US, Portuguese Defence Leaders Talk Cooperation

first_img US, Portuguese Defence Leaders Talk Cooperation View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Navy View post tag: Portuguese View post tag: talk April 1, 2014 Back to overview,Home naval-today US, Portuguese Defence Leaders Talk Cooperation View post tag: US View post tag: Defence View post tag: Naval View post tag: leaders View post tag: Cooperation Authorities U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel welcomed yesterday Portuguese Minister of Defense Jose Pedro Aguiar-Branco to the Pentagon, and expressed to the minister his appreciation for Portugal’s many contributions to international security, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said in a Defense Department news release. The secretary specifically thanked Portugal for supporting NATO’s Baltic Air Policing rotation later this year, and Portugal’s support in combating piracy and maritime crime in the Gulf of Aden and off Somalia, Kirby said in the release.Kirby said Hagel also thanked Aguiar-Branco for Portugal’s hospitality towards U.S. airmen at Lajes Field.The two leaders “discussed the situation in Ukraine and reaffirmed both nations’ steadfast commitment to our collective defense obligations,” Kirby said.Both men, he said, agreed on the need for Russia to begin discussions with the Ukrainian government, as diplomacy remains the only acceptable means of resolving this crisis.“Secretary Hagel looks forward to seeing Minister Aguiar-Branco at the NATO Summit in Wales, this September,” Kirby said in the release.[mappress]Press Release, April 1, 2014, Image: US DoD View post tag: Defense Share this articlelast_img read more

Keble students boycott hall food over rise in prices

first_imgKeble also directed Cherwell to an article by The Tab which praises Keble’s food provisions to quarantining students, based on a student’s TikToks of her meal deliveries, in which the student compliments her roast chicken and cheesecake.  Some of those affected by the rises have written an open letter of their concerns, as well as asking fellow students to boycott hall food until college administration agrees to reduce food prices to what they had been previously, as well as giving students the option to opt out of extras such as desserts. The open letter has so far been signed by over 100 students. It says that meal prices were advertised at a lower rate than reality, which “put many students at a disadvantage and has put a burden on those students who have budgeted in accordance with the cheaper food prices advertised.” Undergraduate students at Keble College have launched a campaign to lower the cost of hall meals. They claim that the price of a standard dinner meal has almost doubled since last year, rising from £3.80 to £6.75 and that two course dinners have been made mandatory.  Individual student rooms at Keble do not have cooking facilities, which makes hall a primary food option. He said the college explained the price increase with the JCR’s request last year to source food more sustainably. Image credit: David Iliff/ Wikimedia Commons Keble College told Cherwell: “The Covid crisis has meant we’ve had to change radically the way we prepare and deliver meals in order to protect staff and students. This has involved significant additional costs which are not reflected in meal charges.  On top of this, food costs are continuing to rise.  The global pandemic has impacted demand, supply and pricing across many commodities. center_img Theo Sergiou, a second year PPE student at Keble, told Cherwell that the boycott is a “financial necessity” and says that Oxford alumni have gotten in touch with their support. The boycott is planned to continue until Monday. After pressure from students, Keble has since decided to remove dessert from the compulsory meal, reducing the price to £4.75. The college has also agreed to discuss further with the JCR about prices.  Sergiou said: “If the local independent kebab house can survive COVID without burdening students, college should have no reason to rely on their students to relieve them of their difficulties…We do not think college is doing this on purpose, nor do I believe they are conscious of their exclusion, however, this doesn’t change the effect it is having.” “Costs have been affected by, among other factors: Turbulent currencies, Product shortages, High price increases, Labour shortages, Weather conditions (a very hot and dry summer globally, impacting on harvests), Avian flu (pushing prices on poultry and egg, when flocks have to be culled), Salmon anaemia, and African Swine Fever in pigs from Germany (Europe’s largest pork producer).” They continued: “Students also have access to our café in the H B Allen Centre where freshly made Paninis are £2.40, Baguettes £2.50  and Pizza Margherita, 12“ is £5.00, with extra toppings at £0.40.” Keble College told Cherwell that “the suggestion that we have materially increased food prices is simply wrong”. They stated that the average cost of a lunch in 2019/2020 was £4.00, and the average cost of a three-course dinner was £7.80.last_img read more

