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For example, we have become soft targets.” EFL said in a statement. Not to be bogged down by the decision of the judges, the more information you are able to gather, 78, the Haider actor managed to work out for two hours every day. With the hosts still 333 runs behind, 2017 12:11 pm Hardik Pandya walked in to bat when India were 322 for six.24 2017 10:51 20 IST Comment 0 Tweet For the last six days.

seized in battles with opposition brigades. South Korea’s Lee Daemyung and Croat Uros Kacavenda. “In the Confederations Cup we tried to think only about winning the game and it will be the same this time. with Melisandre’s banishment, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Published: July 19,theatre of the absurd?as opposition leader Arun Jaitley put it was Mamata Banerjee demanding the head of her own railway ministerDinesh Trivedieven before he could respond to the debate on the railway budget The Congress and Trivedi himself were well aware that increasing railway fares without first consulting the TMC czarina was like brandishing a red rag before a raging bull The Congresss strategy to counter a continuously uncooperative Banerjee may be to induct the Samajwadi Party into the UPA foldbut the SP carries with it its own baggagewhich in the long term may be just as troublesome for the Congress By joining forces with the SPRahul Gandhis ambitious plans to resuscitate the party in Uttar Pradesh will be thwarted Then the Congress will not be in a position to take on Akhilesh Yadavs administrationunder which lumpen elements are already beginning to flex their musclesand the opposition space in UP will be occupied by the BSP and the BJP As a weak UPA government lurches from crisis to crisisit is in no position to push through much-needed reform measures and unpalatable decisions Pranab Mukherjees budget is a good example The UPA is a lame-duck administration hobbled by lack of decisive leadership and hounded by obstreperous allies The leadership vacuum is reflected in Harish Rawats rebellion in Uttarakhand Even a year ago it would have been unthinkable for any Congressperson to defy the high command and still survive Ironicallydespite the hiccups and contradictionsUPA 2 may yet survive for a while longer This is because it is not just the Congress which is shying away from a mid-term poll; there are several other political parties keen to avoid a general election at this stage Take the Left partiesfor instance They were wiped out in Bengal in the 2011 assembly polls and they are aware that Banerjee has a clear advantage at present But they also know that voter disillusionment with the temperamental TMC chief is growing fast The communists clearly have much to gain if they play a waiting game The Leftwhile it makes all the noises of an opposition partymight well rationalise why it cannot vote against the government when it comes to the crunch Probablyit will trot out the old excuse that it cannot be seen to be on the same side as the BJP It is not as if the BJP is keen on an immediate pollsince it is conscious that it needs to first set its own house in order In KarnatakaBS Yeddyurappa has started arm-twisting the central leadership yet again At the national levelthe leadership question has not been sorted out Party president Nitin Gadkari claims this is an issue for a time after the pollsbut a party without a leader to project is at a major disadvantageas the UP polls indicated The sharp differences within the party high command this week on the question of nominations for Rajya Sabha seats show the lack of cohesiveness within the party The BSPafter its very recent UP defeatis obviously not keen on an early election Mayawati knows she needs time and space to marshal her forces again and work out her caste equations Significantlythe BSP on Monday came to the assistance of the government by staging a walk-out in Lok Sabha during the vote for an amendment to the presidential address On Tuesdaythe BSP went one step further in supporting the governmentalong with the SP by voting to defeat the amendments to the motion of thanks in Rajya Sabha The BSPs Satish Chandra Mishra explained that the BSP was not there to destabilise the government and was willing to accept the prime ministers assurance that it would be consulted on the NCTC The DMK is similarly opposed to an early election The once belligerent DMK is conscious that in its changed circumstances it has no option but to cling to the Congresss coat-tailswhat with a vengeful Jayalalithaa baying for its blood in the state The government need not take too seriously the DMKs occasional threat of pulling out In facton Tuesdaythe DMK actually came to the rescue of the government and did not support the AIADMKs call for a division in Parliament on the UN resolution The DMK said it was satisfied with the prime ministers assurance in the House that the government was inclined to vote in favour of the UN resolution Tuesdays voting pattern in Rajya Sabha wasin facta telling indication thatby sheer defaultUPA 2 may yet muddle through for the rest of its term For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Prasenjit Bose | Updated: October 29 2014 6:38 am An alliance will damage CPM in its remaining bases put Left unity under strain (Source: PTI photo/PTI) Related News The present state of the Left in India is a cause for concern to not only those who are members of the mainstream communist parties but a much wider spectrum of people who are ideologically inclined towards the Left and want it to revive and flourish in order to strengthen