All-female hurricane hunter flight crew makes history as Dorian strengthens

first_imgABC News(NEW YORK) — This group of pilots made history as Hurricane Dorian strengthens and takes aim at Florida. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Aircraft Operations Center tweeted a photo Thursday of its first all-female flight crew on a reconnaissance mission ahead of Dorian’s expected landfall in the U.S.The photo showed Capt. Kristie Twining, Cmdr. Rebecca Waddington and Lt. Lindsey Norman aboard NOAA 49.The three ladies flew around Hurricane Dorian to collect data over nearly seven hours, covering more than 3,600 miles. States of emergency have been issued in Florida and Georgia as residents scramble to acquire supplies before Dorian is forecast to make landfall early Tuesday as a Category 4 storm. Forecasters predict Dorian will approach Florida with winds of 140 mph. It it makes landfall with those wind speeds, it would become just the ninth hurricane to do so, dating back to 1851.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Richard Ashcroft: I’d rather see Man United relegated playing the right way

first_img 2 Ashcroft says Ferguson’s departure left a ‘gaping hole’ in the club He believes the Welshman could have been United’s answer to Pep Guardiola had he been given time to develop as a coach at Old Trafford, and believes changing managers three times in three years after Ferguson’s departure has destroyed the spirit of the club.“A gaping hole was left when Sir Alex retired and over the last few years, somewhere along the line the spirit of the club [has been lost],” Ashcroft told talkSPORT.“Fans expect to see flair, they expect to see creativity, they expect us to play any team in the world at Old Trafford and never start with a mentality that we’re trying to build a wall.“We’re attack, attack, attack!“In my opinion, it was all set up for Ryan Giggs to go through a few difficult years but have a tremendous team around him and let that man grow in the job.“Like Pep, look where Pep is now. Someone at Barcelona gave Pep that opportunity where I’m sure someone else was saying, ‘no, we need this guy who has done this and done that’. 2 Getty Images – Getty center_img Diehard Manchester United fan and singer-songwriter Richard Ashcroft believes the ‘spirit of the club’ has been lost since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson as manager.The former Verve frontman has told talkSPORT he would rather the club ‘be relegated and play the right way with a bunch of local lads’ than see the misery at Old Trafford continue.Ashcroft joined Wednesday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast to react to United’s home Champions League defeat to Juventus, which has heaped more pressure on Jose Mourinho.It appears Red Devils supporters are split in their support of the Portuguese coach, with some running out of patience and calling from him to be sacked, while others are confident he can turn it around.And in a passionate rant, the Bittersweet Symphony singer defended the boss, insisting the problems at the club started long before he arrived – beginning with the decision not to stick with Ryan Giggs as head coach. Richard Ashcroft believes Ryan Giggs could have been Manchester United’s answer to Pep Guardiola “By not doing that [sticking with Giggs], that’s where we started severing ties and it’s a big problem.“It’s not a Jose Mourinho problem, it’s root and branch.“I’ll be really brutal; I would rather do down, I would rather be relegated and play the right way with a bunch of lads who live in a 30 mile radius of Old Trafford, that’s how I feel right now.“It’s not all Jose’s fault, he’s got an almost impossible task.“Potentially if he had come straight away after Sir Alex, and there had been that handing over the baton, and if there had not have been this nonsense in between, then maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation.”Listen to Richard Ashcroft as he talks Manchester United and new album ‘Natural Rebel’ IN FULL above!last_img read more

Fishing the North Coast: Rain on the way, hopefully steelhead too

first_imgComing off one of the driest Decembers in history, we really have nowhere to go but up as far as rainfall totals go. Eureka checked in with a measly 1.94 inches of rain for December, well below the 8.12-inch average. But there is a change on the horizon as the forecast is finally calling for some well-needed rain. The lack of rain has made it tough on the winter steelhead anglers, where options have been few. Other than the Smith and main stem Eel, all of the other coastal rivers that are …last_img

SA welcomes SADC infrastructure plan

first_img20 August 2012 South Africa has welcomed the adoption of a regional infrastructure master plan by Southern African Development Community (SADC) leaders who met in Maputo at the weekend. The SADC Heads of State approved the plan, which is expected to boost regional trade, following their two-day summit in the Mozambican capital. The plan, to be implemented over a 15-year period beginning from next year, will serve as a key strategy to guide the creation of efficient, cost-effective trans-boundary infrastructure connecting all SADC member states in areas of energy, water, ICT and transport. The region’s infrastructure in critical sectors is said to be so poor that a deficit was estimated to be to be about US$100-billion. Speaking to SAnews in Maputo, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies noted that the new plan would put emphasis on the cross-border infrastructure that South Africa identifies in its own Strategic Infrastructure Plan, adopted recently by the government. “Our own infrastructure programme, particularly the 17 SIPs, will be strongly supporting the SADC plan, and we have already identified a few projects that we are highlighting, and the SADC plan will help us to get a bigger broader picture,” Davies said. He welcomed the fact that a connected SADC infrastructure would strengthen regional integration and add meaning to the free-trade area agreement that many countries in the region were battling to implement. “As South Africa we have always argued that the biggest barriers to promoting a more equitable pattern of inter-regional trade … has always been a lack of a common plan that links all of us. “We think that the way forward now is to address the supply capacity issues as well as infrastructure challenges that are blocking inter-regional trade,” Davies said. “This means we have to find agreement on a whole host of things within the SADC region as part of SADC’s supported infrastructure programme, with the main focus on cross-border projects.” It’s still not clear how funding for the infrastructure plan will be structured, considering that countries are still battling to put together even the Regional Development Fund (RDF) that was agreed to in previous summits. The RDF was intended as a financial mechanism to mobilise resources from member states and the private sector to finance projects for regional development and integration. Last week, the African Development Bank proposed that a funding mechanism in the form of an infrastructure bond be established to speed up the plan. The bank asked SADC countries to put five percent of their foreign reserves, estimated at US$22-billion, towards the establishment of the initiative. Source: read more