IHSAA postpones Boys Basketball tournament

first_img Twitter Facebook IHSAA postpones Boys Basketball tournament Pinterest Google+ Pinterest Previous articleMasters Golf Tournament postponed due to COVID-19Next articleBerrien County ceases all non-criminal fingerprinting Tommie Lee WhatsApp CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend MarketSports Twitter By Batistaya (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons The Indiana High School Athletic Association has postponed the state’s Boys Basketball Regional Tournaments.Commissioner Bobby Cox made the announcement Friday afternoon.Saturday’s girls gymnastics state finals in Muncie, however, will continue as scheduled with no spectators in attendance.You can read the official statement here. Facebook WhatsApp Google+ By Tommie Lee – March 13, 2020 0 321 last_img read more

PREPA’s history taints its drive to privatize

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享The Intercept:If you happen to take tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry, the economics of phasing out fossil fuels in Puerto Rico look fairly straightforward. There aren’t any fossil fuel reserves on the island to be mined, meaning that all traditional fuels need to be shipped there. Currently, Puerto Rico gets about 90 percent of its fuel from costly imported oil, having spent $27.7 billion on it between 2002 and 2017 — in some years, as much as 61 percent of its yearly operating budget. Renewable energy can be produced locally, and the island is particularly well-equipped to produce high-quality wind and solar power. One report estimates that Puerto Rico could get 40 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2028.PREPA’s acquisition of fossil fuels has also been wrought with corruption. A recent study from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis finds that PREPA’s Fuel Office arranged through a series of doctored lab tests to pay premium prices for low-quality fuel for as long as the last three decades. The report’s authors argue, as well, that this kind of chronic mismanagement when it comes to contracting is unaddressed in the bill authorizing PREPA’s privatization, passed through the island’s legislature and signed by the governor in June.The proposed privatization would, in fact, see PREPA strike more deals with private contractors, not less, as they bid to take over different pieces of the island’s energy grid. Bishop, who oversaw yesterday’s hearing, this spring suggested turning Puerto Rico into an “energy hub” for the Caribbean, a base from which U.S.-based fossil fuel companies could ship imported natural gas out to the region. He said as well that he had been in conversations with oil and gas companies about the idea.“They want to keep Puerto Rico energy dependent as an energy market for fuels, instead of promoting energy self-sufficiency for the island. I think that’s the main struggle,” Arturo Massol told me of Congress’s designs for the island. “It’s not so much if it’s public or private. It’s a matter of being energy self-sufficient or fossil fuel-dependent.”Massol is the director of an organization called Casa Pueblo, based out of its titular pink house in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. They were an early adopter of solar power on the island, first installing panels onto their headquarters in the late 1990s. After Maria, those same panels meant that Casa Pueblo was one of the only places in the area with power — an “energy oasis,” as Massol calls it.“The conversation has completely shifted” on solar after the storm, he said. In an effort to spread decentralized renewables around the island, Casa Pueblo is trying to proliferate energy oases and has hosted several workshops on how to install your own solar arrays. Massol said they “fill up in 24 hours every time we do it. … People see solar power now as a way to modernize and move forward. They know the quality of life can improve through it.”The group has installed solar systems at two hardware stores, one barber shop and several corner stores that activists hope will serve as a power oasis where people can charge their phones and store medications during a storm if needed.Seeing that excitement and the transformed conservation around energy in Puerto Rico has made him still more leery of how decisions about its future are being made. “The country has to define the role of PREPA. PREPA shouldn’t be deciding what Puerto Rico’s energy landscape is going to look like,” he added, explaining the importance of making it easier to generate power at the point of production, rather than running it through costly transmission lines that are vulnerable to heavy weather. “The idea is not to disappear all the power plants that are already built. But we need to invest in what is missing, and what is missing is clean energy power generation in Puerto Rico.”Energy sourcing is just one of many challenges facing PREPA, the island’s monopoly public power provider. The utility has suffered from years of disinvestment that became apparent after Hurricane Maria battered the island and its electricity infrastructure, which still hasn’t been fully repaired. PREPA currently sits in about $9 billion in debt, part of the at least $74 billion that the island is now saddled with and that the Washington-appointed fiscal control board is tasked with reigning in. The utility has shuffled through three separate directors in the last several weeks, with five out of six board members resigning at one point after Gov. Ricardo Rosselló urged them to rein in short-lived director Rafael Diaz-Granados’s $750,000 salary following public outcry.In keeping with other privatization efforts in sectors like education and transportation, federal authorities and politicians on the island have, since before Maria hit, been keen to privatize PREPA, ostensibly to correct for persistent mismanagement and the slow pace of recovery. Yet while there’s a virtual consensus on the island that PREPA is in need of serious reforms, many doubt that selling it off — especially to fossil fuel interests — will improve matters.It’s not as if PREPA is completely public as is. About 30 percent of its power generation capacity comes from two privately owned plants, and PREPA management have awarded generous contracts out to private contractors post-Maria — most infamously a $300 million deal with the novice Montana-based firm Whitefish Energy.“PREPA’s past history of contracting scandals kind of taints the credibility of what they say they’re trying to do with this privatization,” report co-author and IEEFA Energy Analyst Cathy Kunkel told me. “A very large amount of money has been extracted through these contracts, stolen really.  If you are going to do a privatization that is basically just a series of more contracts — and do that without reforming in a serious way the contracting processes and the failures that have already happened — why is that going to result in anything that’s any better for the consumers?”More: House Republicans Deeply Confused About Why Puerto Rico Might Benefit From Win and Solar Power PREPA’s history taints its drive to privatizelast_img read more

