All 49 GTA V achievements leak

first_imgRockstar isn’t set to release GTA V for another month, but that hasn’t stopped the complete list of achievements associated with the game leaking via some as yet unknown channel.Specifically, the full list of 49 achievements for the Xbox 360 version has been posted on They total 1,000 points and if you care to read them, some act as a bit of a spoiler for the game’s main storyline, so I won’t mention them specifically here.The split of achievements is interesting, though. 11 of the 49 are secret achievements that are currently listed as continuing to play the game as the only unlock prerequisite. Of the remaining 38, around a third are related to Grand Theft Auto Online, meaning you’re going to have to play that pretty extensively alongside the single-player experience in order to gain the full 1,000 points on offer.GTA Online achievements include achieving ranks, with the highest being 100. There’s also reference to being part of a Crew, playing a Survival mode, earning Platinum awards, and surviving a day with a bounty on your head.The rest of the achievements are a standard mix of encouraging you to explore the entire world, modifying the vehicles and weapons you have in your possession, and a range of completion achievements related to performing jumps, collecting medals, and completing rampages.If you want to see the full list then head on over to, but just be warned again that some of them do act as story spoilers.last_img read more