Amazon Thinks Non-iPads Will Sell, Announces Kindle App for Tablets

first_imgRelated Posts Do any of the new, non-iPad tablets being introduced at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have a shot at achieving significant market share? Well, Amazon must think they do. The online retailer has just announced it will develop a Kindle application specifically for Android and Windows tablet computers, which, like its other mobile apps, will provide access to the Kindle e-bookstore.Kindle for Tablets Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#Amazon#mobile Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology There is nothing remarkable about the newly announced app itself. Like all other Kindle apps, including those already available for desktop computers (Mac, PC), iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android smartphones, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Amazon’s own Kindle line-up (Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX), Amazon’s tablet app will include the company’s WhisperSync technology, which syncs your bookmarks, last page read, notes and other such items between devices as well as provide access to its online bookstore.Analysts Say: Kindles and Tablets to Co-ExistIf the app is nothing you haven’t seen before, then why does this ?news matter? Because, according to Amazon’s Kindle Director, Dorothy Nicholls, “Many people are buying both a Kindle and an LCD tablet computer.”That notion didn’t just get plucked out of thin air, either – it’s based on recent analyst research. For example, Forrester’s tablet computer report (our coverage) predicts increased sales for both tablets and e-readers alike.  In fact, Forrester expects e-reader sales to increase by 50% in 2011 to 15.5 million devices while tablet computer sales jump 130% from 10.3 million in 2010 to 24 million in 2011.In other words, tablets and Kindles can – and will – live in harmony. Forrester is not alone in this belief; recent research from J.P. Morgan discovered that 40% of iPad owners also have a Kindle. iPad to Dominate Market, but Plenty of Room for OthersAlthough the majority of tablets sold are expected to be iPads, Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps noted that other tablets including Android and Windows-based devices will take a backseat to Apple, but that “in a market this big, there’s room for more than one player,” she said.So how big is that market? By 2015, 82 million U.S. consumers – one-third of those online, will use a tablet. And, says Epps, “not all of them will be iPads.” Amazon clearly agrees. Even though the retailer may have the development resources to build apps for every platform under the sun, it does not. (See, for example, its lack of a Nokia Symbian app, WebOS app, Linux app, etc.)  Instead, it bets on those platforms where there may be enough market share and consumer interest and releases accordingly.If you want to know what the next big platform in mobile computing is, taking Amazon’s pulse by tracking its mobile apps’ release schedule is not a bad idea. sarah perez What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

The 3 Ingredients of a Thrilling “Gear Up” Montage

first_imgThe “gear up” montage is a fantastic way to prime your audience for action. Send the hero of your next project into battle with three simple ingredients.Top image via Lionsgate Home EntertainmentLock n’ load. Suit up. Let’s do this. Roll out. This style of scene — the “gear up” montage — goes by several different names. But no matter what it’s called, nothing gets an audience more pumped than to watch a hero get suited up for battle in an action film.Think of Ripley and Hicks prepping their futuristic weaponry for a Xenomorph encounter in Aliens or Bruce Wayne suiting up in the Bat Cave. Think of Rambo tightening his bandana and sharpening a huge blade. Schwarzenegger tying grenades to his Commando vest. Ash strapping a chainsaw to his arm and then sawing off the end of his shotgun.So what exactly makes a gear up scene so exciting? If you watch enough of these, you’ll begin to see some similarities. Let’s break it down into three simple ingredients.1. The Close-UpThe first and most obvious element is the close-up shot. You can’t make a gear up scene without showing all of the gear. This is truly the meat of your montage. Show the gear through a barrage of quickly cut close-up shots.Watch any Edgar Wright film and at some point you’ll find a perfectly crafted gear up sequence. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World all have masterfully edited gear up montages. Wright uses close-up shots with crash zooms, whip pans and white flashes to create beautiful and thrilling sequences.2. Sound Effects and MusicThe unsung hero of a good montage is the audio. While the visuals lay the foundation, the sound effects and epic music help emotionally engage and excite the audience.I remember the thrill of seeing the suit-up scene in the first Iron Man film, watching close-ups of Tony Stark’s suit latch together around him. The underlying music and the sounds of pneumatic tools and metal clanking really brought the scene together. Now I’m always excited for every new Iron Man appearance in a film, just to catch the new gear up scene.3. The Final Wide ShotThe third and final ingredient of the gear up scene is the revealing wide shot.Almost every classic suit up scene ends with a slow zoom to a wide shot of the protagonist, loaded to the gills with gear and ready for combat. The classic visual is Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, picking up his rocket launcher and slinging a rifle over his shoulder as light rays stream down in the background and the music crescendos.So, next time you’re about to go into battle, remember: Close-ups. Sound effects and music. The final wide shot. With just these three elements, you can add intensity and thrills to any film or video project.last_img read more