5 ways to lose your audience

first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Dana Dobson Dana Dobson is an award-winning public relations expert, keynote speaker and author of, “How to Reach Millions with Artful PR.” Over her 30-year career, she has developed winning PR and … Web: Details Has your credit union’s appeal to large audiences been trailing off lately? Are you getting fewer and fewer “likes” or “shares” on your content — none, maybe? We can blame changing algorithms, insufficient SEO, and the ever increasing shrieking noise of the online marketplace. But if your sales have been flat since Q1 2018, then consider something else — you, yourself may be to blame.There are lots of ways to attract an audience, but there are even more ways to drive them off. I call them “audience repellents.” Here are five that I see most often with credit unions:1. Bragging and Humble BraggingWhereas, “bragging” is a self-inflicted wound, and “humble bragging” is pouring lemon juice on it.We don’t like braggarts at a cocktail party, so it stands to reason we don’t like a business braggart, either. Humble bragging is bragging online about your credit union’s accomplishments, but pretending to be modest while you’re doing it.A business humble brag usually starts with the words, “We’re just thrilled to announce that…,” Or, “We’re so humble and honored to have…” We all like attention for our business achievements, but when bragging is the main substance of almost all of your public interaction, and you feel you have to brag to get people to notice you, you become repellent in the minds of your audience.I don’t think perpetual braggers are deliberately trying to turn people off. You might think that your audiences will be impressed and even love you more. But actually, the opposite is true!There is a Harvard business study that proves that people dislike and lose respect for companies and individuals who brag, and especially who humble brag. So, lighten up on bragging and opt for achieving “3rd party credibility.” People believe what other people say about you, not what you say about yourself. Send out a press release so that the media can make your announcement. If you’ve won an award from an entity, let the entity make the announcement on your behalf. Hide it on your website somewhere.Just resist the urge to run out into the town square and shout, “Look at me! Look at me!”2. Failure to Connect and EngageYou can visit many financial institution social media business pages, websites and posts and see nothing but brags and self-serving sales messages, as if social media itself was created just so marketers could advertise for free. You will also observe that there’s not much of an audience there, either.To attract an audience, you need to make the bulk of your communications strategy about delivering the information they want, not what you want. If someone’s not interested in you as an organization or as a solo professional, they certainly won’t care about your sales agenda.3. Failure to Understand Your AudienceI learned this the hard way, back when we were trying to make our rock band famous. More often than not, in order to pay the rent, we had to play gigs to please audiences who were more into hearing Top 40 music than any of my original tunes.Once we were booked as an opening act for David Brenner, and his audience comprised the blue hair casino crowd who lived for Frank Sinatra and yelled “turn it down!” when their grandkids had the radio on.Anxious to show off on a big stage, my band played mostly our original rock tunes. After each one, all we got were golf claps. But when we played “The Rose” at the end, back then a top-of-the-charts ballad, we got a standing ovation.There’s something to be said for “givin’ ’em what they want.”3. Giving Up too SoonIt takes time, and lots of repetition, to get people to notice you. Unless, of course, you’ve just landed a jet in the Hudson River without killing anyone.And by time, I mean months, even years. There was a saying long ago: “Just when you’re getting sick of your own messaging is when people start paying attention.”Keep your communications frequent, relevant to your audience and consistently value-driven.4. Your Website Isn’t Media FriendlyNever forget that the “media” is one of your most important audiences. The people most likely to tell others about you and give you mass exposure are journalists, editors, TV producers, radio talk show hosts, podcast hosts, and thousands of bloggers. They’re always looking for experts to interview.To research your credit union and judge whether you’re credible, they’ll look at your website. If you don’t have an online pressroom providing the kind of information a journalist needs to do his/her job, they’ll probably blow you off. Either that, or they’ll search LinkedIn for your leadership’s LinkedIn profiles. No LinkedIn profiles?They will move on to another company or expert who has their act together. It wasn’t you.5. Failure to be Passionate about Your BrandAn audience-attracting credit union regularly expresses genuine passion for something greater than itself. Apple has a passion for beautiful design. Nike is passionate about athletes. Harley Davidson is passionate about freedom and adventure. Ben & Jerry’s passion is about the earth and the environment. Perhaps your credit union’s passion is about healthcare, law enforcement or a community.Get your positioning team back together and commit yourself heart and soul to ONE ideal you can stand behind. Your passion is a magnet for people who share your values, because it inspires trust and a sense of loyalty.A business without authentic passion resorts to humble bragging.I am thrilled and honored that you have read this post.last_img read more

