These are the most passionate Lego geeks in the world

first_imgDid you know you can be a Lego certified professional? Or that some dedicated Lego builders have a $1,000 a month budget just for buying bricks? Welcome to the world of Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL), where a childhood Lego interest carried over into adulthood and became a lifetime hobby and obsession.What defines them? It’s simple as one AFOL puts it:AdChoices广告Their love for the brick…the chance to get our imagination in tangible form. The video above is a fascinating 30-minute blocumentary charting a number of AFOLs, how long they’ve been doing it, why they do it, and demonstrating some of their creations. These guys and gals are the geeks of Lego and create models there are no instructions for and take as much ingenuity as creativity to come up with.What I love about this is not just the amount of Lego or the models being made, but the thought that’s gone into creating a storage area and system that allows easy access to every single type of piece you could ever need. There is no car in the garage of their houses that’s for sure.via Devourlast_img read more