Brazilian star on Man United’s radar

first_imgUnited boss Jose Mourinho is a reported admirer of the former Corinthians man, who moved to France in January 2016.According to the Daily Mail, United could sign the young star for £33m in January, but loan him back to Bordeaux for the rest of the season, although the Ligue 1 club are reportedly prepared to hold out for £50m.Malcom scored seven goals and created a further five in 54 games for Corinthians and has 18 goals and 13 assists in 78 games in total for Bordeaux.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000United boss Jose Mourinho is a reported admirer of the former Corinthians man, who moved to France in January 2016. Photo/COURTESYLONDON, United Kingdom, Dec 27 – Manchester United are reportedly in talks to sign Bordeaux’s highly-rated Brazilian forward Malcom.The 23-year-old former under 20 and under-23 international has been in fine form in Ligue 1 this season, scoring seven league goals in 18 games.last_img read more

Some Exoplanets May Be Exostars

first_imgA brown dwarf was measured with more precision, and was found to be more massive than expected.  Robert Roy Britt in says this may call into question some of the discoveries of bodies orbiting other stars that were assumed to be planets.  I. Neill Reid,1 writing in Nature where the measurement was announced,2 explained the implications:Clearly, this is only one datum point, for one particular age and one particular mass.  Nonetheless, there are wide potential ramifications.  If this is a fair reflection of the theoretical models, then analyses of the luminosity distribution of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in young clusters may be systematically underestimating their masses.  In consequence, the turnover in the mass function would be exaggerated (that is, there would be more brown dwarfs than currently estimated), but a lower-mass cut-off might lie at higher masses, because the supposed objects of 1-2 Jupiter masses might in fact exceed 15�20 Jupiter masses (0.015�0.02 solar masses).   (Emphasis added in all quotes.)See also the report on EurekAlert.1I. Neill Reid, “Astronomy: Weighing the baby,” Nature 433, 207 – 208 (20 January 2005); doi:10.1038/433207a.2Close et al., “A dynamical calibration of the mass-luminosity relation at very low stellar masses and young ages,” Nature 433, 286 – 289 (20 January 2005); doi:10.1038/nature03225.There could well be planets around other stars, but it’s one thing to find an exoplanet.  It’s another thing to find a privileged exoplanet.(Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Amazon Thinks Non-iPads Will Sell, Announces Kindle App for Tablets

first_imgRelated Posts Do any of the new, non-iPad tablets being introduced at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have a shot at achieving significant market share? Well, Amazon must think they do. The online retailer has just announced it will develop a Kindle application specifically for Android and Windows tablet computers, which, like its other mobile apps, will provide access to the Kindle e-bookstore.Kindle for Tablets Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#Amazon#mobile Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology There is nothing remarkable about the newly announced app itself. Like all other Kindle apps, including those already available for desktop computers (Mac, PC), iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android smartphones, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Amazon’s own Kindle line-up (Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX), Amazon’s tablet app will include the company’s WhisperSync technology, which syncs your bookmarks, last page read, notes and other such items between devices as well as provide access to its online bookstore.Analysts Say: Kindles and Tablets to Co-ExistIf the app is nothing you haven’t seen before, then why does this ?news matter? Because, according to Amazon’s Kindle Director, Dorothy Nicholls, “Many people are buying both a Kindle and an LCD tablet computer.”That notion didn’t just get plucked out of thin air, either – it’s based on recent analyst research. For example, Forrester’s tablet computer report (our coverage) predicts increased sales for both tablets and e-readers alike.  In fact, Forrester expects e-reader sales to increase by 50% in 2011 to 15.5 million devices while tablet computer sales jump 130% from 10.3 million in 2010 to 24 million in 2011.In other words, tablets and Kindles can – and will – live in harmony. Forrester is not alone in this belief; recent research from J.P. Morgan discovered that 40% of iPad owners also have a Kindle. iPad to Dominate Market, but Plenty of Room for OthersAlthough the majority of tablets sold are expected to be iPads, Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps noted that other tablets including Android and Windows-based devices will take a backseat to Apple, but that “in a market this big, there’s room for more than one player,” she said.So how big is that market? By 2015, 82 million U.S. consumers – one-third of those online, will use a tablet. And, says Epps, “not all of them will be iPads.” Amazon clearly agrees. Even though the retailer may have the development resources to build apps for every platform under the sun, it does not. (See, for example, its lack of a Nokia Symbian app, WebOS app, Linux app, etc.)  Instead, it bets on those platforms where there may be enough market share and consumer interest and releases accordingly.If you want to know what the next big platform in mobile computing is, taking Amazon’s pulse by tracking its mobile apps’ release schedule is not a bad idea. sarah perez What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