All in the mine

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Govt to disburse Rp 2.4 million in aid for small and micro enterprises

first_imgAs a potential COVID-19 vaccine is in the making, Jokowi expressed optimism that the country’s economy would get better by early next year. Thus, he hoped micro enterprises could stay afloat until then.Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Minister Teten Masduki called for micro and small enterprises to actively register themselves to their local cooperative agency in order to receive the government aid.“We encourage small and micro enterprises that have not yet received any capital and investment banking to actively enroll in their nearby cooperative agency,” he said.Teten said the government had so far collected data on 17 million micro enterprises nationwide.Under the aid scheme, Rp 2.4 million in cash benefits would be transferred directly to a recipient’s bank account following a thorough data verification process. (trn)Topics : President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo announced on Wednesday that the government will disburse Rp 2.4 million (US$161) in cash aid to micro and small enterprises starting next week to support businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.“Starting next week, the government will disburse an emergency capital fund, or what is called productive presidential aid. It is worth Rp 2.4 million per person for 9.1 million vendors, micro and small enterprises,” Jokowi said on Wednesday.“We all know how the pandemic has hit hard not only the small [enterprises], but also medium and large [businesses].”last_img read more

Rare Mermaid Waters estate listed for a cool $8 million

first_img The property is well set up for water-based recreation.In another unusual bonus, the property overlooks canals on two sides which affords water views from every room.“There are balconies on either side of the house to make the most of those water views,” Mr Mian said. “The location is also ideal, with the Q Super Centre, Pacific Fair and the beach all a short drive away.”The 2434 sqm estate is being marketed by Amir Mian and Nat King, Amir Prestige Property Agents. Tennis court runs beside the water.A second pool was also filled in to make way for a vegetable garden and fruit orchard with more than 20 varieties including mangoes, guava and peach trees. “Although you’re in Mermaid Waters it feels more like being in Mount Tamborine,” Mr Mian said. Inside the main residence, French windows, marble floors and benchtops, and crisp white walls invoke the Hamptons style. The house at number 27 could be a guest retreat or accommodate extended family.The second residence — with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a study — is an ideal guesthouse, caretaker’s residence or to accommodate extended family.“It is a fully-fledged house in its own right,” Mr Mian said. “It is ideal for guests or multi-generational living arrangements.” The extensive grounds lend themselves to outdoor pursuits, including tennis, swimming and fishing, boating or jet ski use from the sandy beach. “The property makes a statement but it’s also built with family in mind,” Mr Mian said. “Between the gardens, the pool and tennis court, the set up really is brilliant.” 27, 29, 31 Cessnock Close, Mermaid Waters is listed for $8 million.The property is being sold by Tianwei Li, whose father Riyu Li founded Ridong Group. The developers are known for their involvement in luxury apartment project Jewel Residences in Surfers Paradise. The Li’s have made many improvements on the property over the past two years, including removing a wall which separated the house on number 27 to create a closer connection to the main house and grounds. The statement property includes two houses on three waterfront blocks.The words rare and unique get bandied about quite loosely when it comes to real estate.But that distinction is justified in the case of this grand two-house estate which occupies three waterfront blocks in the heart of Mermaid Waters. “The offering is unique,” said agent Amir Mian who is marketing 27, 29 and 31 Cessnock Close with a price tag of $8 million.“This is not just a home, it’s an estate. To find a statement property of this calibre in the centre of the city is rare.” Custom cafe-style seating is ideal for families.An expansive kitchen forms the heart of the home, branching off to multiple living areas including a formal lounge room with a cosy fireplace and custom cabinetry.An entertainment wing is generously appointed with a games room, bar, wine cellar and a home theatre with tiered leather seating and an 170-inch screen. “I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s like a gold class cinema experience,” said Mr Mian. The upper level is devoted to sleep and study with five ensuited bedrooms of hotel suite proportions. More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa7 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag1 day ago Chandeliers create a focal point in the dining area. Secret buyers of mega mansion revealed MORE: Clive Palmer snaps up prize beachfront mansionlast_img read more

