Ivanić-Grad starts branding ‘vankuša’ and ‘white sausages’

first_imgThe first step has been made, but now a long process of branding and merging with the tourist offer is just following. Most importantly, for the whole story to come to life, the local population must live that story, as well as the local caterers who must offer these indigenous specialties. “We have created brands of two products that should be recognizable to consumers. And after that, it can become a brand. They have been produced for hundreds of years since the frontier age. This is a Choline specialty, white sausage can be said to be a poor product, but traditional food is appreciated. White sausage is made from pork, corn flour flavored with garlic, pepper and salt. “Vankuš is a dough made of wheat flour for strudel or bread, with a filling of cow’s cheese, eggs and corn flour” said Marica Svetličić, branding project manager. Namely, “Vankus” is a wheat flour dough for strudel or bread, with a filling of cow’s cheese, eggs and corn flour, while “White sausages” sausages stuffed with meat and corn flour with spices. The whole idea of ​​the importance of branding the mentioned gastro products is not new, and we have been working on the branding process for a year now. The project was done in 4 phases. First it was necessary to define the exact recipe as well as the producers, an analysis was made as well as the rules of production and production, and now followed by a public presentation of the entire project. Ivanić-Grad presented an initiative with which they want to brand their traditional autochthonous specialties called “Preservation of the production of traditional specialties” white sausage “and Moslavina” vankuša “.  Photo: TZ Ivanić Grad White sausages “Vankuša” and “Bele kobase” are indigenous specialties that originated in the once poor times from food that was available in households, they were prepared often, and today they are a real rarity. Indigenous (indigenous) regional food products have the purpose of preserving the culture, history and tradition, or identity of the region and have a significant role in promoting the region and creating the recognition of the region based on a very differentiated identity. The direct link of the product with a certain geographical area gives additional value and recognizability to that area and contributes to rural and tourist development and recognizability. The goal of the project is to enrich the tourist offer and contribute to the enrichment of the native gastronomic offer, they point out from Ivanić-Grad. “In our area there are dishes and preparations that do not exist anywhere else. Our goal is to raise these dishes to a higher level, to be recognizable throughout the country and beyond! This is the beginning of the story and we have a long and challenging road ahead of us. But so far we have successfully solved all the challenges”Said the mayor of Ivanić-Grad, Javor Bojan Leš. Vankušlast_img read more