Think before you click

Cyber attacks such as those that have recently targeted an Ontario corporation can happen close to home.The University encourages students, staff and faculty to stay vigilant of any suspicious activity that may be happening on their computer or mobile device.The Information and Technology Services department has launched Hacked, a Cyber Security Awareness campaign providing tips on how to keep your device and your information safe.How do I know that I was hacked?Your Antivirus program has triggered an alertYour browser home page changed and now you have new search engine toolbarsThere are new accounts and programs on your computerYour computer is running slowly and crashingYou are getting alerts from your local firewallYou realize that there are a lot of outgoing emails in your send folderYour friends are calling you about your social media postsYour passwords no longer workWhat should I do if I’ve been hacked?Reset your passwordOnce it has been reset, verify account details like password recovery options, security questions and answers, address information or mobile phone numberDisconnect your computer from the InternetCheck your computer: You can run offline antivirus and malware scansVerify others that your account was compromisedReview your social network posts for any activity that you didn’t doNotify ITS by calling helpdesk at x4357 or email [email protected] more information, visit read more