8bit Halo demake Pixel Force Halo now available

first_imgEric Ruth is a well known indie developer renowned for his one-man de-makes of popular games. Most recently he has released Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead and Pixel Force: DJ Hero, but today there’s another game in the series ready for download.Pixel Force: Halo is an 8-bit de-make of Bungie’s popular Xbox game Halo: Combat Evolved. It remains true to the 8-bit rules of development meaning this game would happily run on a NES with one exception. Ruth has more going on in this Halo de-make in terms of number of sprites moving around than the NES hardware could of handled, but we forgive him for that.The video above has Ruth talking about the game and what he has planned for the future. Below is a preview video released for the game late last year.The good news is Pixel Force: Halo is free to download and runs on Windows. You can download it now by visiting the Eric Ruth Games website. The download page it leads to on Piki Geek also has an interview with Ruth.Read more at Kotakulast_img read more