first_imgIS IT TRUE members of the Vanderburgh County Commission and Evansville City Council just passed a minimum square footage housing ordinance that could allow ‘TINY HOMES” to be built in the rural areas of Vanderburgh County?  …days after this vote, Mayor Winnecke said: “Let the experts do what we’ve engaged them to do”? IS IT TRUE we appreciate Chanda Ramsey the Marketing & Communications Creative Director for the Southwest Indiana Chamber Of Commerce for sending us important news articles about the happenings at the area Chamber?IS IT TRUE our “READERS POLLS” are non-scientific but trendy? Please take time and read our articles entitled “STATEHOUSE FILES, LAW ENFORCEMENT, “READERS POLL”, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS”, EDUCATION, OBITUARIES and “LOCAL SPORTS”.  You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected]: City-County Observer Comment Policy. Be kind to people. No personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated and shall be removed from our site. We understand that sometimes people don’t always agree and discussions may become a little heated.  The use of offensive language, insults against commenters will not be tolerated and will be removed from our site. IS IT TRUE that the City Of Evansville’s “Local Income Tax” dollars (LIT) is being used to fund numerous nonprofits organizations while the City continues to have a $3 million dollar deficit in their 2020 City Employees Health Insurance plan? We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?(Recently we detected an issue where our subscribers may have not been getting breaking news alerts from the City-County Observer. This notification is to let you know that starting today you have been added to receive future news alerts.  If you no longer want to receive future news alerts please opt-out by clicking the  link in your e-mail to unsubscribe.)IS IT TRUE that County Commissioner Jeff Hatfield proposes allowing ATV’s and Golf Carts on certain County roads?  …this ordinance does not apply to the City of Evansville, Darmstadt or State Hwy’s and roads? …most of the allowable roads are located in the NW corner of the county. Currently, Posey, Gibson, and many areas of Warrick County allow this practice?   …there is no reason that Vanderburgh should exclude ATVs and Golf Carts on certain roads that see very little traffic in a country that allows unlimited use of motorcycles and mopeds on all roads, there is no reason to exclude ATVs and golf carts on roads that see very little traffic?  …we five (5) cheers to the President of the Vanderburgh County Commission Jeff Hatfield for thinking outside the regulatory box?  …give five (5) cheers to County Commissioners Musgrave and Shoulders for also supporting this common-sense legislation?  …that the County Commissioners didn’t have to pay a consultant $250,000 to do a study concerning this issue?IS IT TRUE attached is the link of the Vanderburgh County Ordinance concerning the off-road vehicles and golf carts approved by the Vanderburgh County Commissioners? …open the link here:  golf carts 86923?IS IT TRUE  we are told that the names have changed but the games are the same concerning the decision-making process of the 2020 Evansville City Council?  …that it’s obvious that Mayor Winnecke continues to work his political magic by getting everything he wants from the 2020 City Council?  …they say that the power is in the budget?  …we are told that the newly appointed Finance Chairman of the Evansville City Council is a staunch supporter of the Mayor and has so far had masterfully convinced the Democratic-controlled City Council to support almost every major financial request of the Mayor?IS IT TRUE the unit of government with the largest population in every county currently rule how “Local Income Tax” monies are allocated?  …in Vanderburgh County, the Mayor of Evansville has the final say in the allocation of “Local Income Tax” (LIT) monies for the whole county because Evansville has the largest population?IS IT TRUE that “Local Income Taxes” have been the go-to option (other than property taxes) for increasing local revenue due to property tax caps?  …that the “Local Income Taxes” is levied on a percentage of the income of working residents and non-residents who work in the county?  …this known as a ‘Regressive Tax”? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE that some members of City Council (Weaver, Mosby, and Elpers) are trying to cut some of the city funds donated to area nonprofits?  …that members of Evansville City Council in the past years have tried to cut funds donated to nonprofits but failed because the majority of Evansville City Council members were afraid of losing votes?IS IT TRUE that the City requested that City Council approve donating $27,000 for contractural services to pay for additional repairs needed to the house at 650 Lincoln Avenue?   …this house was recently purchased by and donated to the Evansville African American Museum by the Evansville DMD?IS IT TRUE that the City just requested that $981,583.00 appropriations from the “Local Road and Streets Fund?” to provide additional funds for the Welborn/Walnut street project?  …it looks like someone in the city government needs to learn cash flow management?IS IT TRUE we are pleased to hear that financial accountability on how to spend local taxpayer dollars continues to be discussed by legislators at the Statehouse? IS IT TRUE when Christopher Cooke was hired as the Superintendent of the City Of Evansville Cemeteries the cemeteries had some serious challenges?  …over the years Mr. Cooke took the bull by the horn a made some much-needed improvements to our cemeteries on a barebone budget?  …we give five (5) cheers to Christopher Cooke the Superintendent of the City Of Evansville Cemeteries for during an excellent job in managing our cemeteries?center_img Today’s “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Evansville is headed in the right direction? IS IT TRUE when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny!  When the Government fears the people we have Liberty IS IT TRUE we always been told that doctors and peachers are known not to pay their bills in a timely manner?  …from recent experiences, we must include elected public officials? IS IT TRUE attached are a few examples of past studies or projections of consultants that our readers felt that may have missed the mark?  …a prediction if the City spends millions of our tax dollars to build around 24 expensive homes (that costs $250,000 each) for low to moderate-income folks in the Hayne’s area they would sell like hotcakes? … a study of expanding the University Parkway; a study that projected that the Ford Center would be a cash cow for the taxpayers of Evansville; the West Franklin Street parking study; a projection that predicted spending $18 million dollars on renovating North Street would generate unprecedented economic growth for that area; a study that predicted if the Evansville taxpayers would donate $30 million dollars to build a new downtown Hotel it would attract many major conventions; a study that convinced local officials that they should invest $250,000 towards the Earthcare project; the recommendation that locating the LST at Marina Point would become a major regional tourist attraction and doesn’t need any seed money to adequately promoted this project regionally; a study and predictions if donate $58 million dollars to help build a downtown medical school it would attract about 2,000 medical students, a consultant projected if the City installs “Smart Water Meters” the water customer would save a substantial amount of money on their water bills, and let’s not forget the numerous studies over the years concerning the re-routing of downtown traffic?IS IT TRUE many people wonder what is the main reasons why print media have lost credibility with the general public over the years?  …we are told that one of the main reasons is that print media have allowed themselves to become the “Ministers Of Progranda” for elected local and state officials? IS IT TRUE we are told that when it comes to State government monitoring grants awarded to some schools receiving school vouchers, Republican legislators are bucking their responsibility?IS IT TRUE  in repeated attempts by some State Legislators to learn how to properly monitor certain schools that receive State vouchers have failed? Any comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City-County Observer or our advertisers. IS IT TRUE it looks like Mayor Winnecke just painted himself in a political corner when he asks City Council to approve his hiring of an out-of-the-area consulting firm to study the Zoning Codes of Vanderburgh County at the costs of $250,000?  …his request was approved 9-0?  …we are told that several people were puzzled why the Mayor ask City Council to approve the consulting firm request since the legal agreement has already been approved by him?IS IT TRUE we are told that numerous people feel that Mayor Winnenecke could have saved thousands of dollars of our tax money by appointing a “Blue Ribbon” study committee to look at ways to improve some of our outdated Zoning Codes?last_img read more