened, tonged, washed; Hair Life: 3-12 Months (depending on care and usage)To stretch the hair of the entire head,usually we need 100g-160g of hair, Our human hair extension is of standard proportion, which is similar with natural hair. Just a set, you could get a full volume.Double Wefts: extra-thick and attractive, they will give you a full and stylish look in seconds, two wefts sewn together leading to higher density of hair extension when most of the sellers offer standard weft which is much thin.My close friend truly loves these, and has not stopped wearing. My friend actually loves these,and has not stopped carrying them. They arrived earlier than envisioned to.I have obtained hair extensions from areas just before and these are by considerably the very best. Would a hundred% propose and invest in all over again. They arrived on time, i have purchased hair extensions from areas prior to and these are by far the greatest. Would 100% suggest and obtain again.Quickly supply and wonderful color match.I have obtained hair extensions from areas just before and these are by considerably the very best. Would a hundred% propose and invest in all over again. They arrived on time, i have purchased hair extensions from areas prior to and these are by far the greatest. Would 100% suggest and obtain again.Great quality and price for money.Really delighted amazing quality rapid service. Matched up hair perfectly even for the to start with time. Obtaining additional upcoming week many thanks x.I usually need two bins of extensions, but with this i wanted just a person. Purchased 18′ platinum blonde. Came following day supply as for each amazon prime. Effectively packaged, no harm for the duration of transit. Color as advertised, extra hair than i was anticipating. No obvious challenges with hair. Has been straightened/curled with relieve. Lovely hair, would get yet again.Buy for a longer period than you believe you need to have and 2 packs if your introducing length to thick hair. I purchased these as i am hoping to grow my hair. I’d a short while ago had keratin bonded russian hair extensions taken out and wished a thing a little little bit more cost-effective. These would be fine if you have pretty skinny hair. My hair is thick and it is really seriously challenging to blend in. I almost certainly have to have 2 packs to match the thickness of my keratin bonded ones. Also i requested 18in but dropped several inches cutting the wispy finishes into a much better model and extra blunt finishes. The color was great and the hair is smooth and silky. My assistance woudl be get two-4inches longer than you assume you want and two packs if you have thick hair and you want to include length. They would be fantastic just to include additional volume.Accurately what i expected:) brill.Awesome hair im so impressed ideal match much too 1 delighted. Incredible hair im so impressed fantastic match as well a single pleased lady thank you. Will definitely be buying yet again in the long run.I appreciate these i cut my hair off to a pixie a yr in the past now and i acquired to that awful phase ended up my hair was all diffrent lengths i was concerned about getting extensions as i thought my hair wouldnt blend but these are fab superior thickness tremendous smooth and arrived the upcoming working day. . I ordered two a lot for thickness at the bottom as i have no duration but if you just want quantity a person established is plenty of.These hair extensions are the good excellent. The similar good quality as you would get from hair extension outlets. A different bonus is they previously have the clips sewn on. Which if you acquired from the store you would pay one more £40 on top rated just for some with clips. The only issue i can complain about is they are extremely slender. As you can see in the picture i have uploaded they are extremely slim. I was hoping they would be a very little thicker so if you your hair is on the thick aspect i would say to get two packs. Which is what i will do in the long term.Obtained these two days immediately after purchased so shipping and delivery was fantastic. I put on a large amount of extensions and have tried lots of unique manufacturers and forms. I do commonly like to buy my hair from a store so i can truly feel it and make sure it truly is great and thick, and it typically costs me close to £120. I have shoulder duration hair and it is really very slim, so 1 pack of these the place enough for me. The hair is beautiful and thick, and super smooth. I’ve curled it, straightened it, crimped it and they are nonetheless in ideal issue. As a standard hair purchaser and the most difficult consumer to remember to, these are a brilliant invest in.I was a bit fearful about obtaining these cause of reading some of the testimonials but i certainly enjoy these. I’ve really thick hair n these the place perfect i only have to have a single established to