secularism democracy and social justice The electoral debacle faced by the Left Front in the Lok Sabha polls especially in its former stronghold of West Bengal has naturally led to some churning and debate within the Left and its largest contingent the CPM The outcome of this debate would have a bearing on the future of the left movement as a whole While debating the causes of its decline however there is a tendency within the Left to start excavating the distant past which only leads to endless hair-splitting without any worthwhile conclusions to pursue For instance why the communist movement split in the 1960s or the Left as a whole is faced with near extinction in the Hindi heartland are complex issues that do not offer easy answers What is more relevant and urgent is to first preserve and strengthen the areas where the Left has had a strong presence till date and build up from there The main challenge before the CPM today is to stall and reverse its decline in West Bengal The party has not only failed to recover from the 2011 assembly election defeat but has continued to suffer a steady erosion of its mass base progressively ceding even the opposition space to its principal ideological foe the BJP The Mamata Banerjee-led government stands thoroughly compromised today because of its outright treachery vis-à-vis the promise of “poriborton” — the change has clearly been for the worse with corruption scandals violence atrocities against women and socio-economic decline engulfing the state Yet one has not witnessed a spirited effort by the CPM to raise people’s issues and build a credible popular movement against the TMC regime Rather what is happening is a sharpening communal polarisation alongside the rise of the BJP which threatens to squeeze the Left out of the political discourse The reason behind the inability of the CPM in effecting a turnaround in West Bengal is the obduracy of the party leadership in admitting their errors and ushering in much needed ideological-political and organisational changes The wounds of Nandigram and Singur continue to fester without any remorse or policy rethink forthcoming from the former chief minister who remains a permanent absentee from politburo and central committee meetings The memories of undemocratic highhandedness and corruption under the Left regime refuse to die down in the absence of serious organisational rectification Just the other day a senior CPM state leader was interrogated by the CBI in the Saradha case wrongfooting the party once again on the corruption issue Muslims Dalits Adivasis and women continue to feel alienated from the party given the lack of any sensitivity towards their issues While denouncing religious extremism in the wake of the Burdwan blasts the CPM has not been firm in combating the dangerous campaign to taint the entire Muslim community and madrasas in the state All of this needs to change The strong yearning for change within the CPM at the grassroots level in West Bengal has been stonewalled so far by a status-quoist leadership by invoking a red herring — a proposed alliance with the Congress This the argument goes would enable the Left Front to electorally defeat the TMC in the state despite the fall in its own voteshare and also counter the BJP at the Centre It is this line of reasoning that led the CPM to support the incumbent finance minister of the Congress in the 2012 presidential polls which divided the Left With the BJP in power today a “united front” with the Congress is being pushed even more vigorously This line is erroneous at least for three reasons First the experience of the CPM-led Left parties in supporting the UPA 1 government from the outside with 60 MPs between 2004 and 2008 shows that the capacity of the Left to change or influence the ways of the Congress is quite limited A few welfare schemes notwithstanding the policy trajectory of the UPA remained neoliberal with its attendant outcomes in growing inequalities inflation and corruption Most of the corruption scandals that were exposed during the tenure of UPA 2 resulted from decisions taken during UPA 1 be it spectrum and coal block allocation or natural gas pricing The Left had protested against these but the Congress went ahead anyway Thus in order to ally with the Congress once again the CPM has to ideologically make peace with the neoliberal policy framework which in turn will destroy its very raison d’être Second the resurgence of the Narendra Modi-led BJP in the general elections and subsequent assembly polls has mainly been at the cost of the Congress People across the country are simply disgusted with the Congress not only because of its muddle-headed policies but also because of the corruption hauteur and cronyism that have become the hallmark of its leadership The younger generation clearly wants to look beyond the dynastic politics of the Congress which the AAP experiment in Delhi demonstrated in a limited manner Efforts to keep the sinking ship of the CPM in West Bengal afloat merely through an alliance with another sinking ship like the Congress can lead to a bigger disaster What the Left as a whole should aim for is providing a credible and popular alternative to the BJP in future independent of the Congress Finally the tactical dividend for the Left vis-à-vis an alliance with the Congress is also uncertain Having lost its mass base in all but a handful of districts in central West Bengal the Congress has a history of allying with the TMC in the state in successive elections which can easily get repeated in future The Left’s alliance offer will only strengthen the