Development of polymorphic microsatellite loci for three species of vent-endemic megafauna from deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean

first_imgMicrosatellite loci have been developed for three undescribed species discovered at hydrothermal vents on the East Scotia Ridge (ESR) in the Southern Ocean: a yeti crab, Kiwa sp. (Kiwaidae), a species of peltospiroid gastropod and a vent limpet, Lepetodrilus sp. (Lepetodrilidae). Nine, twelve and fourteen loci were developed for the three species respectively, with two loci deviating significantly from Hardy–Weinberg expectations. Observed heterozygosity ranged from 0.08 to 1 (means of 0.62, 0.44 and 0.63 for the three species respectively). These loci are being used to determine connectivity between vents at the northern and southern end of the ESR and between the ESR and the Kemp Caldera, a submerged part of the South Sandwich Island chain. These data will be crucial in understanding the ecology of the first hydrothermal vent communities discovered in the Southern Ocean.last_img read more

Mother upset that late teen won’t be honored at graduation

first_imgThe mother of a teen who died after committing suicide says school board officials are refusing to honor her daughter during her would-be graduation and now she is receiving word from police that if she shows up to the ceremony, she will be arrested.Myka Williams told reporters that her daughter, Courtney Thompson would have been part of the class which is scheduled to graduate Friday and that after speaking with several people, she was under the impression that the school would honor her daughter. Williams says, however, that when they went to check on the preparations for the graduation, she was told that the school did not have any plan to honor her daughter and she was also threatened with an arrest if she showed up to the school.“I’m not trying to take away from any of these other kids. I just want my daughter to be honored as well. Just because she’s not physically here doesn’t mean she’s not here,” said Williams.Thompson’s best friend Abby Roland says she was also under the impression that Thompson would be honored:“We checked last week to make sure that everything was still good — the chair, the speech, the moment of silence — everything. And then today she was not mentioned at all, so I stood up and asked and there was no answer.”Thompson died at the age of 14 after taking her own life while she was in middle school. Roland says the death was hard on everyone from the class of 2019.Grant County Schools told reporters that it is not a part of their policy to remember a student that was not yet enrolled at the high school, however, Williams says they have made exceptions before.“They honored a little girl who passed away in eighth grade that didn’t even play high school sports,” she said.While the district does not plan to honor Thompson specifically, school board officials say they will have a bouquet at the ceremony representing all who have been lost.last_img read more