Super Bowl prop bets 2019: National anthem, halftime show, coin toss and more obscurities

first_imgPregame Super Bowl prop bets(Bets can be made online via BetOnline)Will the opening coin toss land heads or tails?This one is pretty straightforward. Last year was heads, but the four Super Bowl coin flips before that resulted in tails. We already know the Patriots always choose heads, so if you think it’s their lucky year, perhaps you’ll go that route.Will the length of the national anthem exceed 1 minute, 50 seconds?Now’s the perfect time to study all of the Gladys Knight Youtube footage you can find. You might as well make a whole day of notetaking on how the Empress of Soul enunciates words and approaches live events. What will anthem singer Gladys Knight wear?The choices are dress/skirt or pants/shorts. What you really need to know is whether the Mercedes-Benz Stadium retractable roof will be open or not — if there’s a winter breeze, perhaps Knight will stick with pants. Do your research here.Will Bill Belichick or Sean McVay be shown first on TV during the anthem?We’re not sure how to approach this beyond taking a wild guess. For what it’s worth, Belichick is the slight betting favorite.Prop betOddsSportsbookCoin tossHeads -105/Tails -105BetOnlineAnthem lengthOver -120/Under -120BetOnlineWhat will Gladys Knight wear?Dress or skirt -200/Pants or shorts +150BetOnlineWho will be shown first during anthem?Belichick -130/McVay -110BetOnlineWill Gladys Knight kneel during anthem?Yes +150/No -120BetOnlineWill Gladys Knight omit a word from national anthem?Yes +400/-700BetOnlineGladys Knight’s microphoneOn stand -150/Off stand +125/Head set +1400BetOnlineHalftime show Super Bowl prop bets(Bets can be made online via MyBookie)What song will Maroon 5 open halftime with?Time to dig into the discography of Maroon 5. Will the group start with a made-for-radio pop anthem or … well, that’s pretty much what it’s going to be. Which song is anyone’s guess, though “One More Night” is currently the favorite.Will Adam Levine wear a leather jacket?Probably.Will Andre 3000 join Big Boi on stage?We can only hope the second half of Outkast will make an appearance, as it would only be fitting for the renowned rapper to roll through given the group’s Atlanta roots and continued popularity.Will any performer fall down?The very existence of this prop bet makes us suspect a performer will indeed fall down. Maybe Adam Levine and his leather jacket will take it one dance step too far, or a backup dancer will eat dirt. These things happen!Prop betOddsSportsbookMaroon 5 openerOne More Night +300/Makes Me Wonder +300/Animals +500/Don’t Wanna Know +600/Girls Like You +600MyBookieWill Adam Levine wear leather jacket?Yes -200/No +160MyBookieWill Andre 3000 join Big Boi?Yes +300/No -500MyBookieWill any performer fall down?Yes +500/No -900MyBookieWill Adam Levine kneel during show?Yes +100/-140BetOnlineAdam Levine wearing hat at start of showYes +200/-300BetOnlineIn-game Super Bowl prop betsWhat color of liquid will be poured on the winning coach?We’re curious which player on each team gets to choose the Gatorade flavor. Tom Brady, of course, is too cool for our peasant sports drinks. But Jared Goff probably is down for some blue drink (undoubtably the best flavor), and it would make sense for him to be in charge of selecting the color given his 32-touchdown season.Will there be a flea-flicker?The Patriots tried a flea-flicker in overtime of the AFC championship game against the Chiefs. Knowing how much Bill Belichick gets a kick out of making opposing coaches look foolish, it wouldn’t be surprising to see another one here.Who will MVP mention first in postgame speech? (Getty Images) The Super Bowl is not just the greatest stage for football in America. For many watching the big game, it’s also a mecca for absurd prop bets.Want to wager on whether there will be a safety in Super Bowl 53? What about the length of the national anthem, or which song Maroon 5 will sing first in its halftime show performance? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Sporting News embarked on a search to find the funniest and most bizarre ways you can win money beyond the Super Bowl 53 betting line. Here are some of our favorite prop bets for the big game in 2019.MORE SUPER BOWL:SN staff picks | How the Rams can win There are many options here, some more realistic than others. Praising teammates or mentioning family are decent bets, but so too are thanking God or a supportive coach. Your choice probably depends on who you anticipate taking the honor.Will the Super Bowl points record of 75 be broken?The Patriots and Rams feature two potent offenses capable of scoring at least 35 points apiece, but 75 is quite a high bar to reach.Prop betOddsSportsbookLiquid poured on winning coachClear +250/Yellow +300/Red +600/ Blue +400/Purple +900/ Green +700/ Orange +400BetOnlineWill there be a flea-flicker?Yes +400/No -700BetOnlineWho will MVP mention first in speechGod +300/Teammates +200/Coach +600/Owner +750/Fans +1000/Refs +5000/Family +600/None of above +400BetOnlineWill points record be broken?Yes +425/No -800BetOnlineMention Belichick-McVay age gap?Yes -200/No +150BetOnlineWill CBS show Saints-Rams pass interferenceYes +200/No -300BetOnlineGiselle Bundchen shown on live broadcastOver/under 1.5 timesBetOnlinelast_img read more