do it. And when i say my hairs thick i suggest suitable thick. When washing the extensions n crying em they came out the exact same conquer established ive ever acquired.These are the best extensions at any time. Its my 5th time buying them. I propose to get two packs if your hair is thick mainly because itll give you a beautiful head of hair.I utilized all the wefts in each packs apart from for the solitary wefts. I like these extensions sooooooo significantly i am hardly ever getting any other extensions other then these. I not too long ago highlighted my hair a caramel colour and they go great with my hair.These are the best extensions at any time. Its my 5th time buying them. I propose to get two packs if your hair is thick mainly because itll give you a beautiful head of hair.I utilized all the wefts in each packs apart from for the solitary wefts. I like these extensions sooooooo significantly i am hardly ever getting any other extensions other then these. I not too long ago highlighted my hair a caramel colour and they go great with my hair.This was truthfully the greatest matter i have at any time acquired, came in early and it can be so thick. I am hoping to acquire yet another established quickly. And i toned it to silver and it arrived out terrific.I’m definietly recommending these.Accurately what i expected:) brill. Arrived rapid and very great. Color matched my hair effectively and only have to have. Arrived swift and extremely great. Colour matched my hair effectively and only need to have the one set with my hair becoming thick.Best colour match to my very own hair. Just supplied it a ‘quick try’, and i are not able to quit stroking and taking part in with my new hair ? will definatley reorder yet again in the long run ??.Extremely lovely hair inexpensive and cheerful x.I’m delighted with them and I won’t be ordering extensions from I have purchased hair extensions from places before and these are by far the best. Would 100% recommend and buy againI usually need 2 boxes of extensions, but with this I needed just onelast_img read more

Monitoring monsoon deficits, current estimates don’t give cause for concern, says Agriculture Minister

first_imgWith monsoon rains making tardy progress, which has led to delayed kharif crop sowing and left large parts of southern and western India in the grip of extreme water scarcity, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said the government was keeping a close watch on the situation.“I agree that drought is a cause for concern. It is not new for India,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “Right now, the current estimates do not indicate reasons for concern… the government is prepared and the Ministry is keeping a close watch. We are concerned. By God’s grace, such a situation will not arise.”One month after the scheduled onset of the monsoon, there is a 32% rainfall deficit and kharif sowing of foodgrains has barely reached two-thirds of the normal acreage covered by this time. As of June 28, farmers had sown rice, pulses, coarse cereals and oilseeds on 63 lakh hectares of land; the average coverage for the corresponding period over the last five years was almost 97 lakh hectares.The biggest lags are seen in the sowing of pulses and oilseeds — which are dry land crops almost entirely dependent on monsoon rains — in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. If the rains pick up in July, as forecast by the Indian Meteorological Department, sowing is also expected to gather momentum.The Centre’s announcement of minimum support prices for kharif crops — ideally done before sowing starts so that farmers can make crop decisions based on expected prices — has also been delayed this year. “It is later than usual, mostly due to elections,” Agriculture Secretary Sanjay Agarwal told The Hindu. “Decisions could not be taken while the code of conduct was in place.” He also indicated that farmers could expect the MSPs to rise, as the cost of production had gone up in comparison to last year. “MSPs were one-and-a-half times the cost of production last year. That should be maintained,” he said.Apart from land-owning farmers, agricultural workers and rural labourers have also been hit hard by the delay in the monsoon. Facing the spectre of drought, more workers are dependent on work provided by the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme. “Every day, about a crore labourers are coming for MGNREGA work,” a senior official from the Rural Development Ministry said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Usually, in the first three months of the year [April-June], we give about 75 crore man-days of work. This year, it is more than 83 crore,” the official said, indicating that funds were tight due to the increased demand for work. “This is all because of the delayed monsoon. Once agricultural work begins, the demand will be contained a bit.”last_img read more