5 Products for Audio Editing Under $50

first_imgDeck out your video editing bay with these audio-related products — all available for under 50 bucks!Discover five products that can improve your audio editing without breaking the bank. What inexpensive gadgets do you use in your edit suite? Let us know in the comments below!Editor’s Note: PremiumBeat is not paid by any software manufacturer or developer. These recommendations reflect our honest opinions of these products. 1. Powermate USBThe Griffin Powermate is a multifunction controller that not only looks amazing in your edit suite, it also can serve a multitude of functions. Use the Powermate as a volume control or jog wheel in your video editing timeline. The controller comes in two flavors, Bluetooth and USB. The Bluetooth version costs twice as much as the USB version, and many users have actually reported having a better experience with the wired model. At around $25 USD, it’s an inexpensive tool to potentially speed up your audio and video editing workflow.2. Bluetooth HeadphonesMost quality Bluetooth headphones extend well over the $100 USD range. That’s why we were surprised to hear about the new LX-10 from EditorsKeys (a company that specializes in shortcut keyboards for video editors). Currently retailing for $49.99 USD, the LX-10 offers ten hours of playback on a single charge. They sent us a loaner to review and we put it through the paces…The line-in function is useful, enabling the headphones to work as a traditional wired version when Bluetooth isn’t available. The metal body is also a nice touch… the set feels substantial and able to withstand being tossed in a bag for editing-on-the-go.Arguably, that’s where the strength lies with this pair of headphones… I can see this as the perfect set for video editing on the road. The sound is clear, but the top end does seem to get lost in the mids and the bass is a bit overpowerful. The ergonomics are ‘middle of the road’… while the earpieces are comfortable, the overall fit is a bit on the tight side.That said, for the price, this is a respectable pair of headphones. You may find other wireless Bluetooth models in this lower price range, but for the battery time and overall quality, this is a solid choice under $50.3. Blue SnowballHaving a simple USB microphone in your edit suite is essential for recording ‘scratch track’ audio. Are you waiting on a final voiceover recording from voice talent? Do you need to test out the timing of narration? Having a mic handy makes it simple to record directly into your video editing application (check out our previous posts on instructions for doing this in Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro).For nearly a decade, the Blue Snowball mic has been a great USB option (it’s the mic we use for on-the-fly recordings). The Snowball iCE offers much of the same functionality as the regular Snowball, has a built-in desk stand, and is available for less than $50.  The vintage stylings are a nice touch too.4. Blue IcicleWhile we’re on the topic of microphones, it’s worth mentioning another product by Blue, the Icicle. This XLR to USB converter is a simple interface option for recording audio from any traditional microphone into your computer. Audio quality is 44.1 kHz / 16-bit and the unit is phantom powered — an external power source isn’t necessary.5. Acoustic PanelsUpgrade the sound of your edit suite with acoustical wall tiles. A quality pair of foam panels can actually be purchased for less than $50 USD. Not only will the acoustic profile of your space be better for recording audio, it will also improve sound playback by minimizing reflection and reverb.Got any go-to audio gear that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more