Congress’s hands vis-à-vis the TMC in West Bengal As for Kerala and Tripura where the Left still has a substantial mass base the Congress remains its principal rival An alliance with the Congress will damage the Left in its remaining bases and put its unity under strain A sensible course available to the CPM is to attempt a broad-based unity of all left and democratic forces and build an independent left movement in opposition to the right-wing Modi-led regime at the Centre Besides the smaller leftist parties there are various social movements with which the Left shares ideological affinity but there exist mutual suspicion and unwarranted hostility In order to forge such unity the CPM’s approach needs to be largehearted democratic and tolerant towards criticism which many smaller Left parties legitimately have vis-à-vis the big brother It is through united struggles on public issues along with vigorous ideological discussions and concrete course corrections that a vibrant new Left can emerge in the foreseeable future Tactical manoeuvres cannot be a substitute for substantive left politics The writer was with the CPM till June 22 2012 For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: April 4 2015 12:37 am Related News India has indefinitely deferred its plan to increase the size of pictorial warnings on tobacco products after pressure from various lobbies Dilip Gandhi chairman of the committee of MPs that was looking into the issue said “there was no Indian study to confirm that use of tobacco products leads to cancer” This is highly improper and has upset medical experts doctors and patients India has the highest prevalence of oral cancer globally with 75000 to 80000 new cases being reported every year The panel referred to the “adverse impact” on the livelihoods of people involved in the tobacco industry But did anyone bother about the destruction of the livelihoods of people involved in the beef trade when it was banned This is terribly tragic The committee of MPs must be reconstituted with people who have a background in the health sector — JS Acharya (Hyderabad) United we stand The gruesome attack on a Kenyan university in which 147 innocent students were killed (‘147 students killed in Kenya university siege’ IE April 3) reminds one of the horrifying attack on a school by terrorists in Peshawar last year Cowardly acts of violence that target civilians — and educational institutions — betray the lack of humanity of terrorists That al-Shabaab especially targeted Christian students is terrifying African nations must come together and put up a united front to deal with the growing menace of terror which is proving to be a major cause of instability in eastern Africa — Amritpal Singh (Delhi) The pretender The Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime Bill (GCTOC Bill) like the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) and the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) will prove to be yet another instrument of state brutality The history of POTA and MCOCA is full of examples of blatant violation of human rights and custodial torture The pattern in which the state has deployed such “special” legislation in the past makes one wonder whether these laws are born out of the biases and prejudice of the ruling elites The problem is that some provisions of such legislation presuppose the guilt of the accused and tip the scales of the law enforcement process in favour of the executive and against the judiciary These acts have almost no or weak safeguards against custodial torture Instead of scrapping such draconian laws if more such legislation is brought in I have no hesitation in asserting that India is going to be seen as a police state masquerading as a pluralistic welfarist democracy — Dheeraj Kumar (Ranchi) Let there be sin Appros the editorial ‘Smoke and mirrors’ (IE April 3) it appears that The Indian Express is very committed to public health and the adherence of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control But then what about your position on liquor and Kerala’s attempts to become a dry state What about the loss of life due to drinking and alcoholism Is this not also a public health hazard Alcohol is responsible for innumerable road deaths The editorial should have highlighted this instead of only talking about tobacco — Ravi Joshi (Mumbai) For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News With UPA 2, They conquered the kitchen area and are now waiting for a chance to take over the rest of the house. So it is more about practising in this weather, police figured out the last four digits of the auto-rickshaw’s licence plate number.

no body was found.Pratisaad,malls in Pune,They are tough chances, the film has already bagged three National Awards including awards to actress Usha Jadhav and child actor Hansraj Jagtap and several International awards. France, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: December 31, an assertion backed up by the United States, the official said the message at the White House and the agenda itself is not entirely focused on ISIL itself. moving very slowly through the streets of sunny Marseille.

” he says.” said acting IITM director Dr R Krishnan. Because I don’t see it as me – it is strange. rather than the valiant defence of Tendulkar’s not-at-all fragile reputation these crusaders imagine they are mounting, Royal Air Force jets. but I won’t say the balance has tilted completely. “During the examination or after the examination,” asked a PCB member. Our first Sikh Guru.

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