EQUALITY? Dunedin father and daughter sentenced over incest

first_imgNZ Herald 25 January 2017Family First Comment: If consenting loving adults means equality and we should be ‘free to love’, then here’s an interesting statement by the judge …“Judge Kevin Phillips said it was very serious repeat offending which strikes at the heart of what the community would consider right and proper conduct.”Maybe now – but for how long?#slipperyslopeA Dunedin father and daughter have been ordered to stay away from each other for two years after being sentenced for incest for the second time.The pair – aged 37 and 23 – were last year convicted of incest for the second time after the discovery of the pair’s second child.At this morning’s sentencing, the father was sentenced to six months community detention and two years’ intensive supervision. The daughter was sentenced to two years of intensive supervision.The pair are not to associate during that time and the father is not come within 100km of Dunedin, and reside elsewhere in the South Island.Judge Kevin Phillips said it was “very serious repeat offending which strikes at the heart of what the community would consider right and proper conduct”.The offending came to light after police attended a domestic disturbance at the pair’s home in 2013 and found an infant at the residence which they suspected was fathered by the defendant.The pair were first convicted in 2012 after the birth of their first child.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Ronaldo, Messi tipped to retire at David Beckham’s Inter Miami

first_imgThe prospect of Cristiano Ronaldo playing alongside Lionel Messi might sound like a dream to many football fans, however it might be possible. That is according to MLS manager Adrian Heath, who believes that the pair could both end their careers at David Beckham’s new Inter Miami team. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been tipped to finish their careers at Inter Miami The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy midfielder has ambitious plans for his new franchise and Heath believes Beckham has the power to pair-up the long-term rivals. Minnesota United boss Heath told the Daily Mirror: ‘That would be incredible for football in the USA and if anyone has the global profile to make that dream a reality then it has to be David Beckham. “It may not happen just yet, but I can see Ronaldo following in the footsteps of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard playing in the MLS. “For Ronaldo and Messi, the two obvious destinations if they came to the MLS would be Los Angeles and Miami.’ Beckham has a strong relationship with Ronaldo, who at the age of 35 could potentially eye a new challenge outside of Europe before he retires. Promoted ContentBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?7 Facts About Black Holes That Will Blow Your Mind8 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks6 Incredibly Strange Facts About Hurricanes10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do6 Extreme Facts About HurricanesThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love With5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks8 Surprising Ways Drones Could Be Used In The FutureLook At Something Beautiful That Wasn’t Made By A Human Being Loading… center_img Barcelona superstar Messi has more time on his side at 32, but Heath believes both could be tempted by Beckham’s new venture. The pair have dominated European football for more than a decade, breaking many records and winning many trophies along the way. David Beckham’s Inter Miami team are set to compete in their first MLS campaign this season Read Also: Defiant Messi gives troubled Barca hope of UCL glory They also fought for personal honours as well, with Luka Modric the only player to break the Messi and Ronaldo stranglehold on the Ballon d’OR since 2008. For many years they were rivals on opposing sides as Real Madrid and Barcelona competed for league and European success. Should Beckham’s pulling power be enough to tempt the pair to join forces in Miami, it would put MLS defences on alert and create a dream attacking duo. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more