Tectonic evolution of the Pacific margin of Antarctica. 1. Late Cretaceous tectonic reconstructions

first_imgWe present new Late Cretaceous tectonic reconstructions of the Pacific margin of Antarctica based on constraints from marine magnetic data and regional free-air gravity fields. Results from interpretation of new seismic reflection and gravity profiles collected in the Bellingshausen Sea are also incorporated in the reconstructions. The reconstructions show regional constraints on tectonic evolution of the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas following the breakup between New Zealand and West Antarctica. The breakup began at c. 90 Ma with the separation of Chatham Rise, probably accompanied by the opening of the Bounty Trough. Campbell Plateau separated from West Antarctica later, during chron 33r (83.0-79.1 Ma). A free-air gravity lineation northeast of Chatham Rise represents the trace of a triple junction that formed as a result of fragmentation of the Phoenix plate a few million years before Chatham Rise separated from West Antarctica. Remnants of the western fragment, the Charcot plate, are preserved in the Bellingshausen Sea. Subduction of the Charcot plate stopped before 83 Ma, and part of it became coupled to the Antarctic Peninsula across the stalled subduction zone. Subsequent convergence at the western margin of this captured ocean floor produced the structures that are the main cause of the Bellingshausen gravity anomaly. Part of a spreading ridge at the western boundary of the Phoenix plate (initially Charcot-Phoenix, evolving into Marie Byrd Land-Phoenix, and eventually Bellingshausen-Phoenix (BEL-PHO)) probably subducted obliquely beneath the southern Antarctic Peninsula during the Late Cretaceous. All of the Phoenix plate ocean floor subducted at the Antarctic Peninsula margin during the Late Cretaceous was probably <14 Myr old when it reached the trench. Several observations suggest that independent Bellingshausen plate motion began near the end of chron 33n (73.6 Ma). Reconstructions in which part of the West Antarctic continental margin, including Thurston Island, is assumed to have been within the Bellingshausen plate seem more plausible than ones in which the plate is assumed to have been entirely oceanic.last_img read more

The 51th session of the Tourist Council was held

first_imgThe selected agency on the market of Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway and France is MC Group, MediaCom will carry out marketing activities on the markets of Switzerland, Poland and Hungary, Real Group in the markets of Germany, Great Britain and Austria; Aviareps for the market of the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic and Pro Media Group for the Italian market. Advertising activities in the mentioned emitting markets will be carried out in accordance with the terms from the annual work plan and media plans, and will be additionally agreed with the directors of the CNTB representative offices for individual emitting markets, the CNTB points out.  A total of HRK 1.970.000 in support was awarded by the Decision on the award of grants for 36 programs of destination management companies.  At today’s 51st session of the Tourist Council, decisions were made on the allocation of support to tourist boards in underdeveloped areas of tourism and support to programs of destination management companies; the director of the CNTB offices in South Korea based in Seoul and the head of the CNTB branch office in the USA based in Los Angeles were appointed, and a decision was made to select media agencies for cooperation in 2019. Selection of a media agency for cooperation in 2019. Programs and projects of county tourist boards were evaluated by the Croatian National Tourist Board, and the amount of approved support per individual program / project amounts to a maximum of 80 percent of the total eligible / eligible costs. At its session held today, the Tourist Board approved support for 135 programs and projects for programs and projects in underdeveloped tourist areas, of which 108 programs / projects of local tourist boards and 27 programs / projects of county tourist boards in the total amount of HRK 3.951.083.  Photo: MINT Criteria for selecting projects nominated by destination management companies included innovative package deals, inclusion of unused tourist resources, importance of the candidate program in strengthening Croatia’s image as a destination of special interest tourism, harmonization of programs with the Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia and inclusion of underdeveloped areas. center_img In addition, higher scores were given to programs that will be implemented in the pre- and post-season and those lasting more than seven days, all with the aim of strengthening tourist traffic outside the peak months of the tourist season and extending the stay of tourists which are one of the key goals. development of Croatia as a year-round tourist destination and increase in tourist consumption.  “The allocation of financial support for tourist boards in underdeveloped areas, ie for programs of destination management companies are part of our activities aimed at improving and strengthening the overall tourist offer with an emphasis on the pre- and post-season periods. I am sure that the applied projects approved for support will make a strong contribution to maintaining the positive tourism trends. “, said the director of the CNTB Kristjan Staničić. The Tourist Council also made a decision on the selection five media agencies which will implement CNTB campaigns in 2019.  “Today we made a decision on support for underdeveloped areas of tourism through which we work on a more balanced tourism development of all parts of Croatia, and from next year, after the entry into force of the new package of tourism laws, these areas will be further financially strengthened” said the Minister of Tourism and President of the Croatian Tourist Board Gari Cappelli commenting on the decisions made at the Tourist Board. RELATED NEWS: SELECTED DIRECTORS OF THE CNTB REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE IN SEUL AND LOS ANGELESlast_img read more